Exercise 2
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Exercise 2

Use the elements in brackets to complete the following sentences with Objective Infinitive construction (Complex Object). Pay attention to sentences 5 and 6 which have a Passive meaning

1 I don’t want (he/to stay). I want (he/to leave) my house and never (to come back).

2 The answer made (he/to feel) as if he had been slapped in the face.

3 I wonder if anyone saw (you/to come out) of that house. If anyone saw (you/to leave), you’ll be in trouble.

4 Robert heard (the footsteps/to die away) and (the door/to slam).

5 I’d like (this book/to publish).

6 Simon liked (everything/to keep) in perfect order.

7 His remarks sometimes make (I/to feel) uneasy. Could you be a dear and make (he/to stop) teasing me.

8 She watched (they/to disappear) and slowly went back into her house.

9 We told jokes and it made (the time /to pass).

10 For a long time I’ve been watching (he/to take over) all the important jobs in the company.

11 Julie had never known (he/to break down) so completely.

12 I saw (he/to stop) and (to look) at the house closely and (to put down) something in his notebook.

13 He knew (his son/to keep) an open mind in this matter.

14 Randolph didn’t want (his secretary/to find) those papers. They might make (she/to doubt) his loyalty to the firm.