Exercise 3
Повернутись до змісту

Exercise 3

Paraphrase the following sentences using Objective Infinitive construction. Add appropriate subjects

Example: He went away. (to watch)     

She watched him go away.

1 He came back so soon. (not to expect)

2 The woman gave out a little cry. (to hear)

3 My parents quarreled. (to hate)

4 One of the customers addressed the shop-assistant. (to hear)

5 You will be happy. (to want)

6 He said it to her face. (to hear)

7 Kate understood everything at last. (make)

8 Dave answered the phone. (to hear)

9 Now they know all about it. (to let)

10 The translation will be finished soon. (to expect)

11 He is the best singer we’ve heard yet. (to consider)

12 The doctor agreed with what he said. (to hear)

13 He’ll be imprisoned for life. (to expect)

14 He was always so helpful. (to think)

15 Nick took a deep breath. (to hear)

16 They returned home early that night. (to see)

17 Someone came in. (not to hear)

18 He’ll write more often, I promise. (to make)

19 Eric laughed indulgently. (to hear)

20 She’ll be absent for another week. (to expect)