Exercise 6

Exercise 6

Look at the website. Finish it with the following words. Then read it attentively. What does the Student Council do? Does your school have a Student Council? Is student government useful? Have you ever been a member of a student government? Read the information on the website. Complete the text with ing-forms of the given verbs and the appropriate prepositions where necessary

to complain to visit to make to help to create to develop to see to improve to solve to communicate to provide to get to sit to meet to organize

at for to in of


Thank you __________ the Student Council webpage. The Council represents all students at Taylor. If you are a Taylor College student, you are already a member! Now is the time to think __________ involved and __________ a difference.

What does the Student Council do?

The Council is responsible _____

__________ communication between the students and the administration

__________ to improve student-faculty relationships

__________ social events

__________ ways (such as this website) for students to share information

__________ committees __________ services

Why should you get active?

Because you

have ideas __________ important issues

are good __________ (and love to do it)

are sick __________ around and __________

are interested __________ other students, speakers, and faculty

Check out the links.

Then come to the meeting on October 23rd in Buford Hall. We look forward __________ you there!