Exercise 11

Exercise 11

Do you always find excuses not to do certain things? If you answered "yes, "you are a procrastinator. What types of things do you put off doing? Why do you procrastinate? Read the excerpt from a magazine article about procrastinating. Complete it with infinitives or ing-forms of the verb from the list below

to finish to spend to tell to study to get to make to put off to procrastinate to put off to have to do (3) to start to avoid to feel to procrastinate to wait

Stop procrastinating now!

It's a beautiful day. Eva doesn't feel like __________ it at the library. She goes to the park instead. She keeps __________ herself she'll work better the next day.

Todd planned __________ an appointment with the dentist, but he decided __________ another week, or maybe two.

Procrastinating __________ until tomorrow things you need __________ today is a universal problem. College students are famous for__________, but we all do it sometimes. What causes people __________ important tasks? Read what the experts say.

unpleasant tasks It's not always fun __________ a lot of the things on our To Do lists. Most people prefer __________ enjoyable things.

poor time management __________ too little time for a task is discouraging. It's hard __________ started on a project when you feel that you can't finish it.

fear An important test can make you feel so nervous that you put off __________.

perfectionism The belief that you must do a perfect job can prevent you from __________ or __________ a task.

As you can see, people often procrastinate because they want __________ bad feelings. But procrastinators end up __________ even worse because of their procrastination. The only solution: stop __________. Now!