Exercise 18
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Exercise 18

Use an ing-form or an infinitive to complete each sentence

1 We’re going out for dinner. Would you like to join us?

2 Jack avoided looking at me.

3 Fred didn’t have any money, so he decided _________ a job.

4 The teacher reminded the students __________ their assignments.

5 Do you enjoy __________ soccer?

6 I was broke, so Jenny offered __________ me a little money.

7 Mrs. Allen promised __________ tomorrow.

8 My boss expects me __________ this work as soon as possible.

9 Would you mind __________ the door for me?

10 Even though I asked the people in front of me at the movie __________ quiet, they kept __________ .

11 Joan and David were considering __________ married in June, but they finally decided __________ until August.

12 Our teacher encourages us __________ a dictionary whenever we are uncertain of the spelling of a word.

13 Before I went away to college, my mother reminded me __________ her a letter at least once a week.

14 Mrs. Jackson had warned her young son __________ the hot stove.

15 I don’t mind __________ alone.

16 The teacher seems __________ in a good mood today, don’t you think?

17 Lucy pretended __________ the answer to my question.

18 Paulo intends __________ his friend a letter.

19 Residents are not allowed _________ pets in my apartment building.

20 All applicants are required __________ an entrance examination.

21 Someone asked me __________ this package.

22 I was asked __________ this package.

23 Jack advised me __________ a new apartment.

24 I was advised __________ a new apartment.

25 Jack advised __________ a new apartment.

26 Jack suggested __________ a new apartment.

27 Ann advised her sister __________ the plane instead of driving to Oregon.

28 Ann advised __________ the plane instead of driving to Oregon.