Exercise 21
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Exercise 21

Supply an appropriate form, ing-form or infinitive, of the verbs in parentheses

1 Mary reminded me (be, not)   not to be   late for the meeting.

2 We went for a walk after we finished (clean) _______________ up the kitchen.

3 I forgot (take) _______________ a book back to the library, so I had to pay a fine.

When do you expect (leave) _______________ on your trip?

5 The baby started (talk) _______________ when she was about eighteen months old.

6 I don’t mind (wait) _______________ for you. Go ahead and finish (do) _______________ your work.

7 I’ve decided (stay) _______________ here over vacation and (paint) _______________ my room.

8 We discussed (quit) _______________ our jobs and (open) _______________ our own business.

9 I’m getting tired. I need (take) (take) _______________ a break.

10 Sometimes students avoid (look) _______________ at the teacher if they don’t want (answer) _______________ a question.

11 The club members discussed (postpone) _______________ the next meeting until March.

12 Most children prefer (watch) _______________ television to (listen) _______________ to the radio.

13 My grandfather prefers (read) _______________ .

14 Did Carol agree (go) _______________ (camp) _______________ with you?

15 As the storm approached, the birds quit (sing) _______________ .

16 The taxi driver refused (take) _______________ a check. He wanted the passenger (pay) _______________ cash.

17 The soldiers were ordered (stand) _______________ at attention.

18 The travel agent advised us (wait, not) _______________ until August.