Exercise 24
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Exercise 24

Complete each conversation with the correct form of  be able  to and the verb in parentheses. Choose between affirmative and negative. Translate the sentences

1 A: I heard your sister wanted to take lessons.  Was  she able to

a (start)

start ?

B: Yes, she was. She started last month. She can do the fox-trot now, but she still ______________ the waltz.

b (do)

2 A: Why are you taking dance lessons?

B: I want to ______________ at my wedding!

a (dance)

3 A: _______ you ____ Mrs. Suraikin at the studio yesterday?

a (find)

B: Yes. She told me I ______ in the tango contest next month!

b (compete)

A: Great! I know that's really important to you.

B: Yes. __________ the tango in a contest means a lot to me.

     c (do)

4 A: _______ you ______ Russian as a child, Mrs. Suraikin?

 a (speak)

B: Yes, I was. We spoke it at home, so I ________ it fluently.

             b (speak)

A: __________ your children __________ Russian too?

c (speak)

B: No, unfortunately my children never learned Russian. They only speak English.

5 A: I _____ the waltz last weekend because I hurt my ankle.

a (practice)

B: That's too bad. ___________ you __________ next week?

b (practice)