Exercise 26
Повернутись до змісту

Exercise 26

Take the quiz. Explain the meaning of modal verbs in the answers you propose

Are You a Good Roommate?

Take this short quiz and find out.

1 You want to use your roommate's computer.

You say:

О a. I may use your computer tonight.

О b. May I use your computer tonight?

О с. I'm using your computer tonight.

2 You don't have any food in the house.

You say:

О a. Can you make dinner for me?

О b. I don't mind eating some of your food.

О с. Do you mind if I have some of your food?

3 You may not have time to wash the dishes tonight.

You say:

О a. Could you wash the dishes?

О b. I can't wash the dishes.

О с. Can I wash the dishes tomorrow?

4 Your roommate asks you: "Could my best friend stay overnight?"

You answer:

О a. Can she stay in a hotel instead?

O b. Sure.

О с. I'm sure she could, but I don't want her to!

5 You can find nothing to wear to the party next Friday.

You say:

О a. May I please borrow your new sweater?

О b. I may borrow your new sweater.

О с. You could lend me your new sweater.

6 You and your roommate need the dorm counselor's permission to have a party in your room.

You say:

О a. Could we have a party in our room on Saturday?

O b. Maybe we could have a party in our room on Saturday.

О с. Could you have a party in your room on Saturday?