Exercise 27

Exercise 27

Complete each conversation with modal verbs and expressions from the given below

can cant may must should not allowed do you mind if

1 JEAN-PlERRE: __________ I eat my lunch here while I get on the Internet?

lab assistant: Sorry, but I do . Look at the sign. You __________ bring food here.

2 emil: Wow! Those guys next door sure are making a lot of noise!

tory: Well, they __________ play music now. It's 8:00 A.M.

emil: I know. __________ I borrow your earplugs? I have to study for my English test.

3 carmen: __________ we ride our bikes here?

guard: Its here.

4 donovan: __________ I bring my dog next semester? My roommate doesn't mind.

counselor: ______ . But some of the other dorms allow pets.

5 gabrielle: __________ I use my cell phone in here?

librarian: ___________ . Cell phones __________ be switched off here.