Exercise 28
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Exercise 28

Kate and her roommate Ann are planning a party. Use modal verbs or “do you mind if” to ask for permission. Answer the questions

1 Ann's friend Nick is in town. She wants him to come to the party.

Ann:   __________ if Nick comes to the party?

Kate:  Not at all.  I'd love to meet him.

2 Kate wants to borrow her roommate's black sweater.

Kate: I have nothing to wear. __________ .

Ann: __________ I'm planning to wear it myself!

3 Ann's sister is coming from out of town. Ann wants her to stay in their room.

Ann: __________

Kate: __________ She can sleep on the couch.

4 Kate and Ann would like to have the party in the dormitory lounge. Heather asks her dormitory counselor for permission.

Kate: __________

counselor: __________ It's available next Friday.

5 Kate and Ann would like to hang decorations from the ceiling of the lounge.

Kate: __________

counselor: __________ Fire regulations won't allow it.

6 Kate and Ann want to party until midnight.

Kate: __________

counselor: __________ Quiet hours start at 11:00 on Friday.

7 Ann wants to play some of her friend Erica's CDs at the party.

Ann: ___________

erica: __________ Which ones should I bring?

8 It's Friday night. A student wants to study in the lounge.

student: __________

Kate: __________ We're having a party. Want to join us?