Exercise 32
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Exercise 32

Complete the sentences, using   must not   or   do not have to

(We use must not in prohibitions (negative orders). We use do not have to, do not need to or need not to say that something is unnecessary)

1 Campers __________ play music after 10 p.m.

2 Students __________ ask permission to stay out after midnight.

3 Bicycles __________ be parked in the front courtyard.

4 Residents __________ hang washing out of the windows.

5 British subjects __________ get visas to travel in Western Europe.

6 Passengers __________ lean out of the windows.

7 You __________ pay for your tickets now.

8 It’s rained a lot, so we __________ water the garden.

9 You __________ disturb your sister while she’s working.

10 You __________ knock before you come into my room.