Exercise 34

Exercise 34

Choose the best form. (Sometimes both may be possible)

1 We __________ win, but I think theres much chance. (may, can)

2 I __________ ask you to help me later. (may, can)

3 That __________ be her daughter theyre nearly the same age. (cant, mustnt)

4 We __________ decide to go camping again at Easter. (can, may)

5 There __________ be enough room for everybody on the bus well have to wait and see. (may not, cant)

6 You __________ get in without a ticket not a chance. (may not, cant)

7 You absolutely __________ go and see Liz. (should, must)

8 I think you __________ try to relax more. (should, must)

9 You __________ pass a special exam to be a teacher. (must, have to)

10 In this country, boys __________ do military service. (must not, dont have to)

11 I __________ see you at eight tomorrow. (can, will be able to)

12 One day, everybody __________ say what they like. (can, will be able to)

13 When I was younger I __________ sing quite well. (could, was able to)

14 At what age __________you get a driving licence? (can, may)

15 I promise I __________ smoking. (stop, will stop)

16 I dont know why shes not here. She __________ have got my message. (may not, cant)

17 Hes not answering the phone. He __________ have got home yet. (may not, cant)

18 When I was eighteen we __________ two years in the army. (had to do, must have done)

19 See __________ very quietly I didnt hear her go. (had to leave, must have left)