Exercise 39
Повернутись до змісту

Exercise 39

Study these sentences from a letter to a newspaper. Decide what is the correct order of the sentences

Dear Sir,

a There was so much litter on the pavement that I felt I was walking over a rubbish-heap, not along a city street.

b I think that this would be a good job for them to do.

c Then if people have a lot of litter, they can put it in the bins.

d Yesterday I was walking to work, and I noticed that the street was covered in sweet wrappings, cigarette packets and old newspapers.

e It is quite easy to take your rubbish home with you instead of throwing it away.

f We hear on the radio that thousands of people are unemployed.

g I am writing to you because I’d like to say something about the problem of litter in our cities.

h Finally, it would be a good idea if there were more street-cleaners.

i First of all, I think that the public should stop dropping things in the street.

j Secondly, I think that the local council should put more litter-bins in the street.

k What can we do about this problem?

Yours faithfully,

Lionel Haddock-Willis (Captain) (Retired)