Exercise 40
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Exercise 40

Put each verb in brackets into a suitable tense.

a If you (wait)   __________ here, I (see) __________ whether Mr Jones is in his office.

b If I (have) __________ more time, I (go) __________ to the theatre more often. But I’m very busy.

c If Maria (call) __________, I (tell) __________ her that you want to speak to her.

d Look at this rubbish! If people (put) __________ their rubbish in the rubbish bins there (not be) __________ so much mess.

e It's so cold today! I (stay) __________ at home if I (can) __________, but I have to go out.

f If Spain (beat) __________ England in tomorrow’s match, they (reach) __________ the semi-finals.

g I (not eat) __________ that fish if I (be) __________ you.

h If everybody (know) __________ how to drive, the roads (be) __________ even more crowded with cars.

i If you (decide) __________ to come with us to Norwich, (you give) __________ us a ring?

j If you (leave) __________ your name, I (tell) __________ Mr Jones that you called.