I Still Feel Very Well

I Still Feel Very Well

Active vocabulary

1 wrinkle


, ;

2 to preserve


, ,

3 longevity

4 slow down



5 in the same vein


6 discreet

, ,

7 Ive always smoked my head off.

8 ridiculous

, ,

, ,

9 incredible


10 top secret

Read this interview and say why the journalist decided to have it published.

I Still Feel Very Well

Our journalist has taken an interview. Here is what she says

The other day I saw a white-haired man sitting on a bench in the park. I could see wrinkles in his face and neck and his wrinkled hands. The man seemed old but well-preserved I have been always interested in the secrets of longevity, so I decided to interview the man. The man said he had lived a full and active life without a moments rest.

Well, they say that a lot of activity helps one to live a long time, I concluded.

Thats true, very true. I still feel very well, although my step has slowed down a little.

The conversation continued in that vein for a while. Then I decided to obtain more information. It seemed to be all right to start with some discreet questions.

J. Would you mind if I smoked a cigarette?

Man: Not at all.

J. Id offer you one, but I suppose you probably dont smoke, or drink, or ...

Man: On the contrary! Ive always smoked my head off. And until a little while ago I went dancing every night. As for alcoholic drinks ...

J. Do you mean to say that youve done these things all your life?

Man: Of course. Why does that surprise you so much?

J. Ive been always told that doing those things is bad for health.

Man: Ridiculous!

J. I suppose that you have another secret: a lot of fruit, vegetables, a lot of exercise in the fresh air?

Man: Who told you so? I hate exercise in the fresh air, and I dont like any kind of vegetables.

J. This is incredible!

Man: What do you mean, incredible? What are you talking about?

J. Its just that I dont understand how youve been able to live that long. Tell me, how old are you if it isnt a top secret?

Man: Me? Im thirty-seven. Why?

Exercise 1. Find in the text the sentences in which the following word-combinations are used. Use them in the sentences of your own.

wrinkled hands discreet questions

secrets of longevity bad for health

in that vein a top secret

Exercise 2. Read the following statements and determine whether they are true, false or impossible to know.

1. The journalist was rather attractive and young.

2. She decided to interview an old man in the park.

3. The secrets of longevity had never attracted her attention.

4. The man refused to answer her embarrassing questions.

5. The man always preferred soft drinks.

6. He had never liked vegetables and fruit.

7. He always enjoyed hitch-hiking.

8. It was incredible that he looked so young.

9. She guessed his age at first sight.

Exercise 3. Hold a round-table discussion on the topic: My point of view on alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, premarital sex.