Part the first
Повернутись до змісту

Part the first

 About paradise, its beauty, to us still have not told all words;

The God as married there Adam with Eve,about their love.

About dwelling their in paradise we have not heard

in preaching, songs and verses;

About paradise the river of the Life to us have told

just in a hurry...

About pleasure, that without bounds flew there

You can here learn,

About both the paradise and golden City

I wish to tell you in this book.

Message about God’s creation

Flows here as wide river:

 Adam has fallen how and how was sent from heaven

Adam the last;

But in the Word of God the place is and for message,

That Paradise will come!

The Christ will come again and take us in The City,

Now not for long him already to wait!

Here only will not enter there defileth,

Or whatsoever maketh lie,

But they, which names are written

In Lamb’s the Book of life!