Day the fourth

Day the fourth

On July, 27th, Wednesday

But we are different

Having cleared up, the wife has stared at Adam:

- And you dreamt me.

- You to me too, have answered Adam. And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed, is told in the Bible, Gen.2:25.

- And you are not such as I, have told the wife, having looked on Adam.

- But I am the man, and you are the woman, have answered Adam.

- Why we are not identical? The wife has asked.

- So always was, that female and a male differ from each other, Adam has told.

- So always was? And what, besides us there is still who that? She has asked.

- No, except me with you people are not present more, but I saw this feature as well at all animals.

- You so saw much and know much, the wife has told, - and I yet did not see animals.

- Still you will see, theres no harry, Adam has told. Here it is better, than on the earth. But on the earth there is a night, he continued, and all animals sleep at night, well, with the exception of, night. But those, then again sleep in the afternoon as we with you, - Adam has laughed.

- And animals are beautiful? The wife has asked.

- Certainly, Adam has ansvered, - all of them such different, all darlings.

- More beautifully me? The wife has asked.

- Oh, no! More beautifully you are not present anybody, - unless Angels has laughed Adam.

- And who are they, Angels? Has asked Eve* 27

- Oh, you still will see them, they reside here, - Adam has answered, - but I them saw a little. You see, they can be present imperceptibly for us, but see and hear us.

- They and now see us? Eve has asked.

- Perhaps, and what?

- Anything, I am for no particular reason having asked.

Cheerfully laughing, they again, as well as in former days, began to break from branches surrounding trees fine fruits, preparing to a dinner. Those days in Paradise Adam's happy voice was hearded and him was answered with a happy gentle voice of Eve, alternating the same happy laughter as if children playing with each other, is truer - "adult children. As a matter of fact, those days them to name it was possible the groom and the bride, rather than the husband and the wife.

Day the fifth, on July, 28th, Thursday

Adam's declaration

- The sun appeared! Eve has loudly told.

- Means, new day has come, has told * 28

- As it is good, Eve has told.

- Yes, now well, especially these days, - Adam has told.

- And what, days were worse? - Smiling, Eve has asked.

- You know, - Adam has told, having hesitated, - days in itself were quite good, but at that time nevertheless was worse

- Why? - The wife has hasty asked again.

- Because because, - he has repeated, - because there was no thee! You see, without you to me it was bad, Adam admitted.

- And now? - With sparkles in eyes Eve assured of the positive answer has asked.

- And it is now very good! - Adam has told, and both have laughed.

Their hearts lasted to each other. As a matter of fact, it was Adam's first declaration about the love to the wife. That they till now both ignored, gradually became obvious.

Day of the sixth, on July, 29th, Friday.

Angels looks narrowly

In Paradise was not only Adam with the wife. Invisibly there was also many Angels. Each of Angels would like to look at the first (besides only recently created) people in Paradise. Angels long * 29 was late near first human pair, listening attentively in their conversations and observing for their behaviour. Until recently in the Heaven there were only they, Angels, but here, has appeared the first people in Paradise Angels tried to understand, with what aim of doing the man is created, what his future and prospects, whether the people in their development, Angels will press; whether there is no something such in people what it is necessary to adopt them, to Angels? - And many other questions in this sort. At that time among Angels yet was not such which sinnes, 2 Peter, 2:4 see. The sin of these angels still was ahead and future, so to say - potential sinners among angels * 30 - have not been delivered yet by chains of darkness; one of their leaders Azazel has not been still delivered also. Especially carefully looked narrowly at the man and the Satan who has seen in him of the opponent; Satan looked narrowly and waited for an opportunity.

By this day Adam's first acquaintance with Eve has already taken place. They interested a little that Angels thinks about them. People had the circle of interests, the conversations, including stories about seen by them dreams, as well as this day. A set of paradise fruit that day as, however, and in other days, amazed with variety, appeal, brightness and richness of paints. For the lack of exact analogues for names of many of this fruit, we give the names accepted in Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and other places of their present growth: a fruit chiku, in size as egg; fruits dookooh, in size as a ball, golden - brown; a fruit gambooh air, - it is pale - green, pink and white colours. A fruit mangostin wine - black colour with a white core; fruits nanka or jackfruits; fruits rambutana and absolutely unusual starfruits, that is fruit - stars, and really reminding a five-pointed star.

Day of the seventh; On July, 30th, Saturday

The first week of a joint life

In the meantime there has come 7th day of a life of human pair in Paradise. Is outcome, thus, there was their first week of a joint life. This day they have decided to arrange to themselves feasting, and tried to collect and take down in one place more than various fruits from associates trees.* 31 Eve tried to look the mistress of a table, though table as such was not: only petals of one plant, by the sizes reminding a small carpet path have been spread. It was the properly feast of taste. However, this feast was continuous: in Paradise there was a great abundance of paradise fruits. Adam has caught itself on thought, that both of them as - if avoided touching to each other: only once, about three days ago, when Eve imperceptibly for herself has fallen asleep, he has corrected for her a lock of the hair closing in a dream her face. The first touch was remembered to him for all life.* 32

By this day proof enough "daily routine" was already developed: waking up, bringing of in an order, a slow dinner and the long, long conversations, and recently especially often alternating joyful laughter.

Sunday, on July, 31st, day of the eighth

The first commandment

The eighth day has begun, as usually, since sun searches in a firmament. Adam has offered a hand to Eve, helping to rise: he has risen early and thought of how it is better to spend next day.* 33

- And you see, Adam has told, I was come to mind by fine thought!

- What a thought? - Eve has asked.

- Today we will make walk!

- And where we will go?

- We will make walk along Paradise, Adam has answered. Give the hand, - he has told a little more silently. She has offered to him the white hand: effect of sunburn in Paradise was not. Having got out of trees, Adam has led Eve for a hand along gold street: the direction in which they went, was just opposite to what one week ago the Lord God has led Eve to Adam.

- Some reason we have stayed for a long, - Adam continued.

- Yes, this week we almost have devoted all to conversation with each other, - Eve has thoughtfully said.

- Look, what fine flowers at this tree, - she has told, - there where we have settled down such is not present.

- Oh, you still so saw a little, but I was in these places already some times. And it is ahead even more beautiful.

- There not only flowers, look, and what a fruits at this tree, - such I yet did not see and did not try, - Eve rejoiced. They have turned to one of trees, growing along gold street. They also have heard a voice of the Lord God:

- Children! Have you any food?

- We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden, - they have answered.

- The fruits of the trees of the garden you may eat, only you shall not eat fruits of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, neither shall you touch it, lest you die, Gen.3:3. After Lord has left, they still for a long time remained under impression heard.

- You heard? - Eve has asked.

- Yes, I hear this commandment already second time, - Adam has answered.

They have again turned to trees of Paradise and going to them argued on words of the Lord God. A harmonous figure of the wife and strong figure of Adam some time still it was possible to see, while they have disappeared behind turn of a paradise street.

Monday, on August, 1st, day the ninth

Adam recollects

At night after the first walk they did not sleep: actually, night in Paradise was not. They have recollected rest only when the sun again seemed in a paradise firmament so, there has come already next day. Paradise distances, appear, did not come to an end, and the end of gold streets it was not visible too. Above, on their course, over trees bright patches of light were sparkled. For a day they have passed much and that from afar sparkled bright paints, it has close appeared some constructions which have already interested Eve. The strip of paradise trees in this place came to an end, and soon they should leave this strip. They have made fine walk along the Garden and, going, argued on a commandment which was given to them the day before by the God:

- The tree it grows in the middle of Paradise, but we now go in an opposite direction, therefore and did not see it. To use in food fruits of this tree is the only thing that to us cannot be done, Adam has told. The God has given me this commandment still two years ago, right after how has lodged me in the Garden of Eden, Gen.2: 16, 17.

- And what is this tree, to what it is similar also what fruits it has? - Eve has asked.

- You see, when I have appeared in Paradise, I have decided to go round all Eden garden to examine each tree and to cultivate it where it is necessary wherefore the God has told to me to cultivate and store them. But lately I have had time to go round less than half of Garden. Just before thy day of creation* 34 I intended to go to that place where this tree of the knowledge of good and evil grows, but I am unexpected for myself have deep fallen asleep, then the God has taken to me you, well and further you know, - Adam has smiled. So and I myself yet did not see this tree, - he has finished.

- To die for tree fruits? - Eve has asked again, - but we only have started to live!

- The God has not limited duration of our life, after all we are, I think, his children

- I heard, that He named us children but how it to understand?

- We are created in Gods image, and after your likeness. And the God has put us over all earth and over all living on it, Gen.1: 26. So the life is fine, - has a little uncertainly summed up Adam.* 73

- Do you know, I would like to have a rest, - Eve, slightly leaning on Adam's hand has said; perhaps we will go, again we will find soft leaves for rest?

- There is no need for it, - Adam has suddenly lighted up: in the presence of Eve he has forgotten - not only about the duties of the intendant of the Garden, but also has forgotten to tell to her, that he, Adam, after all there has the dwelling!

Tuesday, on August, 2nd. Day the tenth

Adam's paradise dwelling

Lord, I have loved the habitation of Thy house, Ps.26: 8.

Let them bring me to Thy dwelling, Ps.43: 3 (RSV).

that they may receive you into everlasting habitations, Luke, 16:9.

In my Fathers house are many mansions , John, 14:2.

- And so, I have fallen asleep on that place where made the next round in Paradise, - continued the story Adam. When the God has led you to me, I was so happy I began to show you trees of Paradise and their fruits. You know, that I have much that to tell to you. However, I have not had time to tell to you and a half that I know. But now the following, that I wish to tell you I am, that is we have a dwelling! And we go to it.

- And I thought, that our house under any of Paradise trees where we were till now.

- Oh, no, you now will see!

They have approached to an entrance in a mansion where conducted wide seven steps, Ezek.40: 26. On high columns the entrance had palm trees, Ezek.40:31. Palm trees were and on doors, Ezek.41:25. The mansion had the big windows, Ezek.40:25 and the big doors, Ezek.41:3. From a floor and to room windows have been sheathed by valuable species of a tree, and windows were trellised, figured, Ezek.41:16. In the top part of doors and on all walls, inside and outside there were carved images, Ezek.41:17. Doors were folding, both half mobile, Ezek.41:24. From a ground floor rose on top through middle, Ezek.41:7.*35 Carved ornaments and a covering of heavenly halls - from an ivory, Ps.45:8. In a hall there was a bed, Ps.149:5, Is.57:2. The bed was so fine, that does not give in to the description.

- The God has placed me here, but I was here a little, and more and more in the Garden. Probably, the habit to sleep in the Garden has remained still since then as I lived on the earth among animals, - Adam has told. And Eve could not utter words but only with surprise and admiration looked around. Then has on the sly approached to a bed and has touched a hand. Soon, the tireds with road, both of them have deep fallen asleep on this bed.

Wednesday, on August, 3rd, day the eleventh

Adam's duties in Paradise

They have devoted a good part of next day to mansion survey.

- Yes, here it is fine! - Eve has told. On a courtyard stream a fountain in sparkling nacreous pool. Water was live, flowing. Having freshened by water, Eve has pick from the branch of a fine tree which have hung over pool the same fine golden fruit. (Perhaps it was a ripe orange?). And both have tried its pulp. Enormous, in comparison with its present growth, the strawberry on which simultaneously were both flowers, and ripe big berrys nearby grew.*36

- Here it is possible to remain long. We do not need to go today anywhere? Eve has asked.

- But, I, at last have recollected the duties of the intendant of Paradise. Today it is necessary to go to examine at least some trees.

- I will go with you, - Eve has told.

- Certainly, without you I now would not go anywhere, - Adam has answered.

They left a mansion, and have gone to Paradise plantings whish edge was seen not far.

- On this strip I already was, - Adam has told, - it passes near to a mansion and from this place I once for the first time there began the inspection. Let us pass to an adjacent strip here by this avenue.

- And what you usually do in the Garden? Eve has simply asked.

- Sometimes I correct a branch, and in some places I cut off, if they stir to pass on avenue. The fallen fruits I clean from avenues. Sometimes I do soil loosening, especially at undersized plants. I clean foliage if it has much accumulated in what place.*37 Now to me it will be easier, - Adam has told and, when Eve in the answer has interrogatively looked at him, has cheerfully added: now after all I have the assistant!

Both laughing, have gone along an adjacent strip, sometimes lifting from street the fallen fruits and put them under a root of trees: they did not eat the fallen fruits.

- And whence have you a knife for cutting of branches? - Eve has asked.

- When the Lord God has instructed me to cultivate the Garden, It has ordered to the ministers to give me also the tool with which help I could cultivate it. Angels after all have also swords, * 38 well and a knife and somewhat else for me they too have brought.

Thursday, on August, 4th, day of 12th

Where gratitude to the God?

The life which was spent in Paradise by Adam and Eve, as a matter of fact was an enjoyment life: at first heself, and then together with Eve they moved on a satisfaction way every possible pleasures. On this their way it is possible to allocate some the main steps:

1. The created Adam enjoys a picture of the protogenic World, its light, heat, beauty and fine food. After that there was a new step:

2. Acquaintance with fauna. Within 40 days Adam was engaged by beholding, so to say, the biggest in history of the World of a zoo, and from not a long way off, but in immediate proximity with animals, enjoyed games with them. When this step has ceased to occupy Adam in former degree, the higher degree of pleasure became accessible to him still:

3. Paradise God's surpassed the world terrestrial. What exactly surpassed - it is described in detail in the given book. But being in Paradise, Adam in the end has felt some loneliness in this connection to Paradise pleasures one more step has increased:

4. Eve has been created. Adam's and Eves life therefore represented a continuous train of pleasures: one hardly came to an end, another began. Their basic employment was to stare at the sides, at one or at other paradise sight.

Remarkable thus a detail: somewhere aside their attention was the Creator and the Bearer of all these pleasures - the Lord God. Adam and Eve did not feel necessity to inquire and to address to the God or, all the more so, to be converted to Him. The due gratitude to the God for all pleasures and a paradise life was never shown also. Formally Adam and Eve were still innocent and without sin. The measure of pleasures already full was pumping by new sensual pleasures. Here comparison with the children's balloon already up to the end filled with air but in which continued to force air is pertinent: the sphere still withstanded a pressure, however it was already possible to be afraid for its safety. Not having the God in the centre of the spiritual life (and is imposed violently He could not), first human pair continued, therefore to move away from God keeps getting further. But in the beginning it was imperceptible.

This new day Adam and his wife were engaged in already becomes affairs habitual for them: by walks among Paradise trees, meal, pleasant conversations, laughter.

Friday, on August, 5th, day of 13th

Games of "adult children

In the meantime the second week of a joint life of Adam and his wife in Paradise gradually came to an end. The married couple has decided to diversify the life with new entertainments: have to begin decided to play hide-and-seek. Eve at first hid, and she was searched by Adam, then Adam hid, he was searched by Eve and on the contrary. It has turned out very cheerfully. Then have thought up new game: began to run one after another. Here only Eve conceded in run to Adam, was weaker. Then Adam began to give in, giving himself to catch up to weaker woman. Having worn themselves out running plenty of, they have decided to support the forces with pineapples and some other strange fruit. Ate, basically, only the most gentle and sweet core of fruits, throwing out the rest. Having gorged on, Eve laughing has thrown one soft fruit on Adam. Adam has imediately pursued the wife, but she has disappeared behind Paradise trees while she was found by Adam. As a matter of fact those were games of adult children. In one place they have come across a glade with the superficial lake, entirely covered with flowers and leaves of Victoria. This sort of flowers is similar to so-called water lily, but incomparably big and evens the huge sizes. Victoria leaves floating on water were such big sizes that have freely withstanded weight of Eve when she standed on one of leaves: leaves were flat and bent along the edges. It is possible long and a lot to describe of fun of that day, but we stop of all it only in so far, as all it was, let and in a little bit other form, but nevertheless were. It was continuation of the same course on amusements, entertainments, games, laughter and a various sort of pleasure.


Water flowed into lake on the rather narrow channel, from any source located above on a current. On the whole, making the walk on Paradise, Adam and Eve moved ahead at that time on the district slightly raising on a course of their movement so, - that behind there were lower places. The feeling was such as if they gradually ascended on any loftiness. Had this time a rest in a hammock weaved by Adam from long lianas. And for the morning (at that time to Paradise it was possible to apply concept "morning") Adam has arranged for Eve driving on a swing. He has made a swing, using hanging down lianas between a next to standing high trees, having made a convenient seat for Eve. While it did a swing, Eve has tried (for the first time in her life!) to weave a wreath from flowers, but first of it it turned out nothing: the wreath continually broke up to separate flowers. Then Eve has called Adam. Being distracted for a while from the construction of a swing, Adam has helped Eve to weave a crown from fine flowers then has carefully set up it onto her head. Having finished a swing, Adam has set on them the wife and has slightly pushed. The picture indeed was fine: topped with a fine crown from paradise flowers pink-checked young Eve swinged on a swing of long, too blossoming, lianas. Their pleasure did not know bounds. The second week of their abiding in Paradise came to an end. Adam began to behave more safely in relation to the wife, for example, put and removed her from a swing while several days ago quailed from a touch to her hand. But Eve of feeling of awkwardness has not showed.

After swinging and entertainment, they, as always, have arranged feasting. To come back in the mansion did not want, having found a haven in a soft grass under one branchy tree as at them has entered into usage, and have fallen asleep by sound sleep, - at first Eve, then Adam.

Sunday, on August, 7th, day of 15th

The regular visitation by the God

Slept longer usual and when have woken up, the sun was almost in zenith. Have begun that lively have recollected yesterday with its entertainments. Eve has again swingin on a swing while Adam by a breakfast has born fruits favourite by her. Has soon pulled to new pleasures and Eve with Adam have continued the way to the same direction, as yesterday. During walking loudly laughed and talked. After a while to their hearing any noise has reached. Adam apparently happening already in that place, whence reached noise, has even more quickened in an anticipation of new entertainment. They have a little turned aside, and have gone in a direction, noise whence reached. Noise was uniform and in process of their approach to a source of noise it keeps getting louder. Soon to their look has opened the high rock from which top fells silver streams of waterfall. Round a place of falling of water the greens were even more magnificent than surrounding magnificence. The small lake in a place of falling of waterfall sparkled with gentle blueness. Having seen a magnificent picture, Adam and Eve have understood, that will spend today here. Bathing under fall streams brought huge pleasure: water has appeared not so cold as Eve expected. Lake coast have been dressed in marble. Games of last several days have renewed with new force: they ran round falls and jumped under its streams, chasing one after another; lapped in blue lake with shout, splashing water against each other. The pursuit of pleasures proceeded also they, these pleasures, were poured as if from hom of plenty. Only by the evening they left water and that only because it wanted to eat.

And so, when they had dinner, the Lord God, as usual has again visited them and has told to Adam:

- Adam, lovest thou me?

- You know all, - have answered .* 72



Meanwhile, Adam's and Eves acquaintance with Paradise proceeded. If Adam continually remembered, that he was sometimes in one, sometimes in other place of the Garden, then for Eve all was new. That day the road it was flown by a paradise bird. It was one of paradise birds which were there in set.

- You saw? - Wife Adam has asked.

- Certainly, - Adam has answered, - they so are similar to terrestrial birds.

- Tell to me about terrestrial birds, - Eve has asked.

- With pleasure, - Adam has answered and began to tell about everything, that only he knew about terrestrial birds and how he has named them names:

- From terrestrial birds only some are similar to the paradise. Those are a peacock, paradise flytrap and some others* 74.

- And it is impossible to see them close? - Eve has asked and, having seen an interrogative countenance of the husband, has recovered: well these, local?

Instead of the answer Adam took her for a hand and has led in a direction, trills and singing of paradise birds whence were audible. Having removed a branch, they have seen them on a glade. Their plumage was slimmered with gold and silver. Some of birds were as if pearl. Their singing was wonderful and in earthly language inexpressible.

- And animals here are? - Eve has asked.

- Generally is, but only others, not such as on the earth. Here animals clever, they are able to talk. Besides it is a little of them. It is better to name them Angelic beings, rather than animals.

- And how they look? - Eve has asked.

- Some have the face of a calf (or bull), being called cherubs* 39, and their foot of feet similar foot of a calf. And they have hoofs, only copper, - Adam has thoughtfully stretched: apparently, he would not like to speak much about it* 40. Adam has taken himself at his thought, that trees and birds already a little interest him: his thoughts have been occupied by Eve. Well, and Eve whom 16 days of her life were fulfilled only, has already taken a great interest in the fine flovers growing on paradise trees. Let's follow a paradise couple and we will listen to their conversations.

Planting Paradise trees has been made by avenues: Palm trees Avenue, Banana Avenue and others. Now they went on Avenue of palm trees and, having stuck with a finger to the nearest palm tree, Eve has asked:

- And what is this tree called?

- Palm tree, - Adam has answered.

Palm trees there were many kinds and some were very high. The beauty of palm trees was irresistible. One of avenues has been set by silverfoliage evcaliptus. Fine, high enough orange trees occupied many avenues successively. In parallel plantings lemon trees here stretched. Pointing to red - crimson big fruit similar to heart of a bull, - as we would tell now, Eve has asked:

- And what is it called?

- It is a persimmon, Adam has answered.

Plantings of bamboo were replaced by plantings of olive trees with magnificent black, brilliant fruits. When passed also them, Eve was late at gutta-percha trees.



By sight the grease tree behind which plantings fine bushes of a lilac have seemed was very beautiful. It was the species lagerstroemia*. On the whole lilac species here was much, more than 40 kinds. Lilac inflorescences were the most different shades: all shades white, all shades red, all shades blue, yellow, greenish and other colours. Behind a lilac the trees of cryptomery rose. In spite of the fact that Eve abided in the Garden of Eden the third week, her eyes have extended from surprise and admiration when they have come to a place covered with roses: them was so much - purely white, gentle-pink, crimson, red, yellow She long would not like to leave this place; the desire to sleep somewhere has disappeared, though two days in a row she admired fine plantings. Numbers of fine chrysanthemums and still further - numbers, not less fine, lilies at last have in the distance seemed. Running from one to another, she picked flowers for a bouquet. The bouquet, not having withstand weight of flovers has broken up, and in a distance radial plantings of fine irises still loomed

- Whats the matter with you? - Adam has begun to worry, having seen the flowers scattered in the disorder, trying them to collect in an armful the excited Eve and her eyes which have inflamed by unnatural shine.

- This all beauty - for us? - She has suddenly asked.

- Well, not only for us, - Adam has told.

Eve has lifted hands to the sun and has begun to spin with delight, scattering round itself the picked flowers.

- And after all you have seen only small part of the Garden, Adam has told. Lets go, and you will see it is even more.

- I need to come to the senses and calm down, Eve has told.

- Well, let us take a rest and have dinner, - Adam has offered, - and then you will calm down.

Reddened, with shining eyes Eve liked him even more the former. Adam did not depart anywhere from her, trying to serve in all. The thought on her became central and the basic, but Adam has not dropped about it words. After taste of food they have continued walk on the Garden. Eve inspired with surrounding beauty as if flitted from one flower to another. Bushes of beautystamener** were replaced by plantings of a magnolia, a tree with large fine flowers of white and also blue colours.

The notes: *generally lagerstroemia is unusual lilac and looks as a tree. ** Direct translation from Russian.



- I as if in a dream, - did not get tired to rejoice Eve. She has a little calmed down, going on the avenue set by cedar trees. Harmonous cypresses have again inspired her: Eve has tried to sing! Never before during her life she did not sing. Adam with admiration observed of the wife. On a way Eve was late at a fine flower bed behind which began laurel plants and barberry plantings. The list of the subsequent plants which saw Adam and Eve, - even in their name sounds music: cordyline (or lily palm), photinia (or California holly berry), a thuja, a quince, fatsia, a yucca, an araucaria, cunnygamy (now is called China fir), a strawberry tree! Near a strawberry tree Eve again danced in delight: her pleasure (and looking at her and Adams) has not bound! Round a strawberry tree the pampas grass grew, and further were visible blossoming eryngo, gardenia and a honeysuckle so fragrant, that Eve many times inhaled its smell. And ahead on their way the soapbark tree and fine avocados with pear-shaped fruits expected. Eve has picked one of fruits of avocado and has taken a bite of a pliable thin skin: inside there was a structure reminding according consistence butter and with which it is possible to smear on bread. However, bread in those days yet did not bake. But the breadfruit tree grew in Paradise also. Having examined it, Adam and Eve have gone to plantings of a tree peony: they grew along one of radially dispersing avenues.

- Look, Eve was not kept and has run to tulip tree: on this tree tulips only blue colour indeed grow. Admiration has caused also wild strawberry tree. Bamboos which they saw earlier in a distance, have at closer examination appeared several grades: a black bamboo, blue-gray - green, golden and one grade of a bamboo edible. Leaving bamboo thickets, they have seen fine tung tree.

- My heads spinning out of all this beauty, Eve admitted.

Whether it is necessary to say, that this beauty surrounded them at everyone their step?

On August, 11th, Thursday; day of 19th

Unexpected question of Eve

Besides of the God somebody diligently observed of affairs of people still: it was the ancient dragon named the Devil and Satan. Observing of people, the dragon saw their everyday fun, constant and escalating pleasure, unusual happiness and love to each other. Even before creation of the first people the Satan already conducted the traffic, Ezek.28: 16,18. Short being expressed, it there was a traffic, so to say, for souls and hearts. As people then yet were not, this traffic occurred among Angels. Thus the Satan carefully "bargained" with each of them to win round. Being it is vested by the great power, Rev.13:2, the Satan promised to Angels, so to say, "promotion" if they will minister to him. Bargaining for each of them, he by means of flattery managed to win round the third part of angels, Rev.12:4. After creation of the first people, seeing their happiness and love, the Satan very much envied them and became the enemy not only the God, but also the man created by Him whom the God has put over work of the hands, all things having put under his feet. For it was not to Angels that God subjected the world to come, Apostle Paul in the Epistle to Hebrews, 2:5 writes. Having decided to ruin and lead astray the man, the Satan first did not know, how it to make. Bargaining with Angels, he could offer them the power but what the Satan could offer the man?: after all God has already given to the order of the man all earth and all living, that has been created upon the earth, Gen.1:26. Besides, the God has still lodged people in Paradise and has blest them that they be fruitful, and multiply.

There was only one that the Lord God has not given to people: trying to save them for death, the God has forbidden them to eat from a unique tree in paradise, - from a tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Just with it the Satan has decided to take advantage of. In the meantime Adams and Eves bowl of pleasure and happiness overflowed, and the Satan who in the beginning has not burst nearly with envy and rage, not knowing, what he may still to add in this bowl (and by means of which to lead astray people to whom all was allowed also all is given), - now began to wait for an opportunity for deception. Deceive at once two he could not and began to expect, while the wife remains one and while Adam what for will need to leave her one and to leave at least on short. But the love joined people and that day they did not leave each other.

That day they continued travel on Paradise, having gone from that place where we have left them the day before. Proceeded and begun by them then conversation:

- Oh, you yet did not see many kinds of camellias, - has exclaimed Adam, - many jasmins, aster, rhododendrons it has faltered, - because their sights have met. With all those the God has blest us, Adam continued, - do you remember His blessing by which He has blest us two weeks ago?

- I remember, Eve has told, - here only not all to me is clear.

- And what to you it is not clear? - Adam has asked.

- For me first two words are not clear: be fruitful and multiply, the God has told to us. What does it mean? - Eve has asked, looking to Adam is direct in eyes.

For Adam, which already before getting to Paradise, observed of a life of cattle and on the whole animals on the earth, in it there was no secret. Adam also has decided to begin the answer with the reference to animals:

- You see, animals on the earth reproduce and they have children. They give rise to children. Children are similar to the parents, only very small. I have spent a lot of time on the earth with small young lions, hedgehogs, young foxes, kids and many other animals. Then they grow and become big and can have children.

- And we can have children? - Eve has suddenly asked. This question has nonplused Adam.

- Certainly, - reddening he has told. The God so suited all living. And children are given too by the God. Lips seemed it wadded when he said these words. Eve has noticed Adam's awkwardness and has told:

- Perhaps we will continue this conversation then?

- Yes, yes, - Adam has quickly agreed.

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