About kind and evil angels

About kind and evil angels

Besides the God, it is a lot of and other eyes with might and main observed of happiness of the first people: it were eyes of Angels which as already it has been told above, * 23 tried to get into secret of creation of the Man. Their majority was God's on the party, but some part has appeared under the influence of the Satan. However there was among them one more contingent which essence and character are well expressed in Judes Epistle, 13 verse: wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever. The essence of their life as appears from the book of the Enoch, consisted in daily luxury. Their hearts wandered in search of various pleasures. Initially they as if were engaged in art and sciences. Even among supporters of the Devil they were allocated with incontinency and willfulness. Apparently from the book of Enoch, the number of those angels was 200. During time described by us all of them still were in Paradise. Falling of these angels has occurred approximately in 1000 after Adam's exile from Paradise, already during a life of the Enoch, the seventh from Adam. Apparently from the book of the Enoch, these 200 angels have left the Heaven and the sacred eternal habitations, and have descended on the earth in that place where Mount Hermon is located, on its top. In 7th verse the Epistle Apostle Jude writes, that the sin of these fallen angels was similar to a sin of cities of Sodom valley namely that they the relationships with mortal women going after strange flesh, that is committed adultery with daughters of men. The Enoch has been sent with the preaching to fallen angels to convince them of a sin. For the preaching the Enoch has pleased God and was taken by alive on the Heaven so did not see death, Gen. 5:24. The God has delivered the sinned angels into chains of darkness and has passed to reserve them (that is to watch over their dungeon) till that time when the Judgment God's will come, 2Pet.2:4. So they are in that dungeon already about 5 thousand years. Generaly, quantity of those fallen angels is rather a little* 49.

Holy God's Angels did not create obstacles to the Man. As it has already been noted, Adam and his wife at that time yet did not know distinctions between kind and evil angels: for all of them they were simply the inhabitants of heaven sometimes talking to them. Therefore the paradise couple did not expect any dirty trick from anybody of them, including from the Satan. During time described by us they continued to remain in the middle of Paradise and their, so to say, wedding travel has come to the end. At first sight in their relation to each other all remains still, except that Eve already herself waited for an opportunity, when Adam will not be next to stretch a hand to forbidden, but to such delightsome tree. With her it has turned out, as it is written: each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin; and sin when it is full-grown brings forth death, James, 1:14, 15 (RSV). True, the sin, have not been made yet, but being deceived by a dragon, she has already drawn away of her own lust, and enticed.

Forbidden fruits

On August, 20th, Saturday; day of 28th

And Adam was not deceived, but the woman, being deceived was in the transgression, 1Tim.2:14.

- Something again would be desirable me today my favourite apples, that you brought to me earlier, - Eve has told, inquiring to Adam.

- Now I will bring, wait a little, - Adam has answered.

When Adam has disappeared behind Paradise trees, Eve has hasty raised and has approached to a tree for a long time attracting her look: close it seemed even more pleasantly, and fruits here they, nearby. It is a little having thought, Eve has stretched a hand and has cautiously touched one of fruits: but anything terrible does not happen. Then it has quickly picked it and then some more same. Movements of hands seemed for her any unnatural when she did it. Arisen inside, in conscience a hot wave has been extinguished by her effort of will: inside, it seemed, something has burnt down With quicked breathing, she has noticed, that her hands shiver. The thought to throw these fruits aside has flown still, but instead she has resolutely brought one of fruits to the mouth and licked at first: any bitterness it was not felt, and the smell was pleasant. Then she has bitten off the piece which has seemed to her unusual; then has eaten also all fruit. She took of the fruit, and did eat , is told in the Bible, in the book Genesis, 3:6. The remained fruits she has hidden in a grass, on that place where she expected of Adam. Adam has soon come also. Eve has pretended (for the first time in the life has made a deceptive appearance), that happens nothing; took from those apples that Adam has brought, and has eaten one.

- Do you know, - she has told a little later, - I for you too have laid up some fruits that you yet did not taste?

- For four weeks we with you, it seems, have tasted already everything, - with a smile Adam has answered.

- First, four weeks we with you yet have not lived, and secondly, you have correctly told, that it only seems to you, - trying to be cheerful, Eve has told.

- Well, that you there have prepared, give spread!

- Here they are, and what pleasant, I already tasted

- Well and how?

- Have taste youself, - Eve has told, offering him a fruit directly in a hand. And gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat, is told in Bible, Gen. 3:6. When Adam has eaten all fruit, she gave him and another with words:

- Well, has not died?

Why I should die? was surprised Adam, - hang on, these are, surely, same, forbidden which to eat it is impossible for us!

- The same, and as you see quite good. Anybody from us after all has not died, and both of us ate, - with unusual tone for Adam Eve has told.

- What now will be! - Adam was terrified.

- And what may be? We will receive now knowledge and we will be as gods, - trying to look as it is possible more carefree, Eve has answered.

- But

- Already late to speak "but", - Eve has interrupted him, - I think, that as was earlier, and now all will proceed just like that. Lets better play! Well, cease to frown, I never saw you such!

Adam made himself smiled at and has embraced the wife who has sat down by him. Fun was, as well as in former days, but it seemed to both any feigned that earlier never was in their life.

The fig aprons of Adam and Eve

On August, 21st, Sunday; day of 29th

Moving carefree on steps of the God's grace, Adam has passed already many of them. We will repeat, that the world created by the God was as the first step. Then Adam has received as a gift communication with the fauna, pleasure bringing to him within 40 days. Paradise was the third step and, when also it has appeared a little, there was a wife, at first as the friend, and then and as the spouse. Having all it and being in the centre of Paradise, * 51 Eve, and then and Adam have thoughtlessly stepped on the following step, already the sixth under the account, having forgotten that on this step the God has directed them not, but the old serpent. Once having counted on keeps getting bigger pleasure, and not calling upon the God, Adam and his wife instead of obtaining of the next lust, standed on a forbidden step which has appeared killing. For this new their day In Paradise such description is given in the Bible: And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons, Gen. 3:7.

And here, when I wrote these lines has looked in a window wherefore under a window of my house the fig grew. Then I have descended in the court yard and have picked a few fig leaves and have put them before the eyes on a table, where wrote to see their form and their size. And here, the leaf was more than page in a writing-book where I wrote. And that day we made fig jam. Then I have glorified of Lord Jesus that I live in the city where those plants which I already listed in this book grow, and I saw some of them.

In described day in Paradise Adam and his wife too saw all paradise beauty, - certainly, much more magnificent, than it is possible to see now on the earth. Here only that day they have no time for beauty of Paradise: having broken the commandment of God, they began to understand and good and evil. Unexpectedly for themselves they have understood, that both are nude and have decided to sew to themselves aprons. They began to examine surrounding trees, but not on purpose to take pleasure in their beauty, but to find a tree with the greatest leaves. Their choice has came to a fig because for one apron quite sufficed and 10 its leaves. They could not find other improvised material. Certainly, leaves poorly covered nakedness. Eve has convinced Adam, that anything especial has not occurred, and that and further they will go in Paradise, only already in fig aprons. In paradise, seemed, has not changed anything, and branches with fine flowers as well silently rocked. However the peace and the happiness, which went by river till yesterday, today any more was not. And there was instead some alarm tested for the first time in their life. Something similar, to put it mildly, happens at modern children who something got up to, and in expectation of coming of parents clean traces of the pranks. It is even better to name such intense expectation preceding a storm though thunder-storms with downpours on the earth at that time were not and furthermore in Paradise. Intense expectation has deprived of their high-grade pleasure overflowing still yesterday. The pleasure from personal contact somewhere has disappeared. Desire to walk on Paradise, fun and games too have stopped. Any most thin and imperceptible thread in consciousness of people has broken, and it has appeared, that with it, with this thread has been connected so much!

Adam and Eve hid from the God

On August, 22nd, Monday; day of 30th

And they heard a voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day:And Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden. And the Lord God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where are you? And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself. And he said, Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commandment thee that thou shouldest not eat? And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat , Gen. 3: 8-12.

As it is visible from this place of the Scripture, the given day in Paradise began as usually, as well as previous: the pleasant cool was same, as well as the last days. As usual the Lord God has come to communicate to the people, which created*. However from the man side fellowship has already been broken: instead of meeting the God when He has called them, people have run from him to hide between paradise trees. The cool of day more can be related to the end of day. Practically it was evening of the last day. But as day as itself, has already ended, then evening of this day, according to biblical tradition concerns already next day, i.e. to Monday* 53. But why Adam and his wife have hid? After all on all of them were fig aprons, made them last day.

Then I have looked on fig leaves which yesterday has put on the table, and here, they have lost the form, have shrivelled and have dried out: now both leaves nearby were located on page of a writing-book already (instead of one, as yesterday). Aprons ministered, practically only some hours then became unfit for use: within day they needed to be changed at least twice. Having looked at the aprons, Adam and his wife, have certainly seen, that they have become unfit for use.

And the Lord God said unto the woman, What is this that thou hast done? And the woman said, The serpent begulled me, and I did eat, Gen.3:13. Attracts attention rather reserved and considered reaction of the Lord God: his visitation of people was, so to say, planned instead of because the God has learnt about a sin and has come to call them to account for. Besides, according to the love to the people the Lord God has not expelled them from Paradise immediately. After fault they have stayed in Paradise many enough time else. So, the Scripture says to us that before Adam's exile and his wife from paradise there were many events else, namely:

1. Conversation of the Lord God with the serpent, Gen.3:14.

2. Putting on curse on the serpent, Gen.3:14.

3. Repeated conversation of the Lord God with woman and with Adam, Gen.3:16-19.

4. The God accurses the earth for Adam's sin, Gen.3:17, 18.

5. Adam names a name to the wife, Gen.3:20.

6. The Lord God makes to Adam and his wife of clothes leather, and dresses them, Gen.3:21.

7. The Lord God decides to exile of Adam, Gen.3:22.

8. Exiling of Adam from the Eden Garden, Gen.3:23.

9. Full driving out of Adam on the earth and puting of heavenly protection to keep the way of the tree of life, Gen.3:24, and also some other events.

The note:* About constant dialogue of the God with the first people already it has been told in detail enough in the description of 25th day in Paradise, see above.

Adam and Eve become similar to modern people

On August, 23rd, Tuesday; day of 31st