Rebellion and exile of Adam

Rebellion and exile of Adam

On September, 1st, Thursday; day of 40th

In the late evening of the same day* Adam and Eve silently exchanged words, laying on a soft laying near to a ladder conducting from the Heaven, that is from Paradise. The Cherub has a little departed from them, but far did not depart.

-What kind of man are you, - have whispered the wife, - have not objected him a word!

-To whom to him? - Adam has not understood.

-To the Cherub, - Eve has answered.

-But what I can object? - Adam has asked.

-So, absolutely will expel us from Paradise, and you all the time will be silent.

-And what I can make?

-It is necessary though a little to resist and show to that cherub that we are the same inhabitants of Paradise, as well as he.

-But the cherub is much stronger than me, - Adam has objected.

-Oh, youre such a cowardly, and still said to me, that God has put you as ruler over the earth.

-And what it is possible to make? - Adam has again asked whisper.

-Well, though to escape theres a reason in that...

-Where? - Adam has not understood.

-Back, in Paradise, - Eve has angrily whispered.

The Cherub who has received the day before instructions from the God especially not to constrain of people if they obey, - stood aside. The ladder conducting downwards began near Adam and Eve with hand-rail which in the form of a beautiful fencing framed that road by which they now left Paradise. Pretended to be sleeping, people easy laid some hours to lull vigilance of their guard which looked at that road that conducted in Paradise. Having seized the moment, Adam and his wife have quickly whisked between columns of a protection and have spread along a protection between the flowers growing there.

-Do not touch flowers, or youll cath sight, - Eve has whispered. Flowers hid their figures. Through small time the first bushes of a lilac have appeared. Behind bushes, having bent down, people have begun to run to trees of Paradise growing in the distance. Here already and end of them has touched with their wide leaves of a rubber plant. Having stood up straight, they ran now at full speed, until have fallen down for weariness in a thick of high flowers...

About this time their guard has reported, that people ran away. About the measures taken by the God, in the Bible it is told short: So he drove out the man..., Gen. 3:24 while in the previous verse it is told: sent him (of Adam) forth, Gen. 3:23. Between words "sent forth" and "drove out" there is a big difference:

1. Send, usually, the people who are not offering resistance at deportation.

2. Expel with force application usually those who offer resistance or actively expresses disagreement. Anyway, the Lord God would have be no need to expel people if they have obeyed deportation. And for what reason to repeat in Gen.3:24 that have already been told in Gen.3:23 (?) if, that is, it is a question in these two verses about same. However between these verses there is a difference.

Quickly enough Adam was found by Angels whom was ordered by force to kick out (i.e. to drive out) him and his wife. In the morning of the same day them have took out the same road and to the same ladder. This time on eyes Eve had tears. Then Angels has lifted them and has carried by force of the wings. So they passed at first the Second Heaven, and then and the First and this very day have took them out of pearl gate of the City, in that place where that ladder conducting on the Heaven, that is in Paradise, begins. A little having taken away those from gate of the City, Angels have left them on the earth. Between Angels there was also a cherub whom they saw earlier. In this place the River for irrigation of Paradise followed from the City and along the steps beautiful cascades flew down on the earth and further flew already by the ground. Adam and Eve have looked back on City gate, but there there was that cherub, seeing off them with fiery look. Was about 18 o'clock in the evening * 56.

And he (i.e. God) placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life, Gen. 3:24. The Cherubims has been put at the east, that is in the heavenly City. With this episode the third chapter of the book, called Genesis comes to the end, and with it the biblical history narrating about abiding of Adam and Eve in Paradise comes to an end also.