2. Short explanatories to the Table of the first years of life of Adam and 40 days in Paradise

2. Short explanatories to the Table of the first years of life of Adam and 40 days in Paradise

To point 1: Between many biblical dates and day of creation of Adam there is a rigid interrelation. Figuratively speaking, it resembles the long train of many wagons, more than kilometer long. Thus enough first wagon to shift at least on 1 metre as the traction effort in the form of a mechanical wave will immediately sweep along all train, and all wagons will be shifted from the places. In the same way if date of creation of Adam to change at least for 1 day, then it is necessary to change and other biblical dates, for example the date beginning of the flood which is available in Gen.7:11, but it to do it is impossible. The places of the Bible specifying for time of creation of Adam, are specified in the note *76 which is the main thing in a question of day of creation of Adam. Notes *34 and especially *52 see also.

To point 2: in the note *16 the explanation of why Adam got acquainted with terrestrial animals of 40 days is given. The detailed explanation is given in section 2 of the present book. The section is called Adam gets acquainted with animals. Reading this section and the note *16, for the first time there is clear a place from the Gospel St. Mark, 1:13, that the Christ during 40-day tempting in wilderness was with the wild beasts. It is because in due time and Adam terrestrial got acquainted with beasts of 40 days. It is useful to read anew also the note *45.

To point 3: as day of creation of Adam is found by us, it is simple to count even 40 days after that day, that we and do. Concerning 4001st year the explanation is given in the note *52. As to days of week the author does work by their definition, including calculation of quantity of the days containing in 6000 years of our Age is made: it is equal 2191500 days; calculation of quantity of weeks is made: it is equal 313071 week; the amendment on leap year and many other necessary actions is made. Calculation in a general view represents extrapolation in the past.

To point 4: about duration of abiding of Adam in Paradise even before creation of Eve see in the note *45 in more details.

To point 5: details see in the note *25. As it is told in the Gospels, the Lord the God erects a temple of a body human for three days, John.2:19-21. During creation of Eve it there were days 22nd, 23rd and 24th of July 3999 year BC. Adam has been lulled to sleep in the first of specified above three days then the edge was taken. After creation of Eve she has been led to Adam not earlier than evening on July, 23rd. Actually this evening concerned already next day, that is by the July, 24th, the first day of Adam with Eve in Paradise.

To point 6: the given point is in the Table the basic, therefore and explanatories concerning this point will be more detailed. All the days Adam's abiding and Eve in Gods Paradise are defined by us and designated in headings of the corresponding chapters devoted to these days, section 5 see. Basically it there were days of month of the August, crowning summer, though divisions into winter, spring, summer and autumn at that time did not exist yet, but there was a kingdom of the eternal summer simultaneously reminding and spring. On top of everything else, Paradise God's was allocated also with the especial, unique climate: it all the same was the Garden within protected, though also very big space. The basis for a book writing 40 days in Paradise and, in particular, for exact definition of days of week, months and year of abiding of Adam and Eve in Paradise prepared for a long time: since July, 1979 when the author has started the manuscript of the first book under the name The testimony of Jesus. Thus the personal plan of work of the author about Bible texts includes many themes, such as:

1. Definition of duration of the First, the Second and all the subsequent (that is all six Days of creation).

2. Definition of duration of 7th Day of rest of God.

3. Definition of duration of the Age from the beginning of Gods creation and to the end of the world. The given large problems broke up to a number of others, not less important:

1. Definition of time of the beginning and the end of our two thousand-year period (according to the Bible).

2. Definition of time of the beginning and the end of the previous 2000-year period, that was from Abraham to the Christ.

3. Definition of the beginning and the end of the first in mankind history of the 2000-years period, - that has passed from Adam till days of Abraham. The given problem in turn breaks up to some others: definition of time of existence of the antediluvian World. Definition of time of existence of the Second, that is the postdiluvian World and definition of duration of the flood.

The problem of identification of all these dates the beginning and the end and their tieing in to nowadays existing calendars was besides, carried out. But the decision of all these problems did not settle a problem of research of the eternal days created by the most High God, and only was among paramount actions. The following is told about similar researches in the Bible: It is the Glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter, the Proverbs, 25:2. Thus is told about kings (who are they): But you are a royal priesthood , 1Pet.2:9. It is natural, that these, it is possible to tell, massive problems could not be solved wham-bam. The author has gone by their gradual decision, - serially, one for another. The book the first has been devoted definition of objects and a subject of research: who are the 24 elders? Who are the 4 spirits of the heavens? (Zech.6:5). Who is the woman from 12 chapter of the book of Revelation? What mean seven heads of a beast? What to understand as lightnings (?) and unde other numerous events of the book of Revelation? Researches of historical character: about Division of a kingdom of Rome, About Babylon, About Asshur - who is he? - And other, concerning the book of Revelation, has been fulfilled also. In the book of the first the attention is paid and for sequences predetermined by the Lord God of events that is: what will occur at first and what then. From the above-stated problems, in the book of the first one has started to dare only: it was the problem by definition of the main components of our 2000-year period. It has been specified, that it consists of four large periods seventy weeks each, speaking to words of the book of the prophet of Daniel, 9:24. Seventy weeks, or (that the same) 490 years, multiplied by 4 (according to number of first four seals) gave as a result of 1960 filling almost all our 2000-year age. From 40 remained years 33 left on earthly life of our Lord and as early as 7 years remained on all events of last time specified in the book of Revelation. This scheme of events was simple and gave only the most general appreciation about the structure of the current 2000-year period. Among the main things, the question on Accession of the Lord our Jesus Christ has been allocated. That first book abounds with type notes: in the subsequent duration of this or that term will be specified. Such specifications have really been made in the subsequent books of the author, in particular in the book of Last invitation, the book of the second.

The book the second has been devoted research of the structure not only of our 2000-year period, but also all our Age, that is all our 6000-year period stretched from days of Adam and up to now. The book the second is bodily constructed on a biblical material: so, all biblical chronology, including containing in the Pentateuch, Books of Samuel, Books of Kings and the Chronicles is taken into consideration. The special attention is given chronological records of the New Testament, many hackneyed stamps used also nowadays among believers are subjected check. As a result of research of texts of the Bible it is found, that in the Bible 3600 years of continuous history are described, beginning from Adam's creation, then the biblical chronology any more has no continuous history up to days of Jesus Christ. However the passed years are specified in the book of the prophet of Daniel in the form of prophecy, that so much time will pass to death of the Christ, Dan.9:26. The author of the given book is assured, that these prophecies of the Bible have come true, and the controllable continuous thread of time thus was stretched from Adam and up to now!

In the book of the second on the basis of Bible texts, especially of the Gospels St. John and St. Luke, duration of earthly ministering of the Lord our Jesus Christ is investigated and is found, that it proceeded 2 years and 4 months, and at all not three yers and an half as preach now. The book the second is a serious research of texts of the Bible. In a retrospective show it is possible to tell, that first 16 sections of the first edition of the book of the second differ the big accuracy and errors do not contain. In section 17 research of a question on Accession of Lord Jesus Christ is continued, with the note: these dates are approximate and will be specified. In section 18 attempt to define the end of time of our 2000-year period is made and month Abib* of1998 is specified. Estimating in a retrospective show the given conclusion, I will notice, that 6000 years from the date of Adam's creation are really fulfilled on May, 12th, 1998. Lack of that book is its last section which has got to the press on oversight (in a writing-book where there was a manuscript of the book of the second, there were more many blank pages, and the author has started to do on them text sketches already for the following book. These unchecked and not finished - only pair of pages - drafts, have been printed together with the text of the book 2, as a part of its text).

The book the fourth has been devoted research of six Days of creation and the seventh Day of rest. One of the main places in the book is given the Gold City, that is heavenly Jerusalem whose builder and maker is God, Heb.11:10. The big attention is given research of true age of our Earth and the focal points of the First (antediluvian) and Second World. In the book duration of each Day of creation, time of its beginning and the end is specified. In the chronological Table of that book time of creation of terrestrial atmosphere, the Gold City, a steam cover of the Earth, primordial continent, plants, the sun, the moon, stars, birds, fishes, animal, Angels, the Man and other creations God's is specified. Time of creation of Paradise is specified also. All these data are true and today (the book is published in 1994). As a result of the researches continued after the first edition of that book, in its Chronological Table one point is specified only, the last in the book, where time of creation of Adam has been specified - it is specified for some months. The book comes to an end with section about the last day of this world, with instructions of month of Abib, that is practically with the same accuracy, as in the book of the second, see above.

Research of biblical prophecies about last time has been continued in the book Regeneration of the World, the book of the third, published in 1995. One of the main sections of the book - the Table of apocalypse events where in chronologically preferable order are listed more than 70 events, having to come in the last time, according to the Bible. There is also a description of each of these events (with rare exception). One of Table points is devoted the last day of this world which in that book is specified already half a year more precisely, rather than in all previous books. Worthiness of that book is presence of date of the 2000 anniversary of Christmas, from the birth of Christ, falling on January, 7th, 1999, and also dates of the 6000 anniversary from Adam's creation, and some other. A lack of the first edition of that book is insufficient accuracy of definition of the last day of this World: for this purpose it was required to write the book the fifth that is 40 days in Paradise. Meanwhile, namely the knowledge of initial conditions of our Age was necessary, that precisely to know and its end. In the book 40 days in Paradise has been subjected careful audit rather interesting time: the end of 6th Day of creation and the beginning of our 6000-year Age. It was found out, that these two greatest epochs do not join, but are partly placed on each other in a place of docking. The given overlay makes less than two years and a half and strongly influences accuracy of definition of the last day of the World!

Now all these days, all to a day, are counted, identified and co-ordinated to the every possible calendars already mentioned above. Thereby the big white stain of uncertainty without what attempts to reach necessary accuracy of definition of the last day of this World were futile. As a result of listed above researches, at last, began possible to specify days of abiding of Adam and Eve in Paradise without a shadow of a doubt, that we and do in the given book 40 days of Adam and Eve in Paradise. Simultaneously began possible to specify and the last day of this World (or the end of the world), that the Christ mentions in the gospel of St. Matthew, 28:20.

To point 7: the reasons for such conclusion are specified in notes *41 and especially *48, see in the Section of the Notes placed in the end of the given book.

The note to point 6:* the month of the Jewish calendar corresponding approximately to April.