Short explanatories to the Comparative Table:

Short explanatories to the Comparative Table:

To point 1: the God abided with Adam, but was not in Adam. Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed? - Apostle Paul unto disciples in Ephesus said. And they said unto him: we have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost, Acts, 19: 2. These words mean, that it is possible to be the believer and, nevertheless, not to receive Holy Spirit. Adam did not simply believer: he precisely knew, that the God exists and, nevertheless, has not received Holy Spirit in the heart. All it is similar to conversation with the bigwig at a fence but which have not let in inside, that is in the house.

Unlike Adam, the Christ combines in Himself all persons of a divine Trinity: the Father (see John,10:30), Holy Ghost, which has descended on Him in the form of a pigeon (Luke, 3:22) and being himself the Son of God, Mat.3:17. Jesus gives to believers in Him eternal life.

To point 2: During of many years words of the Evangelist Mark and was with the wild beasts, Mark.1:13 were not quite clear for readers. However that circumstance, that the Christ is Second Adam from the Heaven - all clears up and puts on the places: it was necessary for Christ to pass Adam's way anew as Adam could not pass in due time this way up to the end, but has not resisted and has fallen. The explanatory to point 6 see about it also more low.

To point 3: According to the Gospel of St. Luke,3: 22,23, earthy ministering of the Lord began with baptism which he has accepted on January, 19th 29 year New style and proceeded till Thursday on March, 29th 31 AD when He has been crucified in 9 o'clock in the morning, Mark.15: 27. His resurrection from the dead was on April, 1st 31 year.AD. From the date of baptism till resurrection there have passed 2 years and 72 days. But as 40 days from this term are already specified separately in the explanatory to point 2 (they fall to 40-day fast in wilderness), the remained 2 years and 32 days therefore are specified in the Table in point 3.

To point 4: Church Creation has occurred on Golgotha when to Jesus with a spear have pierced edges. This act corresponds to a taking of an edge from Adam in due time. But created of Adam's edge the body of Eve in the course of creation was without spirit yet. After the resurrection, in the first day of week the Lord breathed on them and saith unto them: Receive ye the Holy Ghost, John, 20: 22. This act corresponds to investment with Holy Spirit just created Church. Thus, the Church is created not in day of the Pentecost as it is considered to be, but on Golgotha, are more exact in day of resurrection of Jesus Christ from dead, that is in the evening on April, 1st 31 year of our Era.

To point 5: The given book is devoted to 40 days of abiding of Adam and Eve in Paradise from which text it becomes clear to the reader why Jesus showed himself alive to disciples no more and no less than 40 days after the resurrection.

To point 6: In terrestrial Adam's life and of our Lord Jesus Christ are many the common points. But these points though are the common, have opposite meaning: if Adam had simply a spirit human, whereas on Jesus Holy Spirit. If Adam then enjoyed beholding of animals, Jesus has been urged to suffer the neighbourhood of wild beasts in wilderness. If Adam was in Paradise (even before creation of Eve) more than two years, the same over two years of earthy ministering of the Lord were not so paradise, but filled with dangers, threats and misunderstanding of people. If Adam fell in tempting, the Christ conquers and so on.

To point 7: the First people have lost a heavenly City, when till the end of the sixth Day of creation remains 10 more usual calendar days, during which (and several years then) the City was on the Earth already without people. In near already future the heavenly City will come back to the Earth, however before still there is some number of the years filled with tests.

To point 8: This same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as you have seen him go into heaven, Acts,1:11. The Lord was lifted into Heaven in the last of 40 days, in the end of day, i.e. about 18 o'clock in the evening.

To point 9: While 6th Day of creation proceeded, the God did not leave Adam as the creation but as Adam did not minister to the God from the bottom of his heart and did not seek for the God in the life, did not pray to him and has not repented of the sin, the God has left Adam after a period of 6th Day of creation. If you forsake him, he will cast you off for ever, 1 Chr.28: 9.

To point 10: the City is absent on the Earth in all days of history of mankind (with the exception only of the first 19 years) and will come back not earlier than in some years after approach of the last day of this world. Last day is falls to one of days 2014.

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