1. Section of scientific notes to the book 40 days in Paradise.

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1. Section of scientific notes to the book 40 days in Paradise.

*1. Having created the man, the Lord God has breathed into his nostrils the breath of life then the man became a living soul, Gen.2: 7. This moment, undoubtedly, was remembered to the man - and it was the very first memoirs in his life. As to graphic means with which help it is possible to express the given moment of the beginning of life, they can be different: the author of this book has expressed this moment thus. Certainly, Adam's feelings about the very first moment of the life were much brighter, more colourful, more richly and in something - are inexpressible, wherefore any person in the world, except for his wife of Eve, had no similar moment in the life: after all, all other people on the earth have been born, and only Adam and Eve - are created.

* 2. As soon as in the man there was a life breath, there was also a hearing, have appeared and began to work and all other sense organs. Adam's hearing, of course, could catch sounds of the world around created by the God: by then all living has been created already, including birds.

*3. The problem of recognition of all animals and birds will be put before Adam later when he will rise, will make the first steps, will look round - and after other necessary affairs about which it is told in the given book. And Adam will make it, that is will give names to all cattle and birds, Gen.2: 20. While, during the first moment of the life, Adam yet did not see any beast and any bird and, naturally, yet has not given them names: hearing their voices, he yet did not know, to whom they belong

*4. Adam should open for the first time eyes and to rebel as though from an unknown dream, from a non-existence. The God has not deprived of Adam and this possibility: for the first time to open eyes. To create the man with already open eyes - it is unnatural. Adam has opened eyes at own desire.

*5. The knowledge of language has already been enclosed by the God in Adam's heart because Adam is created in the form of the adult man. Adam never was the child and in the childhood nobody taught him to talk for the reason, that the childhood he simply had not. When after creation of the man the God has blest them, both Adam and Eve understood the words told by the Lord God, Gen.1: 28, 29 though at school did not study also the childhood they never had, and parents (which too they had not!) did not taught them in language. However to the subsequent people, Adam's descendants, it was necessary to study in language.

*6. Adam, undoubtedly, saw an image of the Lord the same as an image of the Lord saw Moses, Num.12: 8. David writes, that too saw the God: I have seen Thee in the sanctuary, Ps.63: 2. The Lord was visible also for the Job: now mine eye seeth Thee, Job, 42: 5, saw also other righteous men.

At a birth of the Christ the God has said: You are My Son, today I have begotten You, Ps.2:7. The author of the given book considers, that having created Adam, the God did not remain silent, as though greeting the creation. Only after the fall Adam and his wife began to disappear from the face of the Lord, Gen.3:8, and before they did not disappear and, undoubtedly, saw his face.

*7. During the earthy life the Lord acted in a similar way, Mat.9: 25, Mark, 9: 27.

However has put at all in external similarity to gospel plots, and that such usual moment for any person - to stand up, was unusual to Adam. Awakening from a dream, getting to his feet and others usual and even ordinary duties of modern people are made by them almost automatically, not deliberating over it. To it them taught since infantile, and then and since childhood. Besides examples of performance of similar actions they constantly saw at home, saw for an example of parents, brothers, sisters close and simply familiar people, saw, since infantile years, saw year in year out (and did) practically every day in the life. But Adam did not have anybody from whom he could borrow or learn similar actions, - that is to get on his feet. All over the world he was the unique person. In the second place, any person living in this world rises on feet waking up because it is necessary for him to hasten for work, for study, to start house work or other duties But Adam was not expected by work at office, he did not need to hasten on a tram or to make other similar actions. Before him during that first moment there were absolutely other problems, besides such on which the usual modern person does not reflect at all: Who I am? Whence I am? Where I am? Whether to open my eyes? Should I stir? Whether it is necessary to rise on feet? Whether can I stand up, after all I never did it before

Not looking at seeming simplicity of similar questions, all of them first represented a difficult psychological problem for Adam. Short being expressed, it there was a problem of first cause. We will admit, at your neighbour the car is not start working, and you have asked to push. After a push the car is got started also your efforts are not so necessary, the driver can go already independently.

*8. Fossil plants rather considerably differ from modern plants in the sizes. So, mosses reached metre height, in comparison with height in some centimetres today (see for example book of Childcraft Green kingdom, p. 206).

*9. The given book 40 days in Paradise differs that in it is not present an art hyperboles and other in such sort. To the contrary, the book is constructed on biblical and on a broader scale on an actual material. Therefore even such simple phrase as the sun stood still high up is not a tribute of art tradition, but quite biblical statement with which it is possible to confirm as follows:

Describing Adam's life, the author used not only Adam's resulted on the first pages of the Bible the biography, but used also an image remained by apostle Paul, namely, that the Lord is the second Adam from the Heaven, 1Cor.15: 45,47. It is rather important image though not so it is simply possible to understand why the Christ is named by "the last (or second) Adam. And He is named so because He in many respects had to repeat Adam's way anew to fulfill instead of Adam in what that could not resist. The common moments from Adam's life, repeated then by Jesus, are specified in the Comparative Table, see above. To be called as "second Adam (or last Adam) Jesus Christ needed to correspond in all to the given image. So, beginning the ministering, Jesus was about 30 years, that is practically the same age in which Adam has been created (Adam has been created as the adult man). Further, earthy ministering of our Lord proceeded strictly certain period: Apostle John specifies also time when the first day of ministering of Jesus has begun practically: it was about the tenth hour (John, 1: 39). Knowing a difference between time calculation in Israel in ancient days and calculation today, it is possible to tell, that there were about 16 hours, that is 4 o'clock in the afternoon. So, 16 o'clock in the afternoon are time of the beginning of the first day of public ministry of Jesus after tempting in wilderness. The knowledge of this time is a starting point with which help it is possible to define and time of creation of Adam. According to the Gospel of St. Luke, 3: 21-23, ministering of Jesus has begun with baptism in Jordan. Ministering of our Lord can be divided into two periods: 1) since day of baptism and till last day tempting in wilderness. During this period Jesus was in wilderness one, and anybody of people near to him was not. 2) The period of public ministry of Jesus. It began after the termination of 40 days of tempting in wilderness. After the termination of days of tempting, Jesus has again come on that place where John the Baptist baptised the people. This day of Christ appearance to the people is mentioned by Apostle John, 1: 35-39, beginning the Gospel. If we wish to use of image, that Jesus is the second Adam from the heaven, we need to know and time of baptism of Jesus. For this purpose there are all data: so, John the Baptist and two of his disciples have seen Jesus (as it has been already specified above) at 16 o'clock in the afternoon. The distance from a tempting place (that is from mount called Kvarantania *) to a place where John baptized equally less than 6 miles and is passed by Jesus for 2 hours. Hence, last day temptings of Jesus has ended at 14 o'clock in the afternoon (16 - 2 = 14). It also means, that the beginning of days of tempting too was at 14 o'clock. As Jesus has spent for a way to wilderness 2 hours (and he has gone to wilderness immediately after baptism, Mark 1:12) then clearly see, that Jesus has accepted baptism at 12 o'clock in the afternoon (14 - 2 = 12). Practically during such time earthy ministering of the Lord has begun. According to the Comparative Table (see above) the descending of Holy Spirit on Jesus corresponds to the moment when the God has breathed the breath of life (see point 1 of the specified Table) in Adam. But why? The author sees in it not accident, but reflexion of that fact, that Adam's mortal life once has begun too from this hour. Being second Adam, the Christ has fulfilled, including the given detail: has begun the ministering at the same time in which once there began Adam. Following the given image, we have a basis to declare, that Adam has been created at 12 o'clock in the afternoon! Certainly, at 12 o'clock in the afternoon the sun stands highly, that is the Bible truth too consists in these words.

*10. The plants similar to asparagus had a thick trunk and branches, in the thickness about metre and reached heights of 12 metres. Their root system is similar to long and thin roots of modern bulbous plants.

*11. As a matter of fact, such reflexions should be close to any believing person and on a broader scale the righteous man. So, David writes: I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are Thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well, Ps.139: 14.

*12. Similar dendrites (or the hardened trunks of trees) often find in coal layers.

*13. Adam has not been created "hungry" and could, therefore some time after creation does without food. For all processes of vital activity to an organism, as is known, is required of some energy. In a human body, so to say the universal biological accumulator of energy in the form of some substance named adenosine triphosphoric acid, ATP is provided. In chemical bonds between the rests of phosphoric acid of molecule ATP the energy concluded in consumed food is reserved, but not only. Light energy of the sun too can be reserved in molecules ATP. Would be strange if Adam has been created hungry and consequently as the powerless. In this case immediately after creation it should to feed him, not asking his permission (that is violently) and then to expect, while the food would start to be acquired by his organism and Adam could rise. Contrary to it the man has been created with a full stock of energy, that is is completely able-bodied, with so to say completely charged bioaccumulator. For comparison: your car will not go, if its accumulator is discharged, untill you do not charge this accumulator. But nearby in motor show new cars with completely charged accumulator, immediately ready to work are on sale.

*14. Before the fall of the man cruelty and bloodthirstiness was not inherent in beasts, they did not eat each other, but ate a grass and greens, Gen. 1: 30.

*15. It is not simply personal opinion of the author of this book, but learns in it us the Scripture: one time was murmur on Moses, that he as if autocratically puts himself above all people, Num.16: 3. Then the Lord has told to Moses that he took from all chiefs of knees their rods, one from each. The rod was wooden and was a power sign. Rods, number 12, followed put before the revelation ark in tabernacle. Thus on each rod the name of the prince of a knee has been written. Whom the Lord shall choose, that mans rod shall blossom. Further we read: on the morrow Moses went into the tabernacle of witness; and, behold, the rod of Aaron was budded, and brought forth buds, and bloomed blossoms, and yielded almonds, Num.17: 8. We will pay attention: for metter was enough, that the rod only has blossomed, however the God has made so, that the dry stick has yielded also fruits, mature fruits. It was beyond all expectations; but why? Because everything, that God does, is absolutely, nothing can be put to it, nor anything taken from it, Eccl.3:14.

*16. Certainly, Adam has not been obliged to "work" thus for 8 hours per day. Actually to birds and to beasts he devoted sometimes more, sometimes less than time. All the same, term in 40 days reasonable enough and comprehensible. At shorter term loses sense the process of acquaintance with birds and animals, reminding tiresome leapfrog or shots flashing in accelerated frames, where all somewhere is urgent (and it is ridiculous) run, unnaturally quickly tripping feet. Term in 40 days to which we have come, coincides with term too in 40 days during which our Lord Jesus Christ was with the wild beasts, Mark, 1: 13 during tempting in wilderness. And it is not casual, as Jesus is the second or last Adam from the heaven. Therefore terrestrial Adam's way and heavenly Adam's way (that is the Christs) have many the common points. In due time terrestrial Adam enjoyed in company with beasts of 40 days. But terrestrial Adam has fallen in tempting and consequently for Jesus Christ, the last Adam, it was necessary to begin with that, in what Adam terrestrial has not resisted, - that is from tempting of Satan in wilderness where Jesus was too 40 days and too with beasts. Here only for Adam his 40 days were amusement, whereas for the Christ - travail.

*17. In days of Adam there were huge plants and animals. So, fossilized horsetails in height more than 15 metres are found. Today plants called horsetails reach the maximum height from one to one and a half metre. The height pteridophytes reached 16 metres, and today - only bush heights. Fossilized cockroaches in diameter more than 30 centimetres are found. Dragonflies in a big way wings more than metre have remained. Fossilized two-folding molluscs in length more than half-metre have been found in Canada in Albert's province. In other places are found shells in diameter about 2 metres! Today this kind of shells has the size no more than 20 centimetres. Polled rhinoceroses more than 6 metres height by the ground went; pigs reached the size of present cows. Height of a camel exceeded three metre and a half. Huge birds grew till 3 metres, and beavers - the sizes of a pig. In days of Adam there lived also dinosaurs, the largest beings from ever living on the earth . From the book Evidence of creation of the world, Roger Oakland, p. 45 -48.

The specified giantism concerns also fruits: water-melons could reach diameter of metre.

*18. Catching up into Paradise Apostle Paul describes in the Second Epistle to the Corinthians, 12: 1 - 4. This Epistle has been written by him during the third travel (with Timothy and others). This travel is described in the book of Acts, since 18: 23 till 21: 17 and occurred, according to the author, from the middle of 54th year till the winter of 59th year of our Era. Apostle Paul has written the 2 Epistle to Corinthians from a city Philippi. The given Epistle has been written in March of 58th year AD, and Apostle Paul gives evidence, that his catching up into Paradise was 14 years ago, 2 Cor.12: 2. It means, that he has been caught up into Paradise in 44th year of our Era (58 - 14 = 44).

*19. Conversations with evangelical believers on a theme about Paradise have revealed such picture:

1. For many was unexpectedness, that in the Bible it is a lot of places about Paradise.

2. Only a few (and the author talked approximately from 100 persons at various times and in different places) knew, that in Paradise there is a River.

3. Except a word "Paradise", other names of this place by them are little-used (for example - the Garden of the Lord, the Garden of Eden and others).

4. Approximately half of them knew, that the life tree grows only in Paradise.

5. Some do not believe, that righteous men are in Paradise already now.

6. Anybody of 100 did not know, that Paradise is in the third heaven while to them did not specify a place of the Scripture from 2 Cor.12: 1 - 4.

7. Nobody knows, that Paradise is in the heavenly City.

8. About Paradise they knew the following:

Paradise is mentioned on the first pages of the Bible.

Paradise is a place of pleasure.

Some remember the robber to whom Jesus promised to be with him in Paradise, Luke.23:43.

In Paradise there is a life tree.

Earlier Paradise was on the earth, and now - somewhere in the heaven or is not known where.

*20. Now there is a set of popular books in Assyria history where the reader at desire can familiarise in more details with the plan of palaces of assyrian kings and with history of the archeological excavations connected with them.

*21. The size of each of the sides of the gold City is equal 12000 stadia, Rev.21: 16, that is more than 1400 miles!

*22. In Heavenly Jerusalem (it is and Zion, see Heb.12: 22) there is an independent source of water supply. During City abiding on the Earth the following system of its water supply has been involved: the City top touched on a steam cover of the Earth, whence is possible, the Lord, accordingly the great knowledge used a part of water for a source of the paradise River: water steam was condensed and turned to water. Having reached the bottom part of the City "wasted", so to say river waters could follow from the City from under a threshold of the gate which looketh toward the east and to flow down on the earth where the river already became terrestrial and served as a source for four earthy rivers.

*23. Which things the Angels desire to look into apostle Peter in the 1 Epistle, 1: 12 writes. Angels interests the secret of creation of the man, with what aim of doing he is created, what is his future and what in it is covered for them, angels. Certainly, they could ask about it Adam, but on similar questions hardly could receive from him the exhaustive answer. In favour of that such conversations with Adam occurred, the question of a dragon indirectly bears: Did God say, You shall not eat of any tree of the garden? . Whence the dragon knows, what the God spoke about it to the people? The God in this case did not give the report to the dragon and the serpent about the conversations with the man (and woman) did not instruct. Whence the dragon knew about these conversations? It is possible to think, that the dragon has overheard conversation. But whether the God has suffered presence of anyone who is eavesdropping on? Or the serpent and earlier talked to the man, and this conversation was not the first? One more possibility consists that someone other of angels could talk to the man or woman then the contents of the given conversation could learn and a dragon if angels shared learnt each other.

*24. Speaking about the organization and an order in the heavenly City, we for the sake of simplicity will use the name "daily routine". This heavenly daily routine is not such at all as it other people imagines. According to their concepts in the heaven always a feast, therefore separate celebratory and gala days in the heaven, they claim, no. However the word God's opens to us absolutely other picture. So, according to the book of the Job,1: 6 Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord. As we see, sons of God (that is Angels) do not stand in the sight of the Lord round the clock or continuously. They leave, and when suitable day comes come to appear in the sight of the Lord. Then what is their pastime when they do not stand before the face of the Lord? They are sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation, apostle Paul in the Epistle to the Hebrews, 1: 14 writes. How often they come to appear in the sight of the Lord, it is well enough told in the book of the Job, which had seven sons and three daughters, Job, 1: 2. Further we read, that And his sons went and feasted in their houses, every one his day; and sent and called for their three sisters to eat and to drink with them. And it was so, when the days of their feasting were gone about, that Job sent and sanctified them, the book of the Job, 1: 4,5. A stage of feasting days How many days were included into this stage? It is obvious, that the quantity of days was according to number of sons, that is seven days. Sisters it were not counted, they have been invited in houses of brothers. As soon as in the book of the Job (in 1 chapter) started up speech about feasting days as right at that momentit is informed on some day, - there, at the Lord in the Heaven when the Angels of God came to present themselves before the Lord. We will notice, that between the end of the feasting days mentioned in the verse 5 and day of presentation of Angels, mentioned in the verse 6 there is no event. It means, that the end of the feasting days has just coincided on time with day of presentation of Angels in the Heaven. The given circumstance is important, as allows us to define time between such days of standing in the presence of God, that is - as often they occur. After sanctification of Job sons already new stage of the feasting days, a stage, equal to seven days laid ahead. This circle began with feasting in the house of the younger brother and came to an end in the house of the senior, or, in another way, the first born brother. Partially it is possible to see a similar order and in meetings of our days: for example, at first pray younger, and seniors finish. A similar order we name order in the line of ascent. An order in the line of ascent more preferable as, since the house of the younger brother, feastings in this case became more and more magnificent, reaching the greatest triumph in the house of first-born, the big brother. If feastings began with the house of the big brother feastings every day would be keeps getting worse. So, we choose an order DAY BY DAY KEEPS GETTING BETTER. We refuse sequence DAY BY DAY KEEPS GETTING WORSE.

So, since time of the termination of a former circle of the feasting days (see Job, 1: 5) till the termination of a new circle of the feasting days in the house of the first-born brother (see Job, 1:18) there have passed exactly 7 days. Simultaneously as much time has passed and between day of presentation of Angels in the presence of the Lord, mentioned in Job.1: 6 and the next such day of presentation mentioned in Job.2:1. That is Angels standing in the presence of the Lord God ONCE A WEEK (one time at a week). However, besides weekly presentation (in time of which in the sight of the Lord in the presence of Angels affairs for laying ahead week, so to say, are discussed and for the last week too) happen and more gala days, for example, - similar described in the Revelation book, 5: 7-14 when Jesus, having made great matter of redemption of mankind, has risen and it was lifted on the Heaven. About it we read so: And he came (from the Earth onto the Heaven, - a comment of the author) and took the book out of the right hand of him that sat upon the throne. And when he had taken the book, the 4 beasts and 24 elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps and they sung a new song, saying You wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation And I beheld, and I heard the voice of many Angels round about the throne and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, (that is hundred millions, - a comment of the author) and thousands of thousands . The similar celebration, that is resurrection of Jesus after death on Golgotha, - happens once in history and has served as an occasion to singing of the New song in the Heaven. Earlier, before the Lords suffering, this ode did not sing; heavenly ministering was renewed. On the given celebration were present hundreds millions Angels. Precisely also there was a pleasure at Angels when the God created the Earth, see the book of the Job, 38:4-7. I think, there was a pleasure and concerning each Day of creation, and also concerning other solemn events, such as creation of the Man, the Birth of the Lord in the world, Ascension Day. However, with it the list of great and gala days does not come to an end at all as ahead of us still expect the Termination of 7th Day of rest, 6-thousand-year anniversary from creation of the world, Church Catching up onto the Heaven, Resurrection from the dead (the First resurrection), Victory of the Christ in fight the Armageddon, the beginning of 1000-year Kingdom of the Christ and other great events of Sacred history. Among them and the greatest celebration of celebrations - Accession of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Here the task was not set to result the list of all celebratory and gala days, however those are set and to pass by them - means not to render glory to Lord Jesus Christ and by that to scorn his exploit. Great events do not happen every week, therefore and there is a certain difference between weekly presentation of Angels in the presence of the Lord and great solemn and holidays of Sacred history.

*25. Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up he spoke of the temple of his body. When therefore he was risen from the dead, his disciples remembered that He had said this unto them; and they believed the Scripture, and the word which Jesus had said, John,2:19-22. We believe the Scripture, that God can raise a human body for three days. Moreover, for example, it was not necessary for Lazarus raised from the dead also these 3 days: the Lord has resurrected him for some seconds, while He has told words of the pray (are written down in John,11: 41,42) moreover three words: Lazarus, come forth!, John,11: 43. Thus any spadework it was not spent, otherwise there would be no need to ask Where have you laid him? John,11: 34. Besides in order to raise up any man presence of the corpse unessentially wherefore God is able of this stones to raise up children unto Abraham, Mat.3: 9. Moreover, words of apostle Paul bear, that it is not so necessary for the God for resurrection of the dead of any time, even those mentioned above seconds: In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye the dead shall be raised incorruptible , 1 Cor.15: 52. Or here still an example of a reconstruction of men in corruptible, so to say a variant: the prophet Ezekiel describes, how before his eyes had in the beginning only the dry bones scattered across the field. But the Lord has laied sinews upon them, has bringed up flesh and has covered them with skin before eyes of Ezekiel. Besides these resurrected was much, rather great army, Ezek.37: 1-10. Clearly, that sinews flesh and skin the God has grown up the new. And dry bones - unless to create new not easier, than to quicken dry, faded under the sun and a rain? But if after the men only remains, that dry bones, they in this case are necessary not so much as a material of which the God of the men restores, but it is more as a databank about an organism as even in one cell of an organism there is all information on an organism, including a hair colour, an eye and so on. For this reason for the God was enough to take only Adam's one edge wherefore in it all information on Adam's body contained practically. And words bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh (Gen.2:23) mean also likeness of two organisms. The same sense consists and in words of God: and they shall be one flesh.

The edge taken from Adam could not remain long: it was necessary for the God to do of it to the man the assistant at once, while it, so to say, the fresh. The God could and keep freshness of the edge, but it would turn to senseless procedure: after all take this edge from Adam God could practically in any day. What sense to take it, and then to keep till the best times? After all, the God does not do anything unreasonable. Everything, that Adam (while the God created Eve) has had time to make is to sleep. Long terms of creation of the man would affect not only on Adam's edge which in that case should keep with special precautions, but also on the body of the created man: already created parts of the body should keep for decomposition while other parts of the body will be created. Of all told above it is enough to comprehend sense of the God's words: in three days I will raise it up. That is the Lord has erected a temple of the Body for three days. The author also results this figure in the text of the given book.

*26. On some detail of chronology it will be informed more low.

*27. Some time wife of Adam yet had no name. Naming of name to the wife has occurred only by the end of abiding of the first married couple in Paradise about what still it will be told more low. However in view of wide popularity of names of Adam and Eve, the author uses a name of Eve and in the description of those days when she has not been named yet.

*28. During the termination of 6 th Day of creation, that is in the first years of life of Adam, heavenly Jerusalem still located on the Earth, representing as though uniform ensemble: globe and the City standing on it. Undoubtedly, that Adam did not think about the City separately from the Earth: the City was well entered in a terrestrial landscape. At that time nobody assumed (with an exception, of course, of the Providence, that is the Lord God) that for Paradise (and City as a whole) soon shall not be any place on the Earth. Nobody assumed that the sinful history of mankind will begin. But by the end of 6 th Day of creation the City still continued to stand on the Earth, and the sun, of course, shined it. Ascending over Earth, sun simultaneously ascended and over the City, especially over the third Heaven (or Paradise). However, the City had no need in illumination by sunlight as it was shined with glory God's. Therefore sun occurrence in shined with glory God's heavenly Jerusalem was conceived the same as happens the electric bulb is visible in the afternoon if illumination have forgotten to switch off.

*29. In Peter's 1 Epistle, 1:12 (the comment *23 above see also) in the Bible English translation it is told, that Angels "long to look into these thing", wishing to get into secret of creation of Man* (NIV, RS). Given expression it is possible to translate also as "fixed looks".

*30. About that, how many theirs, in what the sin of these angels consists, about the preaching of the Enoch to them and their further destiny has already been told in my book of the fourth, under the name "Gold City" (in chapters 4 and 19).

In the given book about the sinned angels it is a question in the chapter "About kind and evil angels", and also in the note *49 and some other places.

*31. Those events in Paradise about which the author writes, that is Adam's first junket and Eves, their first walk, the first exchange of opinions on the external appearance and many other things of their action occurring for the first time, certainly, should occur and is doubtless, that have occurred. However, the specified events, described by the author could occur not necessarily in that sequence. Nevertheless, all described events have occurred within 40 days of their abiding in Paradise. (About features of calculation of quantity of the days lived by Adam and Eve in Paradise, it is told especially in the subsequent sections and notes to them.) All mentioned above event are put in a preferable order in what should occur. For example, from the Word of God it is clear, that the God married Adam and Eve in the first day of their joint life, Gen. 2:24, instead of for the fifth or tenth day. Also it is clear, what the Founder has given them the blessing too in the first day, Gen.1:28, otherwise how there could live Adam and Eve without the God's blessing? Also what a life is without the God's blessing? Absolutely clearly and that circumstance that God has dressed Adam and Eve directly before of exile from Paradise, instead of in the beginning of their life in Paradise. However not all events described here have rigidly determined time frameworks and consequently can differ from real for some days. About several days accuracy for providing of time of some minor events the author considers sufficient.

*32. In the life of the first people any trifle was important. Unfortunately, many displays of love in joint life of modern people began to be considered as a trifle.Hardening of feelings often leads to vulgarization and a profanation of many parties of a human life. As it has already been noticed, hardly having caught about Adam and Eve, some of nowadays living modern people have "an understanding smile", bearing on their vulgar approach to history of life of the first people: claims, there anything else was not, with an exception "Adam's an apple" and all with it connected. But that's just the point, that between the first people who have not sinned yet and their future guilty offspring the enormous precipice of misunderstanding lays: being now at the bottom steps of the destroyed moral, they are already incapable to understand cleanliness displays in marriage.

*33. Certainly, anybody of people did not see any day from Adam's life and Eves in Paradise. However, we have a testimony of the Bible which, however, does not give small details of their life, and only short description. For this reason the description given by the author, too is short: so, the author avoids unduly long to be late on, as a matter of fact, material aspect of their life. Though the life of the first people did not excel too high spirituality, nevertheless, it there was an exemplary married couple till the moment of tempting by the serpent. The author has selected for this book only those moments from Adam's life and Eves which inevitably should occur and, undoubtedly that have occurred. In the Bible there are very many initial data or of the entry conditions concerning the beginning of existence of the World. Of them the author uses many in this book. Even such phrase as "Adam gave his hand to Eve" as a matter of fact is truthful: after all one should this action once to occur for the first time in their life! And on the contrary, the husband who is not helping the wife and not giving her even of a hand, is hardly worthy to be called as the man. On the other hand, to describe Adam as the person stale and indifferent to the wife - at the author there are no bases.

*34. Adam and Eve have not birthday, and have only a day of creation.

*35. Describing heavenly dwelling places, the author uses the biblical standard of these constructions which are available at prophet Ezekiel. The direct description is available also in the book of Psalms, 45:8. At prophet Ezekiel the description of a earthy sanctuary is given or of Temple, however it is necessary to remember, that the earthy sanctuary has been arranged on an image of the heavenly one. If in terrestrial sanctuary the tree was the basic decoration material, the fact that in a heavenly dwelling place, accordingly Ps.45:8 decoration material there was an ivory. According to other places of the Bible as building material in the Heaven gold and jewels served.

*36. It is necessary to remind the Scripture place, that "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him", 1Cor.2:9. Knowing it, the author also does not try in given book to fulfill the program - maximum under Paradise description. The picture given by the author in essence is that necessary minimum below which it is impossible to name a submitted material satisfactory.

*37. Into Adam's duties entered to dress (the Garden of Eden) and to keep it, Gen.2:15, or "to cultivate the garden and to keep it", as it is have written in the Russian Bible. Sense of the word to "cultivate" includes many kinds of works (in this case on care of a garden). The author lists in the given book only some simple kinds of the keeping which list can be, of course, expanded. To keep" means to keep a garden in that form in what it is created. The hung branches, the grass which has expanded unreasonably, the fallen foliage, etc. can break a garden primordial form. Some trees, for example some kinds of palm trees, require in decorative a scrap of branches, others dump the bottom branches. Being not cleaned, long branches can give to the garden not well-kept form.

*38. Angel of the Lord with a sword in a hand is mentioned, for example, in the book of Numbers, 22:23; 1Chr.21:16. In the Bible it is told, that the God has lodged the man in the Garden of Eden to cultivate it and to keep it, Gen.2:15. To the people reading the Bible, these words seem "simple", anyway, they do not subject them careful research. Anyway all is clear they speak. Meanwhile, some questions at once follow from the above-stated place of the Bible:

1. Why Adam was engaged in Garden cultivation? The answer: to Adam has told it to be engaged the God.

2. But we anywhere do not find in the Bible of words where the God speaks to Adam that he cultivated the Garden. How to be in this case? The answer: from a place assorted by us Gen. 2: 15 logically follows, that such conversation should take place, that is the God nevertheless has told to Adam to be engaged in Garden cultivation.

3. There is also a following question: and what, Adam cultivated the Garden naked hands, so to say, "By five fingers of his hand" raked a ground? But such "way" of cultivation will not give any to use and it cannot be conceived seriously. Necessity though any tool becomes obvious.

4. And where could take the tool Adam? He could not extract iron ore, melt metal and process it and do, lets say a knife or a mattock? The answer: Adam could not be engaged in all it at least because the first tools of work of iron and copper were made not by him, but Tubal-cain, Gen.4:22. Besides Tubal-cain has made the tools considerably after events described by us, already after Adam's exile from Paradise when for Paradise cultivation iron and copper tools already were not necessary to Adam.

5. When the God has told to Adam to be engaged in Garden cultivation, whether to Adam then was not given also the tool necessary for it? The answer: as Adam, nor Tubal-cain which on the whole then did not exist yet, and anybody another could not give this tool, make it the God could only. In the Scripture we read, that Angels God's have, for example, swords. If ministers God's have swords the question on a garden knife or a mattock dares simply: the God speaks to this or that minister, i.e. an Angel: bring to Adam a knife With an example of the above-stated analys the reader can receive clearness of that events described in the given book are not invented, but are a consequence of those or other instructions of the Bible, follow from them.

6. Last possibility, that Adam himself has asked for the God the tool - disappears by itself: reading the Bible on purpose to find in it though something about it, we come to a sad conclusion: Adam was not appeal to the God with any requests. So, anywhere in the Scripture, and never, it is not spoken about Adam's one request. It is meant, that by Adam, in effect, did not pray to the God, and did not call him. So serious circumstance, by the way, explains why the first people so have quickly come to the falling.

*39. In ancient tongues of the people of the Middle East the word herub is meant by "bull". And the sole of feet of cherubim like the sole of a calfs foot, and not of bone as terrestrial animals have, but they sparkled like the colour of burnished copper, Ezek.1:7.

*40. There, where a stream of carnal pleasures flow, about spiritual treasure speak reluctantly. Adam's thoughts have been occupied by Eve.

*41. However, other event which in any way has been not connected with a cactus could precede the first kiss absolutely. Probably also, that cactuses have not been presented among plants of Paradise on account of the prickles. However that fact is rather important, that after the God's words "be fruitful, and multiply" the paradise couple did not begin to carry out these words immediately. Absence of any abstention would put the first people on one level with animals. Besides it, during time described by us, we do not find signs of intemperate behaviour of Adam and Eve in the Bible. To the contrary, the description of life of Adam and Eve in the Bible specifies that Eve became mother* approximately after three weeks of abiding in Paradise. The given conclusion follows from generalisation of many instructions of the Bible. The list of these places and their explanation follows more low. The given conclusion becomes clearer also from the subsequent sections of this book and notes to them. Note:* Became mother in this case means only that she has become pregnant (mother of the child who has not born for the present).

*42. She shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man, Gen.2: 23. On a source language (in Hebrew) it is written: she shall be called ishshah, because she was taken out of ish. As the word ishshah in English does not sound, translators have put a word "woman" which not quite precisely conveys sense of the original.

*43. Though Adam (and then and Eve) were in Paradise, they abided in the place alloted for them, in the Garden. However besides the Garden, in the third Heaven it is located as well the Sanctuary Lord's with the throne of the Lord. And before the throne - that sea of glass, like unto crystal, and seraphims round about the throne, Rev.4:6. In the Bible there are no evidences that Adam was in the Sanctuary Dominical.

*44. In the Bible there is no concept "honeymoon" which is extended in this world, but there is a concept "week" (wedded week), Gen. 29: 27, 28.

*45. One of names of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is last Adam, 1Cor.15: 45. In the given comparison with Adam there is a lot of an allegoric:

1. So, Adam's sacred life has ended after tempting by the serpent. And Lord Jesus Christ before the beginning of the ministering also has been tempted of Satan, but has resisted and has defeated.

2. The Christ carried out the ministering some time, yet not having Church, like Adam who after the creation some time existed without Eve.

3. Both Eve is taken from Adam's edge, and Church creation costed for the Lord of the pierced edges, John,19:34.

4. As Eve was of flesh and of Adam's bones, and Church under the relation to the Christ, Eph.5:30,32.

In that the Lord is the second Adam from the heaven, the main thing for us in this case is that the Lord quite corresponded to this image and anywhere did not break it. In that there is an answer and to a question: why the Christ after the resurrection showed himself to disciples of 40 days? Why, for example, not 20 and not 50, but for some reason 40? All the matter is that the Lord, being second Adam from the heaven in somewhat has not broken this image: how much time Adam lived without Eve, it is so much and the Lord carried out his earthy ministering without Church yet. The Lord has begun the ministering since January, 19th 29 year of our Era and continued till April, 1st 31 years AD, that is within 2 years and 72 days (his resurrection from the dead was last of these days). The Church born on the Golgotha cross already existed, but has not been invested yet with power of Holy Ghost. In it there are pointing out and to Adam with Eve: Adam has received the companion of life, however both of them required an investment with power of the Holy Ghost. Without it they have soon fallen.

5. For the Christ nothing prevented to be lifted onto heaven soon after the resurrection, but being second Adam, the Lord has stayed on the Earth even more so much days, how many Adam when was with Eve in Paradise, that is 40 days.

So, we spoke above about two terms:

1. When Adam still lived without Eve and

2. When both lived together in Paradise.

The Christ within the earthy ministering has observed both terms, wherefore he is the second Adam from the heaven. In total Adam lived from the date of the creation before exile from Paradise 2 years and 112 days (so mach as Jesus since the date of the baptism till the Ascension). However there are even 10 days before descent of Holy Ghost. About value of these 10 days it will be separately told.

*46. In this case words of the Lord God are retold by Eve: We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden: But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God has said, you shall not eat of it, neither shall you touch it, lest you die, Gen.3:3. Words of the God (especially in Russian Bible) are used in plural: you shall not eat, neither shall you touch it, lest you die. Words of Eve is used in plural too: We may eat However placing Adam in Paradise, the God spoke similar words to only one Adam as Eve then did not exist yet:

- But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die, Gen.2:17. Here a word "thou shalt not eat" it is addressed only to one Adam, and words "neither shall you touch it" - is not present absolutely. Certainly, at that time (even before the fall) Eve could not attribute to the God of words which He did not speak, could not and pervert these words, having altered them in plural. Therefore it is clear, that it is a question of two different cases of speech of the God to people.

*47. Between the first conversation of the God with Adam and Eve (after their transgression, Gen.3: 8-13) and the second conversation of the God with them (Gen.3: 16-19) there are still the words, told to the serpent, Gen.3 14,15. Having made the black business of tempting, serpent, naturally, was not then near to Adam and Eve, especially during their conversation with God. It is not in its character if he and after tempting remained near to them including when they sewed to themselves fig aprons, Gen.3:7 and when they have disappeared between Paradise trees, Gen.3:8 and even during their conversation with God. First, hardly the God would suffer presence of the stranger intercepter. Secondly, being near to Adam and Eve serpent, so to say, itself would give away, what from him cannot be expected: after all he is very subtle, Gen.3:1. After the first conversation with people the God has found the serpent and has told him properly. And only then his definitive conversation with Adam and Eve has taken place.

*48. As it has already been told, events in Paradise in the big degree have been mutually caused. The conclusion about pregnancy of wife of Adam is based not on imagination of the author, but in words God's. So, the Lord God has told to the wife: multiplying I multiply thy sorrow in thy pregnancy, Gen.3: 16 (translation from Russian Bible). Inattentive researchers usually carry these words not to time of abiding of Adam and Eve in Paradise, but to any uncertain future, already after their exile from Paradise. However such hasty conclusion is interfered by words of the God: multiplying I multiply (RST, UKR, YLT). Usual person has not got used to similar expressions. If it was a question of the uncertain future one of these words would suffice only: I will increase (thy trouble). But the God has used an unusual, double word: multiplying I will increase. The second of these words is put in future time, but the first of them - in the present (!) time. The given design from two words can mean only one: the God has started to multiply trouble of pregnant wife of Adam and promises to continue this multiplication and in the future. The beginning of multiplication of sorrow in pregnancy in turn specifies in already has begun the process of a toxicosis which usually happens after the first week of pregnancy. Besides this week of pregnancy, before exile from Paradise there were still such events:

34. The toxicosis phenomenon (or multiplication of of sorrow at pregnancy),.. Gen.3:16.

35. The earth damnation ... Gen.3:17.

37. Manufacturing of clothes to Adam and Eve . ..Gen.3:21.

38. The decision of the God to send Adam .Gen.3:22.

39. Exile from the Garden Gen.3:23.

40. Drobing out of Adam and Eve on the earth Gen.3:24.

Figures in the list designate serial numbers of days of abiding of Adam and Eve in Paradise. From the given list it is visible, that after the first week of pregnancy the wife has stayed in Paradise one more week and has left Paradise at pregnancy term of two weeks. Given mutually caused list* - on the one hand and average terms of menstrual cycle - on the other hand, rigidly enough limit a place of the first day of pregnancy among 40 days of abiding of Eve in Paradise.

The note:* The given list and the argument of conclusions are given here in the reduced and simplified form, pursuing an overall objective: the reader should understand, why in the specified day there was pregnancy.

*49. 1) Quantity of holy God's Angels of equally 400 million.

2) Quantity of angels of the Satan of equally 200 million. All of them still have access on the heaven, however as a result of war in the heaven, having soon to occur, will be cast out on the earth.

3) Quantity sinned, already fallen angels equally 200. These two hundred are concluded for a long time already in a dungeon and have access neither on the earth, nor onto the heaven. The quantity of angels of Satan is specified in the Revelation book, 9:16. Knowing, that the quantity of angels of Satan makes one third of total of angels (Rev.12:4) easily to see, that the quantity of holy God's Angels is twice more. About quantity of fallen angels in the Bible it is not told. Their quantity is specified in the book of the Enoch from which Apostle Jude has written out 14th and 15th verses of the Epistle.

*50. It is necessary to write "has departed". Strictly speaking, it is impossible to write in this case "has crept away". Only after the serpent was cursed, it began to go on the belly, that is began to creep, Gen.3:14. But during conversation with wife of Adam the serpent yet was not cursed and consequently did not go yet on the belly, did not creep yet. The structure basin bones at some kinds of snakes, for example, a boa, specifies in presence at them back finitenesses (paws) in the past.

*51. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil grows in the middle of Paradise, Gen.3:3. Naturally therefore, that Eve (and Adam too) at that time were in Paradise centre, otherwise Eve could not pick fruits from tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

*52. Identification of days in which Adam and his wife were in Paradise is the major problem of the given publication. The reasons for that a few and here some of them:

1. Without identification of days the picture will be incomplete. So, is not subject to doubt, that the Lord God visited the people in Paradise and had with them dialogue; but in which days? For the answer to this question we will remind, that as a prototype of 40 days in Paradise serve those 40 days during which the Lord Jesus showed himself to disciples after the resurrection from the dead. The Lord Jesus, certainly, perfectly remembered everything, that occurred in days of abiding of Adam and his wife in Paradise. Being last Adam from the heaven the Lord carried out earthy ministering within the limits of the same terms in which once there lived Adam. It is enough address to the description of 40 days in the Gospel of St.John to see, that the Lord has visited the disciples in the first day of week (John, 20:19) and there was a Sunday this first day of week. In second time He has visited the disciples after eight days, John,20:26, that is practically next Sunday, only in the evening. There were also other cases of visitation of disciples by Jesus, see John,21:1. From the specified places of the Scripture it is well visible, that the Lord visited the disciples once a week, and on Sundays, in the evening. Describing history of 40 days in Paradise, the author of the given book is not going to change this order established by the Lord. Therefore visitations by Lord of Adam and his wife in Paradise, certainly, are described as once a week, and in the first day every week, that is on Sundays. However at the reader the impression should not be made, that the reason specified above - unique, motivated the author to specify Lords visitations on Sundays.

2. Other, not less important part of the given problem - to specify days of a calendar in which Adam and his wife were in Paradise, otherwise Paradise for us will be in the uncertain, foggy past. On the basis of the research of Scriptures fulfilled in one of previous my books under the name Last Invitation (and then added in the given book), it is well visible, that 4000 years from the date of Adam's creation have passed, when till the Savior Birth remains still nearby 7 months*. It means, that Adam's creation has occurred in 4001st year before Christ. Creation of Eve has occurred a little bit later, and how many later - is told in the note *45, see above. 3999 year BC was year of creation of Eve. By author of the given book work on extrapolation of present calendar in the past is done also, are concret by days of 3999 year BC when Adam and Eve were in Paradise. Extrapolation in the past, its course and a design procedure here are not resulted completely as the given book is not the grant in the applied mathematics. Considering, that day of creation of Eve practically is also the first day of her abiding in Paradise, the author results those days the restored calendar which are received as a result of calculation. The restored calendar is placed in the end of given of "Section of Notes. Some dates and summary Tables are available in the book text. On the questions mentioned in the given note, it is possible to find details in the text of the subsequent notes. A comment to note 52: the author has and uses more exact figure of these days, but for the sake of argument simplification specifies only approximate figure.

*53. According to the Jewish tradition which has found reflexion in biblical texts, day came to the end at 18 o'clock. Simultaneously it is and the end of a day. Already next day begin since 18 o'clock in the evening. One of examples to that we see in the Gospel of St. John, 20:26 where we read: and after eight days again his disciples were within. Apostle John could not write for the ninth day, because the ninth day as itself yet has not begun. At the same time the eighth day has already ended and there was an evening. This evening formally concerned already next day, but practically it was evening all the same eighth day. As to 30th day in Paradise the description of this day begins since evening of 29th day.

*54. According to the author of the given book, these changes were not instant. The damnation of the serpent and conversation of the God with it, according to the author, have occurred within separate day, in this case for 31 day of abiding of Adam and his wife in Paradise. As a result of damnation of the serpent, the structure of its body has changed: finitenesses have been taken away then it began to go upon the belly. The note 50 See about it also.

*55. Certainly, modern names for days of week - such as Monday, Tuesday, Sunday and other - then yet was not. In the given book we apply these names conditionally: it would be possible to write: the first day of the week, the second, the third, the fourth etc., but the author believes, that modern names suit better and are more clear to the reader. Calculation on the computer will help nothing with this sense to those of them who will wish to check up independently conformity of days of the week specified by the author in the given book, wherefore for them exact number of days between Adam's abiding (and Eves) in Paradise and our today's time (as of concrete date of the standard modern calendar) is not known. However these data are available for the author: they are received as a result of research works after the given subjects, and stated in the books earlier written by author, especially in the book of Last Invitation. Therefore days of week are not invented: In days of Adam and Eve in Paradise they were such, as specified in the present book. About duration of Days of creation it is in detail told in my book Gold City.

*56. Further our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as already second Adam from the Heaven, has repeated way of Adam terrestrial (with that only a difference that has resisted and has defeated there where terrestrial Adam has not resisted and has fallen in tempting). Thus Jesus adhered to the same terms, during which lived Adam, since first day in which he has been created, and finishing with day of his exile from Paradise (and even several days about which it will be told later). According to the book of Acts, 1:3, Jesus before the ascension showed himself alive to apostles throughout 40 days. The Lord was lifted onto the heaven when last of these 40 days has ended, in the end of day. In the Jewish notation of time day came to the end at 18 o'clock. An example here the following: Jesus has defeated and was lifted onto the heaven after 40 days. Adam, to the contrary, has fallen in tempting, and has been expelled from Paradise together with the wife after 40 days of their abiding in Paradise. Thus Jesus was lifted at the same hour, in which Adam has once been expelled from Paradise (see about it also Point 8 of the Comparative Table). Therefore and the description of last, 40th day in Paradise comes to the end at 18 o'clock.

*57. To use data of this Table (as, however, and the content of the given book) it is possible only in the event that the reader has belief or trust to them, as the reader cannot check up these data. The matter is that it is senseless to make verifying calculation, not knowing day in which our Era began. So, in the first day of the first century of our Era Jesus Christ was already some years old. Thus neither the number, nor month, and also year of the beginning of our Era are not connected birthday the Christ. Modern standard so-called new style or the gregorian calendar (just as, however, and a julian calendar) originate not anno Domini, therefore and all those who automatically adds to this or that calendar date a prefix "anno Domini" - are mistaken. Figures 1998 or 1999 in our calendars at all do not mean that so many years have passed anno Domini. These figures only mean that so many years have passed from the beginning of our Era which beginning does not coincide at all with day of Christmas. Therefore to the researcher, decided to recheck the data cited in the Table, it is necessary to know not only the valid date started of our Era, but also, for example, the such: 1) a date closed of 6 th Day of creation; 2) dates of first and last days of the Flood, and according to the Jewish, julian and gregorian calendars; 3) the date started and the end of the Babylonian captivity, according to three specified calendars; 4) date of the annunciation day (when it was for the first time) with coordination with the specified calendars; 5) the valid date of Christmas (with coordination with the mentioned calendars); 6) data, when 4000 years from Adam's creation have passed; 7) day, month and year when Jesus was baptised, with coordination to three calendars; 8) 2000 anniversary date anno Domini and other original initial data.

*58. Consequences of a damnation of the earth were well appreciable to Adam: it is and occurrence of blood-sicking insects (mosquitoes and other), occurrence of every possible parasite (fleas, louses, bugs, pincers and other). After the fall of people animals have ceased to get on peacefully with each other, but began to eat each other. Occurrence a thorn and every possible weed also have complicated a life of people. Besides all it there were also every possible activator of illnesses: viruses, bacteria, etc.

*59. Having lost Paradise and keeps getting further leaving from the City, they, figuratively speaking, have started to go that way by which then their descendants have gone: to Euphrates and to Babylon In this sense the river Euphrates concerned both the beginning of human history, and by its end, see the Revelation, 16:12.

*60. Worms and caterpillars - a part of a damnation by which the earth is striked, see a comment *58 above.

*61. The author specifies in this book only major of problems which people inevitably should face. These are such problems as requirement for dwelling, livelihood, water supply, daily work and also influence of a damnation of the earth: wild animals, a prickly bush, blood-sicking insects, etc. parasites. All these factors inevitably interfered in life of the first people though and it is not obligatory in that form in which author describes them.

*62. Here one of the elementary ways of the account of the lived days is described. Could be and other ways, for example: to do notches on wooden, stone, etc. subjects. Adam and Eve could and not conduct the account of days at all; however, it is not important. The biblical chronology of the book Genesis is not connected in any way with the account of days by the first people. Even if they also did it, their account could not be exact. All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, 2Tim.3:16, including is given by inspiration of God also all chronological and on a broader scale the numerical data which are available in the Bible. We here speak about the account of days by Adam and Eve only because the first people were capable of it, that is already were able to account!

*63. First all beasts and birds were not "wild". Adam could approach freely to any of them without any fears. After the fall of the man former "balance" it was broke. So, day in which there was cursed the Earth for Adam sake, simultaneously became also the first day, when animals became wild. Appearance of wild animals is one of consequences of a damnation of the earth, along with mentioned in notes *58, *60 and *61.

*64. Weather without winds still for a long time was on the Earth, in all days of life of Adam. The wind has appeared for the first time on the Earth only during the Flood, Gen.8:1 after the steam cover of the Earth was overthrew to the earth in the form of a rain at the Flood. The hotbed cover levelled temperature on the whole Earth. After disappearance of the cover the temperature on poles of the Earth has sharply gone down, and on equator remained almost as former. The difference in temperature has led to occurrence of the winds existing and until now.

*65. Possibility to use boiled vegetables already was at the first people, but it could happen not as soon as the author describes. Anyway, for this purpose it was not required long years, especially, decades.

*66. Why one of the last and why after exile from Paradise 10 days are described only? As the answer the Bible figurative language, and the same images ministers: 1) terrestrial Adam and 2) the Lord, as the second Adam from the heaven.

In due time Adam (with Eve) has stayed 40 days in Paradise and has left on the earth. The Lord has acted to the contrary: showing humself alive to the disciples within 40 days, he then was lifted onto the heaven. Adam's leaving (and Ascension of Jesus) have occurred in the day, the named Thursday. But the Lord in day of Ascension (on Thursday) has told: do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the promise of the Father, Acts,1:4. The sense of these words, yet again, is opposite to that Adam has made: Adam has not resisted and has been expelled (that is, is separated) from heavenly Jerusalem. After these words of Jesus there have passed 9 days, and on 10th the Holy Ghost has been sent (in day of the Pentecost) from Heavens. About terrestrial Adam all was to the contrary: after exile from Paradise, in 10 days 6th great Day of creation has ended and the Lord has left Adam wherefore Adam did not call the God.

*67. The specified history could occur in the presence of lava exits on an earth surface, or of gas exits, for example methane, or account of a lightning stroke. Fire appropriation has, of course, occurred, and it is doubtless! Here only it is not known when: whether in the first days, or after months. Anyway, in Adam's life and Eves every day brought to them new discoverys. So-called process of "nature conquest has begun already then.

*68. The system of prototypes (the comment *66 see) allows to restore time of the termination of 6th Day of creation. The indirect relation to it has place of the Scripture from Acts, 2: 15. However the author does not expect to be understood in this case and consequently does not leave vast explanations, 1Cor.14:38.

*69. The given note concerns time of leaving of the heavenly City from the Earth, of the Period which was soon after the termination of creation: the water level in a channel, earlier supplied the paradise river, has gone down, in view of the termination of a drain from the heavenly City. Gradually the river channel has dried up. Two of four rivers, - that are mentioned in Gen. 2: 11-14, - have very mach shoaled and existed then only in the form of insignificant streams. Two other of these rivers, namely the Tiger and Euphrates exist and until now, however have ceased to have the shared source.

*70. According to an example left in the Scripture, in day of the Pentecost (in the morning, at third hour of the day, Acts, 2:15 ( i.e. about 9 o'clock in the morning accordingly modern calculation of time) the Lord has sent Holy Ghost from heavens. During Adam all was to the contrary: the Lord has taken away presence of Holy Spirit from them as Adam and his wife scorned Him, did not pray to Him and have not repented of the sin. Since this day Adam became simply carnal person. It has occurred too in the morning, during time specified above.

*71. In case of a birth of a child and, especially during those old times, in the Scripture the phrase more often is used: so-and-so knew his wife, and she bare (child) , e.g. Gen.4:1,17, 25. In case of a birth of Abel of such phrase is not present. Words I have gotten a man from the Lord at all do not mean, that one Cain was born only. In English Bible it is written: and bore Cain, saying: I have gotten a man with the help of the Lord, (RSV) that is these words are told during childbirth of Cain, is possible yet not knowing, that in her womb there is still Abel. Thus, the birth by Eve simultaneously two sons has not been excluded.

*72. The author does not warrant for literal passing on of it and some other dialogues of the God with the man. However the author has strong reasons to assume, that similar dialogues nevertheless occurred

*73. Really, Adam and Eve first had everything, to be called and be children of God, 1John.3:1. However it is widely known, that they not long used this name as after the fall have lost the right to be called as children God's. To be and be called is, as it is known, two big differences wherefore it is possible to use the name the child of God but not to be one actually.

*74. In the given book, naturally, modern names of these birds are given. Certainly, we any more do not know an exact name (name) which named this bird (that is paradise flytrap) Adam. But it is definitely possible to tell, that the modern name of this bird mismatches what was given once by Adam. The matter is that in paradise no flies, of course, existing. The author of the given book holds the opinion, that mosquitoes, louses, fleas, pincers, bugs, moth, a plant louse, the caterpillars, many kinds of worms, Colorado beetle, gadflies, the fly (including a tsetse fly ) and many other things parasites similar to them have appeared on the earth because of the earth damnation, but that before the fall yet was not them. And if they even existed as separate kinds, have not been focused" (or are activated) for wrecking, i.e. actually were not wreckers. Besides their"reorientation"was the result of the earth damnation.

*75. Maria has heard about pregnancy of Elizabeth * when to Elizabeth there was 6th month, i.e. the first days of the sixth month, Luke,1:36. One day has taken for road to Elizabeth, though Mary and went with haste, Luke.1:39. Despite the fact that Mary stayed with Elizabeth about three months, Luke.1:56, term of childbirth to Elizabeth has come only after Mary's returning in the house, Luke.1:57. Returning in the house too has taken not less than one day.

Expression in those days, Luke.1:39 means, that those days was not less than two, i.e. with Elizabeth then 5 months and 2 days of pregnancy, were fulfilled not less. Plus 3 months in time on a visit at Elizabeth and 2 aforementioned days on road (there and back) will make 8 months and 4 days of pregnancy of Elizabeth. Remaining 26 days is greatest possible term of pregnancy of Mary when at a meeting Elizabeth named her mother. However actually term of pregnancy of Mary was even less: she would not has left from Elizabeth in day of her, Elizabeths, labor. The desire to help Elizabeth would keep Mary to leave for home and in the event that before childbirth of Elizabeth there would be one week. Apparently, term in three months was the greatest term to which Maria could count, staying with Elizabeth and what to expect still almost month (and maybe and more) Maria could not any more. It is obvious, that her leaving from Elizabeth has been connected with considerable and consequently unacceptable for her term for expectations of labor of Elizabeth. The conclusion here can be only one: in day of visitation of Elizabeth Mary had some days of pregnancy, it is possible even only few days. Words bear to it, that Mary arose and went with haste (to Elizabeth), Luke.1:39. And nevertheless she is named by mother, despite on pregnancy term hardly two days. A comment to a comment 75: * the author uses a modern variant of the name Elizabeth, instead of become outdated Elisabeth.

*76. The indication and definition of time frameworks Adam's abiding (and Eves) in Paradise has the features:

1. The beginning of calculation of history of mankind is conducted in the Bible from Adam, see Gen.5:1 and following verses.

2. From the date of Adam's creation calculation of history in the Bible it is conducted by the whole years, for example: 130 years after Adam, Gen.5:3. Everywhere in 5th chapter of the book Genesis is specified an integer number of years. So was and till days of Noah, Gen.5: 32.

3. During life of Noah, yet before the Flood, the Lord God has decided to prolong time of existence of the First world for 120 years, Gen.6:3, that is yet again full 120 years, instead of 119 and an half or 120 and an half.

4. Before the Flood there has passed an integer number of years (instead of fractional).

5. The God always cared precisely to fulfill the specified terms, and right down to separate days, see e.g. Gen.7:4. Therefore all years which have entered into calculation, are whole (full).

6. If the first of the years which have entered into calculation began, for example, in May also last of the years which have entered into biblical calculation too began in May. An exception some places make of books the Chronicle, books of Kings and some other, however here there is a speech about the book Genesis.

7. The Flood date started is specified in the Bible, Gen.7:11. The Flood has begun 17. 02., that is in month Zif that corresponds on May, 12th accordingly New style.

8. Meaning point 6 **, see above, it is possible to tell firmly, that the number and month of the beginning of the Flood correspond to number and month when the mankind history began, that is it simultaneously and date of creation of Adam. So, day of creation of Adam is Sunday *, on May, 12th 4001 year before Christ. The further marks of life of Adam are specified in the Table of the first years of life of Adam in section 6: forty days he gets acquainted with animals, till June, 21st inclusive. Further, the Lord God has placed Adam in Paradise where he was, being without the wife, till July, 23rd 3999 year BC. After creation of Eve, Adam has stayed in Paradise together with Eve even 40 days, till Thursday on September, 1st the same 3999 year BC when they have been expelled on the Earth. In 10 days 6th Day of creation has come to the end. The description of the further years of the life of Adam and Eve is beyond the given book.

The notes:* The author reserves the right for himself to use system of a designation of months and days of week (including their writing with a capital letter), accepted in America, Europe and other countries of the civilised world. ** time of creation of Adam is specified by the author not only on the basis of given point 6; the place of this day in mankind history is rigidly limited by many places of the Holy Scripture, concerning such concepts, as last day, the end of the days, the beginning and the end of the period Genesis (and, accordingly, Regeneration) and many other things. Besides, it has undergone to check by means of a special methods which here is not resulted.

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