Meeting in the Bible

Meeting in the Bible

A LAMB is a sacrificial animal. About 2000 years ago, that is in 1st century of our Era still it was sacrificed for a sin. After Jesus Christ has offered himself and has accepted death for sins of whole world, need to sacrifice animals has disappeared.

HELL - a place where not repented sinners after death abide. According to the Bible, are in the Earth centre (planet of the Earth), see Mat.12: 40 and 1 Pet.3:19. Exist as a dungeon and the place of torment, Luke.16:28.

AMEN - literally: verily, the true is (really so).

ANGEL is Gods creation, a being sent by the God for performance of those or other commissions. Has strength also possibility much surpassing human. "Angel" - the Greek word, in English is translated by a word "Messenger", that is sent something to proclaim.

The APOSTLE - the Greek word, in English "envoy" (or diplomat), that is the envoy of God. 12 apostles have been shosed by Jesus Christ who has sent them to preach Christian faith worldwide.

The ARCHANGEL - here two words: ARCH, that is "senior"; and ANGEL, that is "messenger". Senior Angel whom the Lord God has put as the chief over other Angels.

EVIL SPIRITS - according to the Bible, a part of angels, the Satan has leaded away on the party. Angels who have passed to service to Satan, is called evil spirits; are artful, perfidious, urges people on fulfilment of various sins and iniquity, on purpose to ruin them.

GOSPEL - the evangelism, consisting that the Kingdom God's has come nearer that it soon will come and in order sinners repented and could enter into the Kingdom of God, Mark, 1:15.

The WELL PLEASHED - can be found well pleashed at the God, that is the kindest, his most good arrangement to us. Well pleashed it is possible to receive, if any person accepts Lord Jesus Christ. Without faith it is impossible, Heb.11:6.

REVERENCE - feeling of admiration of the Lord God, his affairs, his beauty and his greatness, connected to godly fear before him and with desire to worship to him. In practice the awesomeness before the God is visible, if any person fulfills the God's commandments.

GRACE - not earned God's gift. All what we use from the God: on us the sun shines and it warmly, it is raining on our fields, the God has given us forces and health, we can meet the favourite person, to have children and, that the most important thing, we can have eternal life and the pardon of all sins in case if we will accept Lord Jesus Christ.

BLESSING - if the God will bless someone he will have a big crop in the field, it is a lot of cattle goals, his pantries will be filled, there will be a success in all affairs, enemies at the person will not be, there will be abundance in everything, and he and his family will be healthy and happy. All it under a condition if the person keeps the commandments of the Lord, Deut.28: 1 - 14.

SHARITY - the beneficence by which one person does to another, not expecting instead of anything, i.e. is gratuitous. Each Christian should act this way.

OUR NEIGHBOUR - any person rendering free aid and support in a difficult situation, see Luke, 10: 36,37.

The GOD - Who has created the heaven, the Earth, the sea, birds, beasts and all existing, including human and which has given the Son, Jesus on a cross, for sins of whole world in order everyone believing in him should have everlasting life. The God is eternal, omnipresent (is everywhere), is all-powerful and knows all.

GENESIS - rather long period of time (about 42000 years), begun since the moment which in the Bible is named "The beginning", see Gen.1:1, John,1:1, proceeding in all time of existence of the given world, however promptly coming nearer to end. After the termination of the period "Genesis" other period of same duration, named Regeneration will begin, see Mat.19:28. It will begin with Jesus Christ Accession.

VISION - is shown by the God who is sent for this purpose by Angel. Angel shows to the person this or that picture of an event (more often in the future). Thus the person feels itself present there. Visions colour, three-dimensional, panoramic, moving, see e.g. Rev.9:17. The reconstruction of them with modern means while is impossible.

The PRINCE - one of names as which in the Bible the God is called, Dan.8:25, 9:25; Rev.1:5; also possessor, see Gen.14:19, also ruler, Mic.5:2, and other places of the Scripture. Concerns of Jesus Christ to whom any power in the heaven and on the earth is given, Mat.28:18. Compare also Rev.6:10 and John,5:22.

SIN - infringement of commandments God's (that is "Do not kill", "Do not steal", "Do not commit adultery" and others) and also when any person does a lie and iniquity. One of the greatest sins - faithlessness in Jesus Christ, see John,16:9. All people, Rom.3:23 are sinful. Only the Lord can forgive sins if any person asks (will be pray) about it, see 1st Epistle of John, 1:9.

A SPIRIT - According to the Bible, the man is created by the God and in image God's, Gen.1:26, in our image, the God speaks. Here plural is mentioned. The Holy Trinity that is the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, Mat.28:19 means. As the God, so to say, is threefold in persons also the man created by the God, has the triple nature, that is has a body, soul and spirit. During death a man dies also his spirit goes to the God (if the man saved) or to the hell (if that is not repented sinner), Luke.16:23. The God is a Spirit, spirits is also Angels; evil spirits too are spirits, but these are unclean spirits or daemons, Mark.3:11.

The JUSTIFYING - having accepted Jesus, the person receives the justifying from the God, receives for nothing (to deserve it is impossible!), Rom.3:24. Jesus has died for our sins, but also has risen again for our justification, Rom.4:25. The person is justified with the faith that Jesus Christ has risen, Rom.10:9.

SANCTIFICATION is a process of freeing off sin, such as: evil thoughts, murders, adultery (fornication), thefts, lie, false witness, blashphemies, etc., see Mat.15:19. From all sin cleanses us Jesus Christ blood, 1John,1:7 if it is believed, that Jesus has died for our sins.

REVELATION - 1) is the name of one of Bible books. 2) in all cases when the God opens Itself and the will, Revelation takes place; from here names: the ark of the testimony (in Rnssian Bible: the ark of revelation), Ex. 25:22; the tabernacle of testimony (in Russian Bible: the tabernacle of revelation), Num.1:50; tables of the testimony (in Russian Bible: tables of revelation), Ex.32:15. 3) Coming of the God on the earth when He can be seen openly, Mat.24:30. 4) The Bible is a revelation of a mouth God's. 5) Prophecies from the book of Revelation, etc. Scripture places where the future Coming of Jesus and events accompanying it is described. 6) Knowledge of the future, obtained from the Bible. 7) The personal manifestation of the God to any person: Gal.1:12, John,14:21 and other places of the Scripture.

PERDITION is eternal estrangement from the God and from Paradise. A finding in the abyss (in the hell), eternal torments with fire, Mat.25:41, Rev.14:10,11.

DAMNATION - Cursed (accordingly Scripture) are: the people worshipping to statues and product of the hands of the artist, Deut.27:15. Who settes light (and dishonours) his father or mother, Deut.27:16. Who removes his neighbours landmark), Deut.27:17. Who misleads a blind man on the road, Deut.27:18. Who perverts the justice the sojourner, the fatherless and the widow, Deut.27:19. Who lies with his fathers wife, Deut.27:20. Who copulates with any cattle, Deut.27:21. Who lies with his sister or with his mother-in-law, Deut.27:22,23. Who slays his neighbor in secret, Deut.27:24. Who takes a bribe to slay an innocent person, Deut.27:25, and also some other transgression.

The SON OF MAN - one of Jesus Christ names wich in the Scripture is called God in the flesh , 1Tim.3:16 , that is God was manifest in the flesh. Having accepted a flesh (that is a body) human, the God was embodied and began to be called as the Son of man, John,3:13.

Other names mentioned in this book:

- The Apocalypse Ministries i.e. Revelation Ministering. The purpose of given "Ministering" - the preaching (and an explanation) all verses of the book of Revelation. It is founded by the author in 1979 and it is carried out till present time together with volunteer assistants from various local Christian evangelical churches.

The appendix 3

The list of some leap-years:

Our Era: 2004, 2000, 1996, 1992, 1988, 1984, 1980, 1976, 1972, 1968 etc.

1000, 1100, 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800. 1900 etc.

4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40 etc.

Before Christ: 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, 29, 33, 37 etc.

101, 201, 301, 401, 501, 601, 701, 801, 901 etc.

1001, 2001, 3001, 4001.


which was about this book

Here I place the description of one very important case from my life which has occurred during time a writing of the given book 40 days in Paradise. There was in summer of 1999, in one of warm days of August. Weather was very clear and windless, in the sky - a uniform cloudlet. It was about 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Below, on the ground floor, the wife cooked fig jam. I was on the second floor, in the room, and sitting at a coffee table at opened window, wrote the book 40 days in Paradise. The manuscript was already ready, and I needed to add only one last line. It is a little having thought, I began to finish this line in the manuscript. Suddenly I have felt, that to a window at which I was, outside Someone quickly began to come nearer and has stopped at window level. I have hasty risen and have looked out of the window, but this Someone was invisible, and my room presence has suddenly filled with Someone important, great and holy. Having understood, at last, that this is The Lord, I in disarray have stopped, reflecting on the purpose of so important visit. By any the sixth feeling (that is in spirit) I have felt, that the attention of the Lord has been directed on the book laying on a table 40 days in Paradise which I hardly have had time to finish, it has been opened on last page. Further the account went for seconds: less than for a minute he has seen whole book, not thumbing through it! There and then I have learnt also a response of the Lord about this book: He has told it not by words, and has transferred mentally: Oh well, it is quite good . After that the Lord began slowly to keep away from a window (the window of 2nd floor was up to level of 3 metres from the earth). Remaining at the given height, the Lord left towards the lake which coast is in 20 metres from a window. When he passed over the lake middle, the thunderclap was suddenly hearded, but is not high in the sky, but over that place where he was. As I have already told, in the sky there was no cloudlet, the sun shone, as before. I place in the given book this story, as the evidence of the Lord.

The given book does not emanate from any church or of a religious current, though the author, certainly, not against their joining to a position of the author on questions stated in it (and even their participations in a common cause, Dan.11:34). Among addressees of this book there can be both those and others (if only they are not illegal). At its writing the author was guided only by doctrines of the Bible and that it is accepted to name good conscience before God, Acts, 23:1. The author does not wish to limit a circle of readers, and expects understanding of the questions mentioned in it from all who wishes to know about the God, about everlasting life and, of course, about Paradise, the way to which (as the author hopes) will help to find and the given book 40 days in Paradise.

About the author

Ivanitsky Nikolay Ivanovich, 1948 of a birth, Russian.

Formation: the Kiev electromechanical college.

Worked as the senior technician in All-Union scientific research institute of analytical instrument making of a communication facility and automatics systems in Kiev.

In 1978 has married Derkacheva Svetlana and has moved on a residence to of Sukhumi where worked as the chief engineer. Has six sons and three daughters.

Has accepted and became the Christian in 1970 then preached the prophetical content of the biblical book of Revelation in such cities as Kiev, Zaporozhye, Sukhumi, Batumi, Tbilisi, Vladikavkaz, Moscow, Ryazan, Sochi, Abinsk and others. In 1984 has been choosed by the deacon in baptist church situated on 24 Shukura St., in Sukhumi where bore ministering. In post-war Abkhazia bore ministering as the pastor in one of baptist churches in Sukhum, 40 Sea Street. On pastoral ministering it is elected in 1997.

The author of eight books: Testimony of Jesus, Last Invitation, The Key of the King David, The Gold City, Regeneration of the World , The End of the days, Interpretation of prophetical words and images of the book of Revelation (in Russian and English languages) and the given book.

The author addresses the given book to who are familiar with the Bible, and is ready to answer questions which may be at readers.

Date of the Russian edition on June, 2nd, 2008,

Date of the English edition on August, 23, 2010, Sukhum.

About the book and questions it is possible to direct responses by e-mail: