3 chapter of the book of Revelation

3 chapter of the book of Revelation

35. I will come like a thief, Rev.3:3.

The arrival of day of the Lord, 1Thes.5:1 means. Besides, it is day of His Court, His Day of wrath and day of Coming; that is and this church (as well as previous, see d.e. 34) will exist till Coming (as well as all other). Hour of Coming for the church in Sardis will be unknown, Rev.3:3.

36. White clothes, Rev.3:5.

1) New, spiritual bodies which will receive saved after Resurrection from dead, 1Cor.15:50-54.

2) White clothes on these new, spiritual bodies.

37. The Book of life, Rev.3:5.

In the Book of life are written down names acting righteously, but acting lawlessly will blot out from it, Ps.69:28. This book is mentioned still by Moses to whom the Lord has told that will blot out from the book of the one who has sinned, Ex.32:33. But this Book has begun not in days of Moses, but long before him because the Lord has entered names of righteous men in the book of the Life still from the beginning of the World , Rev.17:8. The Book of Life belongs to the Lamb that is to the Jesus Christ (see John 1: 29) that was slain before the foundation of the world , Rev.13:8. He has entered there the specified names. In this book also are specified all the days long, appointed for these or those righteous man, Ps.138:16. It is certain in the book and number of monthes of a life of the specified people, Job 14:5. In the Book of life names ransomed by the Lord, worthy people, including employees of Apostle Paul, are written down, Phil.4:3. At the prophet of Daniel it is told, that there will come time of trouble such as never has been since there was a nation, - that is great tribulation, during which will be saved everything including from Israelite people, which will be written down in the Book of Life, Dan. 12:1. On Court before the God when He will be judge people from whole the world, the Book of Life will be opened also, Rev.20:12 and who has not been written down in it that has been thrown in lake fiery, Rev.20:15. It because this world seeded not only sons of the Kingdom, but also sons of the evil; sown by Devil, Mat.13:38, therefore any plant which not the Father heavenly has planted, will be rooted up, Mat.15:13. In City God's, to heavenly Jerusalem will enter only those who are written in the Lamb's Book of life, Rev.21:27. There is a great danger to lose participation in the Book of life for those who take away something from prophesy of the book of Revelation, Rev.22:19. And a name conquering the Lord not will blot out from the Book of life, Rev.3:5. In the Book of life are specified not only the days, appointed to people and destiny of these people, Prov. 29:26, but also the days appointed for this world, decision of God and definition to this World. The fate Book is inaccessible to perusal and is in a hand God's, Rev.5:1. To open it the Lamb, Jesus Christ, has the right only, Rev.5:2-7. Jesus opens the Book not for to learn its contents, He knows and without this, wherefore it is His Book; but, opening this or that seal from the Book of life, He shows out and implementing His heavenly authority, allowing this or that section of that Book to start to come true (and to occur) in this world; allows told in the Book to occur in this world.

38. what the Spirit says to the churches, Rev.3:6.

Message to the churches has dictated to Apostle John Son of man, Rev.1:11-13 which was dead and become alive, Rev.1:18 that is Jesus. However in the end of the message to each of churches it is told: the Spirit speaks to the churches , Rev.2:7, 2:11, 2:17, 2:29, 3:6, 3:13 and 3: 22. Jesus spoke, and He named himself "Spirit". It is Spirit of Christ about which apostle Paul writes, and it is Spirit God's, Rom. 8:9. The Lord is Spirit, 2Cor. 3:17. Certainly, that Spirit of Christ - He is God's Spirit, and He is Holy Spirit. Thus, the Spirit not faceless, and is the Lord Jesus. Seeing Jesus, we see the Father, John 14:9; listening Jesus, we listen of His Spirit, Holy Spirit, that in the Son is present both the Father and Holy Spirit together.

39. Key of David, Rev.3:7.

Why the name of David is mentioned in the book of Revelations? Because David has written much Psalms of which contents is a key to Revelation. Psalms are intended not only for singing; certainly, antheming they we glorify the God. But in book of Psalms also there are prophesies which help to understand John's Revelation. The person, ignorant the book of Psalms, cannot quite understand the contents the book of Revelations. King David still in those days knew much that subsequently has been opened to Apostle John on island Patmos. It is necessary to remember, that David's Key is in hands of the Lord, and to whom He will open (to understand the book of Revelation) - nobody will shut revelations. And if will shut, nobody will open. Lord opens mind to understand the Scriptures, Luke 24:45, in this case to understand of prophesy the book of Revelations (and the Bible). He opens mind with the Key of understanding (Luke 11:52 in Russian Bible) or the key of knowledge (KJV).

40. The Time of temptation, Rev.3:10.

Begins in the middle of 'seven' (NIV), that is seven -year, foretold by Daniel, 9:27; Precedes three with half year. This rather difficult time, is great tribulation. At that time Israel will accept to Christ, and there will be 144 thousand His firstborns. Also the Satan and his angels will be dumped from heaven. Many nations in the uniform superstate will be united at that time, will select to itself capital of the World that is new Babylon. This time is characterized by strong persecutions of Christians (and of Jews). This time when will start to reign antichrist; this time when Jerusalem will be grasped by armies of pagans. This time of famine, epidemics, persecutions, ruins, military actions, captivity, a robbery. For elected (i.e. Christians) this time (calamitous time) will be reduced for one third. Supporters of the beast will stamp also a brand of the beast (the mark). Christians will refuse to accept the mark, for what will kill them. More in detail about these events see d.e. 133,134 in the given book.

41. City the God's, new Jerusalem which comes down from the sky, Rev.3:12

The City constructed by the God, the God is and its artist. Heb.11:10. It is constructed by the God in the Second day of creation and was named by the Heaven, Gen.1:6-8. Consists of three Heavens (floors, though this word transfers sense insufficiently): the First Heaven, the lowest; the Second Heaven or of an average, the middle of the Heaven; and the third Heaven, the highest. In the Third Heaven Paradise is located, 2Cor.12:2-4. The City has very greate sizes: its height is equal 2380 kilometers, width and length too 2380 kilometers*, Rev.21:16. Since the Second day of creation till the Sixth day of creation inclusive, the City was (stood) on the ground which at that time was united, yet not divided on modern continents. Last time the God's City is mentioned in Gen.4:16 where Eden is a name of the Third Heaven where there is Paradise. After death of Abel in 3985 year Before Christ the heavenly City has been removed by the God from the Earth and was absent during all further history of mankind. However the God promises, that this City will return on the ground, Rev. 21:2; will return in the end of " times of pagans , when will be done away with antichrist.

The note: * i.e. about 1500 miles.

42. Laodicean church, Rev.3:14.

The name of this church consists of two Greek words: 1. lao (people) and

2. Dicea - a voice. That is a voice of people . Now in many churches the questions of their spiritual life that has become unavoidable are solved in accordans with a voice of people , that is in accordans with the majority of voices, voting, instead of by word of God, not in accordans with gospels.

43. Gold refined by fire, Rev.3:18

It is the belief of the Christian which has passed fire of tests, 1Pet.1:7. Which tests should be passed (or taken place) to christians before Coming of the Christ, it is specified in d.e. 10,29,40,61,65,74,87,94,116,127,133,134,136-139,145,150,170,190.

44. Eye ointment, that you may see, Rev.3:18.

He has spat upon the ground, has made clay of the spittle and anointed the man's eyes with the clay , John 9:6. Eye ointment in allegoric sense it that has left a mouth of the Christ, even most (at first sight) insignificant. That is His words, proverbs, the sermon, lecture, preaching, and prophecy. All these suits for eye sight so that not be spiritually blind.

45. Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me , Rev.3:20 (KJV).

The God knocks on our heart. If anybody from people will hear a voice of Jesus and will let Him in the heart, Jesus will enter to him. Such person will join in Church and will participate in evening Lord's, in breaking of bread. Will come also the time of the marriage supper of the Lamb, Rev.19:9 that is a marriage feast, Mat.22:2 when saved will have supper with Jesus, see about it also d.e. 181.