9 chapter of the book of Revelation

9 chapter of the book of Revelation

85. Apostle John sees the fallen from the heaven a star, Rev. 9:1.

The first meaning: at that time apostle John will be on the ground, as one of two prophets, Rev. 10:11; 11:3 also will see a Satan, which will fall from the heaven to the ground (will be cast out from the Heaven) in the days of prophecy of these prophets. To see him (the star) it will be possible, when he will come in the form of the antichrist (the person having spirit of Satan). Coming of the antichrist will occur at a trumpet of the fifth Archangel.

2. Falling of Satan from the heaven has been shown to Apostle John also in vision on island Patmos long before it will occur.

86. and to him was given the key of bottomless pit, Rev.9:1.

The bottomless pit is a tunnel from a surface of the ground, the leader in the deep. The deep is the lowest pit, Ps. 88:6; and the lowest (or beneath) pit is a hell, Is.14:9; Deut. 32:22. A key of hell - in hands of Jesus, Rev 1:18; this key will be given to a Satan via the sixth Archangel, to whom Jesus will order to release four angels of Satan, which are bound, Rev. 9:13,14. About these four angels is more detailed see d.e.71. When Jesus shall reign, to Satan will be told, that he (Satan) isnt the prince of this World any longer. The Satan will disagree and start up a war in the heaven, as a result will suffer defeat and will becast out into the earth. Before overthrow the key of the hell will be passed to Satan and is told, that he (Satan) isnt the prince of this World any longer, and can manage only a hell.

87. And he opened the bottomless pit , Rev. 9:2.

The Satan will open the bottomless pit. Of the bottomless pit will come out the smoke, and of the smoke will come out upon the earth locusts, Rev.9:3. The appearance of locusts is described in Rev.9:7-11, 15-19. They are horses and on them horsemen Rev. 9:17. The heads of the horses - as the heads of lions (horses unearthly, supernatural).These horses in full fighting equipment, Rev. 9:7. It because satanic troops (his angels) waged war in the heaven before it has been threw down on the ground, Rev. 12:7-9. The appearance of horsemen (of angels) such: their faces - as the faces of men; on heads - similarity of the crowns similar on gold (these crowns the

Satan distributed to them, they false) Rev. 9:7. Hair of these angels - as the hair of women, that is long, and their teeth - as the teeth of lions, that is fangs in a mouthes of them, Rev. 9:8 (but at holy Angels of God are not present fangs in their mouth). By the way, angels have wings, Rev. 9:9, here it is mentioned breastplates, i.e. military armour of these angels - they in fact wared in the heaven, and on the ground will wage war with the saints. Apostle John describes this armour so: they as it were of iron, Rev. 9:9, fiery, and of jacinth, and brimstone, Rev. 9:17. But all this has not helped them with war in the heaven; including have not helped and horses tails, like unto scorpions, Rev. 9:10. A king over this troops is the Abaddon, or, in the Greek tongue - Apollyon, the angel of the bottomless pit, the ruiner*, Rev. 9:11. It is one of four main angels of the Satan, which are mentioned in Rev.9:14, 15 and which are bound (as a result of war in the heaven - the note of the author**). Some believers expect coming on the ground not such troops of the Satan, but ordinary grasshoppers that eat a grass. But, first, a grass terrestrial both trees and greens according to the book of Revelations nobody is going to hurt, Rev. 9:4. Secondly, such locusts, that devastates greens, trees and a grass (like one of executions Egyptian) any more will not be, see Ex. 10:14.

The notes: *his name (Apollyon) means Ruiner.

**see also Rev.7:3 where another angel (i.e. Jesus see d.e.78) has been

baned them to hurt.

***In the guise of locusts is implied coming of antichrist (with his

angels), see 2Thes.2:9.

88. and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit Rev. 9:2.

The sun is figure of the Lord (i.e. Holy Spirit) Mal. 4:2. The first meaning: the truth of the Christ doctrine will be darkened with the smoke from the deep; this smoke left also a mouth of deep origins, Rev. 9:17, 18, and means their false doctrine, the doctrine of the antichrist.

2. The sun (natural that we see almost daily above ourselves) will be darkened in the visible way owing to a smoke from the deep, including owing to wars occuring at that time, Mat. 24:7; this is the time of great tribulation.

3. A false sign of a Satan; eclipse of the sun owing to a smoke from the deep he will pass off as the true sign in the sun, the moon and stars which should be before Coming of Jesus, Luke, 21:25-27. In this should believe not firm people in faith, but the true sign in the sun, the moon and stars will be only later one and a half year after that, false, counterfeit. At first (i.e. after a counterfeit sign) there will come the antichrist; and later (after the true sign) will come the Christ.

89. And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth , Rev. 9:3.

For a long time the foretold event, see Joel 2:1-10. The opportunity of salvation in the time of advent on the ground of troops of Satan, still will be, Joel 2:12, 13. The name "locusts" has confered troops of Satan for the large number - their number is specified in Rev. 9:16 - two hundred millions {the Old Russian word (i.e. "darkness") means 10 thousand}. That is their number according to the Russian Bible is: To multiplay 2 by10000 by10000. In the Bible in languages of other people it is simply told: 200 millions.

90. Harm out of a locust - only to the people which have not the seal of God in their foreheads, Rev. 9:4.

The harm is that these angels of Satan will pass themselves off as saint Angels of God, and their chief - antichrist will pass itself off as the God, 2Thes. 2:4. Their expulsion from the Heaven they will pass off as Coming of the Lord Some of people including of christians, will believe this lie and will bow to the antichrist (instead of the Christ). But believers, who were sealed by Jesus, will identify in the antichrist of the deceiver, will not worship to him and will not lose, therefore the eternal life (spiritual damage to them will not be).

91. And in those days shaii men seek death, and shaii not find it Rev. 9:6.

And death shall flee from people . The death is a rider named Death,

Rev. 6:8. But why one of angels of a Satan begins to run away from people? It is one of deceits of Satan: after his false "coming" he will give the directive to the angel named Death that he has ceased to destroy people for some time. Upon the face of all the Earth, in all countries and cities people suddenly will cease to die. All this will be pass off as a life eternal which, has supposedly come with Coming the Christ (in actual fact - the antichrist). On cemeteries will bury nobody. Some believers (from among foolish virgins, Mat.25:3) will bite to this deceit. Such the life eternal will precede 5 monthes, Rev. 9:5 then again people, as before, will start to die.

92. It stings a man Rev. 9:5*.

Apostle John uses a word "stings", describing intrigues of angels of Satan. This is that word which most of all suits for this purpose. Apostle Paul too uses this word and too in relation to an angel of the Satan: there was given to me a sting in the flesh, the angel of Satan 2Cor. 12:7**. In the description of a locust we everywhere see these stings, see Rev. 9:10. The sting and Death has, 1Cor.15:56 (as one of angels of Satan).

The notes: *quotation from Revised Standard Version of the Bible;

** Quotation from Russian Bible.

93. And they had tails , Rev. 9:10.

According to Is. 9:15 the prophet that teacheth lies, he is the tail. The false prophet is meant under a word "tail".

Their tails were like unto serpents, and had heads and with them they do hurt , Rev. 9:19. Are similar to snakes means - are similar to Devil who is called the serpent, Rev. 12:9, Gen. 3:14 (false prophets are similar to him). Certainly, false prophets have heads and with them (with their heads) do hurt, that is nurtures different false doctrines in the heads and with these false doctrines do hurt to people. There is nothing surprising that in among satanic troops there are false prophets; they persistently will instill in people, that he which came (i.e. antichrist) this is the Christ ; that surrounding of the antichrist angels of Satan it is saint Angels of God; also that themselves they are saint prophets of God . The false prophet "will allow" to do to people many sins, "will forgive" these sins if only people worshipped to the antichrist. The people who have believed to the false prophet will die spiritually, will lose a life eternal (see 2Thes. 2:11, 12).

94. The power of locusts - to hurt men 5 months, Rev. 9:10.

To saint believing people, the members of the Christ Church which have resisted in these tests (tests are described in d.e.90-93) the Lord will give deliverance in the form of flight from the face of the serpent, that is from the face of the antichrist, Rev. 12:6,14; Luke18:8. In 5 months after occurrence of "locusts" (that is after coming the antichrist) the Judgment God's will begin. As it is told at the prophet of Daniel, saints will be given into a hand of the antichrist only for some time (in this case for 5 months), then will sit judges*, that is 24 elders, see d.e.49, and will take away from him authority to ruin and exterminate unto the end, Dan. 7:25,26. About flight of people God's from the face of the serpent is see more detailed in d.e.125 and 127.

The note: *like this in Russian Bible.

95. The Sixth angel sounded, Rev. 9:13.

Let's remind sequence of events: soon after the middle of mentioned already seven years, Dan. 9:27, the Lord will remove the fifth seal from the Book of Life. Right after removing the Lord will descend to sealed 144 thousand firstborns. It is pleasing to Jesus, that during this sealing (and His Accession) there was a peace; therefore He will forbid to four demons of Satan to do harm during sealing, Rev 7:3. People will name this brief period of the peace Peace and safety 1Thes. 5:3. Then after sealing 144 thousand (and after war in the Heaven) Jesus will allow to release those four hells angels. He will make it by means of the sixth Archangel (Rev 9:14) when there will come time of a trumpet of this Angel. The sixth by significance the Archangel of Jesus will release four angels of Satan, but will make it in strictly definite time: in the specified year, month, in the definite day and even at the definite hour (with accuracy until hour, terrestrial our hour) Rev. 9:15. The given words, that is HOUR, DAY, MONTH and YEAR generally designate coming: they are applied and to a designation of Coming of Jesus: ye know neither the day, nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh, Mat. 25:13. Yes, we do not know day and hour, but there is more a month and year which can be known all the same, than and the author of the given Interpretation uses. It has been told as the useful note, though in Rev 9:15 Coming of the Christ isnt mentioned, but coming of the antichrist, 2Thes. 2:9 is mentioned. The purpose of this coming of the antichrist all the same: to destroy the third part of men Rev. 9:15; he comes for to steal, to kill and to destroy only, John 10:10. However antichrist one comes not: with him his army, the same locusts, which number - 200 million, comes also, Rev.9:16 (see also d.e. 89).

The voice of Jesus (to order to the sixth Archangel Jesus can only) will sound from the golden altar, Rev 9:13 wherefore at that time Jesus stands at the altar, see Rev 8:3 (and d.e. 78), whence to Him cried and the souls of them that were slain, Rev. 6:9,10. The voice of a trumpet of the sixth Archangel will sound in the time of great tribulation, in time of addition of number killed under the altar, in the time of a great hour of temptation, Rev.3:10.

96. The third part of manking was killed , Rev. 9:18 (RSV).

The third part of people which will die with the fire and smoke and brimstones will die of activity of the locusts during coming of the antichrist. Not the physical death here means, in fact within first five months of activity of the locusts of death at all will not be, Rev. 9:5,6.

FIRE It is necessary to understand flaming speech of crafty as fire, Prov. 16:27, leading away in error and the tongue sowing iniquity, Jas.3:6. Angels of Satan will flamingly speak and confidently, but it does not mean yet, that they are right. It is that fire that shall try every mans work of what sort it is, 1Cor.3:13.

A SMOKE As the smoke it is necessary to understand a smoke screen applied at war; servants of Satan from his army use certainly, means of obscuring, concealing of the truth, to cast a slur on somebody or something and other means of distraction from true, so as to ruin. The smoke is such speech which hides true and leads away in an opposite direction from it. Besides the smoke is also the sermon of pagan way of life and belief in accordance with own concepts and imagination of mans heart (instead of by word of God), Is.65:2-5.

BRIMSTONE Brimstone is an attribute of death; on the ground where there is brimstone, nothing grows, brimstone kills a life, Deut. 29:23. The sermon of angels of Satan will kill beginnings of good in hearts of people, sowing a spiritual poison. In to the poisoned bait (in the form of false "Coming") the third part of the believers existing now (those who are Christians only by the name) will bite. See about it also in d.e. 83 (item about defeat of the third part of the Moon).

97. The rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, Rev.9:20 (RSV).

From these plagues, that is from fire, a smoke and brimstone, Rev. 9:18 other people have not died; but having looked narrowly at them, it becomes clear, that theres no need to die them, because they anyway already are spiritually dead: unless it is possible to name alive (in front of the God) people who have not repented, worship to evil spirits (to those devils that came in the form of the locusts, pass themselves off as saint Angels of God); worship to idols, murders (!), are sorcerers, are fornicators and thieves? (See Rev. 9:20, 21). Word of God names such people dead, in trespasses and sins, Eph. 2:1; Mat, 8:22.