12 chapter of the book of Revelation

12 chapter of the book of Revelation

122. And there appeared a great wonder in heaven , Rev. 12:1.

Greatest of all signs is the sign of the Son of man, Mat. 24:30; a view of the sign: Jesus (who hast reigned) sitting on throne of God, in clothes of the King of kings, Rev. 6:16. Out of this sign a sinners will start to run off and to hide, Rev. 6:15-17. This sign will arise when there will come the great Day of his wrath (see d.e. 70,117), shortly before Coming of Jesus, see d.e.149.

123. A woman clothed with the sun , Rev. 12:1.

By time of occurrence of the Great sign, see.d.e.122, the woman will be already invested, that is, speaking the modern language, is dressed in the sun. By a woman it is necessary to understand Israel, but not only. The given woman can be recognized by a crown of 12 stars on her head: they are 12 Patriarches of Israel, these is 12 sons of James, Gen. 37:9. A name of this woman: Zion because on Zion shall her crown flourish, Ps. 132:13-18; in a Jewish way a word "Zion" of a feminine gender. Israel will be at that time already put on with the sun , that is in the Christ (by the sun is meant the Christ, Mal. 4:2) that is Israel will come to believe in Jesus. They will put on the Lord Jesus Christ, Rom. 13: 14 and it is necessary not only to them, but also all Cristians, including for that these lines read. Under foots of the women the Moon, and the Moon is an image of Church, Sol. 6:9, 10, see also d.e. 65, 83; that is the woman stands in Church and it means, that Israel which have accepted Jesus become a part of Church. Then words of Jesus will be executed: And there shall be one fold and one Shepherd, John 10:16. About unity of all people of God in the last days (both Israel, and Church) speak also such places of the Scripture: Rom. 11:17, 18; Gal. 3:28 where it is told: there is neither Jew nor Greek for you are all one in Christ Jesus. However, preaching it, the some people draw a distinction between Israel and Church, but the Scripture speaks: for there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek, Rom. 10:12. "Zion" is idea uniting both Church, and Israel.

Travail in birth. This expression meets also in the Epistle to Galatians, 4:19 and means the preaching, a Christian message, the testimony, exhortation and other diligence of Apostle Paul by means of which he achieved that in hearts the Galatians was born the Christ. Into these diligence is added also all adversity, endured by apostle Paul so as to achieve the Galatians his preaching, namely: adversity and difficulties in a way while reached to them; dangers in road (for example, from robbers); eating badly in a way; heat, and at times and an icy cold (in general, a bad weather), beating, other difficulties - on the whole torment. As a result of similar activity including prophecy of two prophets, in Israel will be born again those from 144 thousand, in 12 thousand from each kindred will accept to Christ.

124. And there appeared another wonder in heaven , Rev. 12:3.

In this and following verse it is spoken about a dragon that is about a devil, see Rev. 12:9, which during described events will be throw down from the heaven. But the dragon will deceive people and the overthrow from the heaven will pass off as coming, ostensibly it the Christ has come. He will make it by means of a false wonder which here is named by "another". The false sign in many respects will be similar to the real (see the description of a sign in d.e.88) but he will be not the Christ! And there will be it earlier, than the real wonder.

"Tail" of a dragon, by which is meant the false prophet, is mentioned also, Is.9:15. That tail - the false prophet has led away from the heaven third part of stars (has led away by means of a false doctrine) from the sky. Having accepted the doctrine of a Satan, these stars (that is angels) will lose the Heaven and will be throwing down on the ground. Number of that "the third part of stars is known: 200 million, Rev. 9:16 (see also d.e.89 and 95). Two thirds of other Angels of God have not fallen and have remained true to the God. Two thirds is twice more than at Satan that is number of saint Gods Angels is equal 400 million.

2. The dragon having seven heads and ten horns means not only Satan, but also his empire. It is that terrible and awful beast with ten horns about which wrote the prophet Daniel, 7:7 and about which is told that it is kingdom which will be upon the Earth, distinct from all kingdoms and that 10 kings will arise out of this kingdom, Dan. 7:23, 24. The dragon (and, hence, and his kingdom) is red, Rev. 12:3. Given the red kingdom will stand before the women, that is in front of Israel (will bring up the armies to Israel) before she will give birth that is before in Israel there will appear Christians, in 12 thousand from each kindred. It is known, that there will be approximate 1 year* before beginning of seven years, that the prophet Daniel mentions (Dan.9:27, 11:31).

The notes: *1.As far as text of given Interpretation are concerned it correspond with teaching of Holy Bible. 2. As far as concrete time or date are concerned they are reflected only personal view of author and may be somewhat different from actual.

125. And she brought forth a man child , Rev. 12:5.

Will be born again and there will appear 144 thousand firstborns of Israel; in 12 thousand from each kindred will accept to Christ, all of a male. They will to rule all nations that is will be chiefs in a 1000-years Kingdom of the Christ, and their government will be "iron", that is firm and without indulgences to sinners. 144 thousand will accept and will be sealed by the Lord during the testimony of two prophets, will exist on the ground until the Coming and will take part in general catching up together with Church.

And the woman fled into the wilderness , Rev. 12:6.

As it has already been told, in an image of the Woman it is presented both as Church, and which have believed of Jews. She is the wife, the bride of the Lamb, Rev 21:9. Speaking about torment of a birth, the Lord has told: Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and you shall be hated of all nations for my name sake, Mat. 24:9. Famine, epidemics, earthquakes, wars, poor harvests and other disasters become the reason of rather calamitous time; the grown furious pagans will accuse Jews of all and Christians. Persecutions will begin soon after the beginning of week that is seven years, Dan. 9:27. If these persecutions and murders (and also various calamitys) proceeded up to the end of the days, then would not survive anybody from Christians; but for the sake of them ( for the sake of elects ) the God will reduce those days, Mat. 24:22. But who is meant by a word "elects"? For each person living in this world, there are three opportunities:

1. He/she can be called. Called people are all; the Lord of all calls to Salvations in order they have accepted and were saved. However many be called, but few chosen, Mat. 20:16.

2. Elects are those who have responded to an appeal of the Lord. But to be "elect" still there is not enough for salvation for there shall arise false Christs and false prophets and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that,if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect, Mat. 24:24.

3. It is necessary to be still "faithful": with the Lord there will be those who are CALLED AND CHOSEN AND FAITHFUL, Rev. 17:14. Each Christian should satisfy to all three these conditions simultaneously. So, days of tribulatione will be reduced for the sake of elects, Mat.24:22. Also as it is written And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him though he hear long with them? I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? , Luke 18: 7. As the Lord has mentioned the Coming, it means that the specified protection will be given to elects shortly before the Coming. Protection will be expressed, including that to the elects will give an opportunity to escape in wilderness (see Rev.12:6). Under "wilderness" is meant the ground of Israel, Zech. 7:14. Particularly about this place prepared from the God it is told at the prophet of Micah, 7:13, 15.

126. Also there was war in heaven , Rev. 12:7.

When on the earthground in the mass order will betray christians to death (during addition of number killed under the altar) Satan will still have access on the heaven as it was in days of the Job, 1:6, 2:1, however it there will be his last days abiding among saint Gods Angels. The souls of millions ruined Christians will be cry to the God, Rev. 6:10. And for the thief, the murderer and the ruiner (that is for the devil) there will be no any more a place in the heaven. There will be a war between holy Gods Angels (the chief at which Archangel Michael) and Satan and his angels. As a result the Satan and his angels will be thrown down on the ground and will lose access on the Heaven. Those that dwell in heavens will glorify the God and to be pleased, that the Satan there already is not present, Rev. 12:10-12. But to the inhabiters of the earth will be woe for the devil is come down to them, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time! This time it will be really a little because he will be threw down approximately in the middle of term of prophecy of two prophets.

127. The thrown down Satan persecuted of the woman, Rev. 12:13.

The Satan will pass his overthrow from heaven off as Coming, and himself - off as the God, 2Thes. 2:4; the Satan will support the coming by false signs and false miracles, 2Thes. 2: 9 (see also d.e.124). Having passed himself for the God, he cannot any more as before to exterminate, kill and to torment all Christians (in this case each will understand, that he is not the God, but Satan). Therefore he operates with a deceit: in fact everyone who will worship to him, having accepted him as the God, all the same will perish, Rev. 14:11. The Scripture too speaks, that when the Satan and his angels (that is a locusts) will appear on the ground to them it is not allowed to kill at this time people, Rev. 9:5. One of mentioned above false miracles of Satan will be absence of death, Rev. 9:6, that is people will cease to die, them will cease to bury; workers of cemeteries and so-called ceremonial services will remain without work (and it will be all over the world!). They claims the Christ has come and because there is no death any more (!). Many of Christians will be in fear, seeing angels of God , seeing the Christ (that is the antichrist) and seeing that really anybody does not die any more! And fear hath torment, 1John.4:18. In a similar way they will be to torment of people five months, Rev. 9:5. But the Lord will relieve people of the antichrist as follows: And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle that she might fly into the wilderness, into her placefrom the face of the serpent, Rev.12:14. Here:

A great eagle is king of Babylon, Ezek. 17:3, 12 (the national emblem of this state is in the form of an eagle*), and

Two wings is all its cash air force for flying away in

"Wilderness", that is to Israel, see.d.e.125. There relieved by the Lord will be for a time that is while it will not terminate and while will come the last day, see d.e.100; and also in continuation of times . These are the times of refreshing which will come with Coming of the Jesus Christ, Acts 3:19, 20. In total these times seven, it is the biblical standard, Dan. 4:13. Duration of each of these times - as of seasons that is summer or winter, autumn or spring also is equal 3 months. Relieved by the Lord will be in "wilderness" also during half-time , that is half more that interval that is mentioned here by the first. In total all those intervals make 1260 days, Rev. 12:6 also consist of following periods: 420+630+210 days, see above. In wilderness woman will be nourished until will be exterminated antichrist.

The note: * we are talking about the New Babylon of the last time.

128. And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman Rev. 12:15.

The exit of people God's out of an empire of a red beast reminds exod from Egypt which was at Moses. Then the pharaon has pursued people of God with the army; now the army will send antichrist. The flood starts with a mouth of the serpent (or a dragon) by which is meant not only Satan, but also his empire. His empire will be left with the flood after the Woman. The army is meant by "a flood": When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him. And the Redeemer shall come to Zion, and unto them that turn from transgression in Jacob, saith the Lord , Is.59:19, 20. Here is mentioned Coming the Lord which will occur, when sons of Jacob, that is Israel, will turn from transgression; in days before Coming the enemy will come in like a flood to Jerusalem which shall be taken, Zech. 14:2-5, see also d.e.105. Then shall the Lord go forth, and fight against those nations, Zech.14:3. During judgment of God there will be a Great earthquake: the earth opened her mouth and swallowed up the flood, Rev. 12:16. That is in a precipice, cracks and holes of the ground will fall the army of the antichrist and other enemies of people God's. It will happen in the end of authority of a beast.

2. The flood from a mouth of a dragon means also the unclean doctrine of Satan, which he will send after the woman to lead away God's people and that by means of it to ruin them. People God's will abide in Israel, but not in Jerusalem, Luke 21:20, 21. Those who will not honored with catching up mean: all population of Israel (all without exception) will not be caught up.

129. The dragon went to make war with the remnant of a seed of the woman, Rev. 12:17.

Two prophets of God - the Apostle James and Apostle John have the testimony of Jesus Christ only. (At that time on the earth from among His witnesses, His apostles there will be only they). Both of them - from a seed of the woman, from a seed of Israel, Gal. 3:16. They will continue to keep the commandments of God. The beast from the deep will battle against them that is the gates of Hell, an empire of Satan led by him, Rev. 11:7, see also d.e.110; about gates of hell see Mat.16:18.