16 chapter of the book of Revelation

16 chapter of the book of Revelation

157. Command to Angels to pour out seven bowls of wrath, Rev. 16:1.

The Son of man shall send forth his Angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; and shall cast them into a furnace of fire Mat.13:41. The furnace of fire it is the Day flaring as an oven, Mal.4: 1 and it is the Day of wrath. After Accession of Jesus, the Kingdom of this World belongs to him. Angels will be sent to remove unrighteous men. The voice of Jesus to Archangels will sound out of the Temple , that is from Church which at that time will be already in the Heaven.

158. The Bowl of the First Angel, Rev. 16:2.

There will be severe and disgusting purulent wounds upon the men which had the mark of the beast and upon them which worshipped his image. They will worship to the image of the antichrist, and also will accept a way of life imposed on them by the antichrist. The bowl will be poured out soon after Catching up, the same year.

159. The Bowl of the Second Angel, Rev.16:3;

And it shall become as the blood of a dead man. A dead man it is antichrist, not having of Holy Spirit that is spiritually dead. In the Scripture it is told, that God shall wound the head of his enemies, and the hairy scalp of such a one as goeth on still in his trespasses, Ps. 68:21. Here is mentioned hairy scalp of the antichrist that is named a dead man.

That evry living soul died in the sea means, that in an empire of the antichrist there will be no of spiritually the alive person. The reason for that - blood of the dead man that is the antichrist: after delivering him of a fatal wound he will be revive; in honour of the revival he will establish a ceremonial similar to Eucharist. Joined blood of the antichrist people will die spiritually. In that time Church on the ground for a long time any more will not be, and these executions concern only those who worship to the antichrist.

160. The Bowl of the Third Angel, Rev.16:4.

Water in the rivers, lakes and sources of waters to turn into blood as it was once and in days of Moses, Ex.7:19-21. It for that they have spilled blood of saints (Christians) and two prophets Lord's. The Lord during outpouring this bowl is at the altar, whence his voice sounds, Rev.16:7.

161. The Bowl of the Fourth Angel, Rev.16:8.

It will be poured out on the sun which will scorch people with fire. Prophet Isaiah speaks that The light of the sun shall be sevenfold , Is.30:26.

2. Anti-Christ, as before, will burn people with the fire of iniquity, by his tongue, Jas 3:6. The bowl will be poured out in a year following after year of catching up and Coming of the Lord.

162. The Bowl of the Fifth Angel, Rev.16:10.

The empire of the beast will become full of darkness. Prophet Isaiah writes about an event at that time on the ground: Is.8:21, 22; 24:3-12; 24:17; 60:2. They will bite the tongues for pain, but anybody in an empire of the beast will not repent of their deeds, despite of these executions.

163. The Bowl of the Sixth Angel, Rev.16:12.

It will be poured out in river Euphrates under which means the river out of a mouth of a dragon, Rev.12:15 that is an army of the antichrist which he will send after the woman. This river consists of enemies of people of God. Enemies have been incorporated by the common for them the Babylonian idea and united to Babylon, both spiritual, and visible, therefore and have received the name of the river runed near of historical Babylon. The bowl of the sixth Archangel will be poured out during a trumpet of the second Angel (too the Archangel) when from 42 months of authority of a beast remains some. During a bowl of the sixth Angel there will be a Great earthquake, Rev.16:18 (see also d.e. 63 and 114) during which the majority of those enemies will be lost. During authority of the antichrist the earth will be absolutely devastated and plundered, Joel 2:3; Isaiah 24:3-5. The Lord will ruin ruiners of the grounds, Rev.11:18. Perdition of enemies is designated by words water has dried up (i.e. once overflowing set of enemies will absorb the ground) see d.e.128.

The kings of the East. Here: East is a Heavenly City, see d.e.72, and kings are a royal priesthood, 1Pet. 2:9, that is the saint saved people redeemed by the Lord whom Jesus has made by kings and priests, Rev.1:6, see also d.e. 7. Jesus will give to these kings and priests power over the nations, Rev.2:26, 27. These kings will reign on the earth, Rev. 5:10 after off it will be removed antichrist, Dan. 7:27, Ps.45:16. Clearing the ground from enemies, the God in this way will prepare for a way to these kings that they freely could leave Heavenly City (which then will descend on the ground) and to start to reign on the Earth.

164. The spirits of devils, working miracles, Rev.16:14.

Create the signs already for a long time, since times of Moses when helped magicians Egyptian, Ex.7:11, Ex.7:12, 22; 8:7. Demonic spirits also will make another wonder , Rev.12:3 before occurrence (coming) of the antichrist to deceive people as if the Christ has come. Exactly they will create signs and wonders in the beginning of government of the antichrist, Rev.13:13, 14, during his coming, 2Thes. 2:9; they will create signs and at the end of an empire of the antichrist when from a former army of the antichrist, as a result of earthquake there will be only half. These demonic spirits leave a mouth of a dragon (i.e. Satan), from a mouth of a beast (i.e. antichrist) and from a mouth of the false prophet, possessed with unclean spirit. These spirits of devils creating signs have the unpleasant appearance similar to frogs. They go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world that is unto ten kings - to associates of the antichrist, Rev.17:12. Spirits of devils will use all force of delusion, that from survived (after Great earthquake) nations to collect a new army. All this will occur during outpouring the sixth bowl of wrath when up to the end of those of 42 months of authority of the antichrist will remain only few days. Kings of the whole world with their troops will be collected to the battle of that great day of God Almighty when the Lord will come for destruction of the antichrist in fight the Armageddon, Rev.16:16 which will occur in Israel.

165. The Bowl of the Seventh Angel, Rev.16:17.

It will be poured out on air. Here the indication to the prince of the power of the air, Eph. 2:2, that is on Satan and his troops, including on a terrestrial army of the antichrist, Rev.19:19. Up from air, from the sky on an army of the antichrist the stone hailstones, with a rain fiery and sulfuric will fall (is more detailed see in d.e.148). Everything that remains from an army of the antichrist is described in Rev.14:20. After victory over the antichrist saved people being at a throne of God in the Heaven will exclaim with a loud voice: it is done! The mystery of God practically will be finished, Rev.10:7 as a result of which the image of this world will be abolished and there will come free off evil the Kingdom of the Christ on the earth. Thus were made (and already there will be in the past) lightnings, thunders and voices (that is seven trumpets having a loud voice) and other events accompanying them, see d.e. 50. It IS DONE (and will be already in the past) Great earthquake, during which cities of the nations will be destroyed, Rev.16:18, 19. It IS DONE (and already will be in the past) and the HAILSTONES, evry stone about the weight of a talent, Rev.16:21 (weight of one stone about 30 kg). The population of the earth after Great earthquake and the Hailstones is specified in the book of Prophet Zechariah 13:8 and among all of them still there will be the people that blasphemed God, Rev.16:21.