21 chapter of the book of Revelation

21 chapter of the book of Revelation

185. A new heaven and the new earth, Rev.21:1.

New they because on them dwelleth righteousness, 2Pet. 3:13, and completely not because the God will replace sand, will make other stones and will replace ground: there will be a new population of the Earth and the new population of the Heavens, truthful. The sea any more will not be, that is pagan people with their descendants; they are exterminated by fire from the God from the heaven, Rev.20:9; see also d.e. 184. Of course, the earth and the heavens shall be changed, Heb.1:12, Is.35th chapter all.

186. The holy City coming down from God from the sky, Rev.21:2.

The God will dwell with men, Rev.21:3. The City will descend to the Earth at the beginning of 1000-years Kingdom of the Christ and will be on it during all this 1000, and also after termination of this period when the sea any more will not be, Rev.21:1; see also d.e. 184. Into City can enter only they which are written in the Lambs book of life, Rev 21:27. The City (or superurban) is described in the book of Revelation 21:9-27 and 22:1-5, 14; see also d.e.41. The City will descend on the ground at a trumpet of the First Archangel.

187. There shall be no more death, Rev.21:4.

After 1000-years Kingdom there shall be no more death, it will be thrown in lake fiery (Rev. 20:14, see also d.e.183) but during 1000-years Kingdom the death still will be for descendants of pagan people who will occupy the ground (those Gog and Magog that are mentioned in Rev. 20:7). The Lord God will prolong a life till 100 years to all of them, Isaiah, 65:20.

188. Behold, I make all things new , Rev.21:5.

In the beginning of 1000-years Kingdom of the Christ the long period during which the God did not create will end. Since times of Adam this period totals 6000 years, see d.e.100. And this is time of rest of God, his great Saturday which will end when the God will tell: behold, I make all things new. These words will tell he that sat upon the throne of God that is they will be told by Jesus when he shall sit in the throne of his glory, Mat.19:28 that is when he shall reign, and there will be it in REGENERATION when the long period will end, named "GENESIS" (from which at the moment of a writing of the given Interpretation remains only about 5 years wherefore it comes to the end). Accession of Jesus Christ will be soon after the begining of week (or sevenyears) mentioned by the prophet Daniel, 9:27. Within new Day of creation, the ground will be regenerated and there is again fine (see Isaiah, 35th chapter all).

189. And he said unto me: it is done! , Rev.21:6.

This word will be told by Jesus after a pouring out of last bowl of wrath, Rev.16:17 when judgment Gods will end; the antichrist with his horrors any more will not be and ahead there will be only inexpressibly a happy and light Kingdom of the Christ! I think that saved people too will joyfully repeat this word: It is done, see.d.e.165. This moment was waited by Jesus (see Luke 22:16, 18) wherefore then will come Kingdom of God.

190. And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, Rev. 21:10.

The great mount is a great and high heavenly City of Jerusalem, Heb.12:22; see also d.e. 41. Angels will lift saints in Heavenly City during Catching up. Angels are worked in catching up, Acts 8:39. Will lift not a flesh, but in the spirit wherefore we shall change, 1Cor.15:50-54.

191. Light (of the City) was like unto a stone most precious, Rev.21:11.

The lamp in Heavenly City is the Lamb, the Christ (Rev.21:23) which face shines as the sun in the strength, Rev.1:16. Light from the Lord surpasses solar light, Acts 26:13, 14. Glory of God is shone also. The most precious stone is Jesus (see Isaiah 28:16, Rev.22:5). Within the three first Days of creation there was only this God's light wherefore the sun, the moon and stars have not been created yet, Gen.1:3-13. Nevertheless, on the ground grew the grass, fruiters and any greens though the sun then yet were not, Gen.1:11, 12.

192. And the street of the City was pure gold as it were transparent glass, Rev. 21:21.

These words should be understood in literal sense, but there is also an allegory: along this street can walk those which faith - as gold, tried in the fire that is the faith which has been completed fire of tests, Rev.3:18, 1Pet.1:7, 4:12, 13; Rev.13:7, Dan.7:25.

By words transparent glass is meant the glass sea, Rev.4:6, similar to a crystal: here means of pure, transparent (i.e. free of defects) saint people God's, similar to a crystal, that is to the Lord, wherefore under a crystal is meant Christ himself, Rev.21:11; see also d.e. 189.

193. The kings of the earth do bring (in City) their glory and honour, Rev. 21:24.

These are what the Lord will appoint princes in all the Earth, Ps.45:16, wherefore he has made us kings, Rev.1:6 also will give power over the nations, Rev.2:26, Luke 19:17, 19; Dan.7:27. Our glory is that which the Lord will give us, which shall reveal in us, Rom.8:18. The same concerns and to Rev.21:26 where nations are saved of all peoples, Rev.21:24, Prov.3:35.