Section 2 OUR WORK

Section 2 OUR WORK

You hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of earth and sky; but why do you not know to interpret the present time? , Luke,12:56.

One of the main places of the Scripture across which stumble many believers, the place from Act.1:7 is, saying: Not your business to know times or terms which the Father has put in The power (translation from Russian Bible).

Ignorance of the text of the original already many resulted in deadlock. But possibility to compare various translations of the Scripture with the original text has appeared recently. About 100 years ago when the Bible translation on Russian was carried out, such possibility the members of Spiritual academy knowing Hebrew and Greek languages had only. They were basically professors. Language of the Russian Bible possesses doubtless literary worthinesss and is exact in transfer of the holy original. But, not looking at it, some discrepancies with the original text are available and in the Russian Bible. So was in all cases of a Bible translation not only into Russian, but also into other languages of nations of the world. I will explain told on an example of one of the most known translation - translation of seventy translators, made on island Faros at coast of a city of Alexandria. Translators have been sent from Jerusalem with blessing of high priest Eleazar. The analysis of texts of this translation clearly shows that this remarkable translation was not simple translation. It was translation with simultaneous correction of some expressions of the original, and in some cases such correction has been justified, being specifying and supplementing while in other cases bore negative consequences in a form of distort the transferred text and an exception of some expressions and the words inherent in the original. In the first case positivity of correction speaks the big awareness of 70 translators at which order there were every possible additional historical sources of that time, many of which are lost for a long time or have not reached up to now for other reasons. In the second case correction has kept a negative trace in the form of narrowing information zone of some expressions or texts, or giving of the sense unusual for the original by it. For example, words from which it is possible to take out the conclusion about anthropomorphic* of the God have undergone to such undesirable processing. These are such expressions: And it repented the Lord, Gen.6:6; you will be to him instead of God, Ex.4:16 and others. In this connection translation explanatory and supplementing, in my opinion, is comprehensible, though is not obligatory. But "restrictive" translation (or narrowing information quantity) - is unacceptable, as introducing subjective human judgments. Such unjustified deviations from the original text have been caused by a pursuit of allegoric sense and reaction on seeming anthropomorphosis some expressions of the Bible. English writer Farrar results some places of the Scripture in which 70 translators have made deviation from the original text. Here these places:

1. In the book of Joshua, 24:30 the message is inserted, that the silicon knifes used for circumcision in wilderness, have been hidden in a tomb of Joshua.

2. The verse from the Deuteronomy, 32:8 comes to an end with words: has put limits of the people according to number of Angels God's (in the Russian Bible it is readable: according to the number of the sons of Israel).

3. In the book Exodus, 13:18 the word "harnessed" is translated in fives abreast.

4. In the book Genesis, 4:4 is added, that the God has ignited by fire a sacrifice of Abel.

5. In the book of Joshua, 13:22 it is added, that Balaam flied by air, has not been plunged yet downwards by Phinehas. In passing Farrar notices, that the Simon the Sorcerer (see Act 8:9) also could fly by air, like Balaam.

6. In the First book of Samuel, 20:30 the message is inserted, that mother of the Jonathan was one of the maidens seized in Shiloh, Judg.21:21.

7. In the book of Numbers, 32:12 it is specified, that Caleb was a pagan origin.

All deviations set forth above from the original, according to Farrar could find the known justifying **. But, as it has already been told, there are also other deviations which are defensible nothing. One of such unjustified deviations in the Russian Bible just also is the place from Acts of the Apostles, 1:7 in the original sounding so: It is NOT FOR YOU TO KNOW times or seasons, which the Father has established in his power. NOT FOR YOU - means, what not to apostles, but for others is intended to know times. Many know that this conversation of the Christ has occurred to apostles about 2000 years ago. And you shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth , the Christ has told. Each Christian knows that apostles have fulfilled this commission of Jesus. They really became his witnesses all over the world. But let us imagine for a minute as the Gospel message would be accepted if to the preaching about the Christ apostles have added also the message about times and terms . Then the people surrounding apostles would hear about Christ that he died, crucified, that he has risen, and that he Is alive, but will come again only in 2000. (About 2000 really has already passed since times of apostles, therefore to specify any other number of years I just can not, after all it is already the History part). But the people surrounding apostles would not accept such testify on the Christ. Why he will come only in 2000? We any more will not be, - people would think and in the answer would tell to apostles: Such Christ is not necessary to us . Clearly, that in this case the Gospels could not extend worldwide. Therefore the knowledge of times or seasons was not necessary for apostles. And the Christ has told them about it. But who then needs knowledge of times or of terms, if not to apostles? Russian (so called synodal) translation answers this question: they cannot be known to anybody as the Father has put them in the power (only for himself one). So understand some this place of the Russian Bible. But we will not forget that translation of this place is made with deviation from the original. And in the original it is told, that the Father has established times and terms in the power. A word "has established" means has decided, has appointed, has defined, - anyhow? The Lord is imperious to establish the beginning of this world, is imperious to establish and time of its end. Absolutely other sense asks incorrectly used to speak "has put", i.e. has as though put in an inaccessible place, has hidden from extraneous looks, has concealed.

As we see, the way out of our difficulty in which hasty interpreters of the Word God's have lead the God's people, is. We also will go to such exit.

Notes to section 2: *anthropomorphic, - that is humanoid. ** Frederic Farrar. It is hereinafter quoted under his book First days of Christianity in Russian translation, 1888 of the edition. P. 212 - 220 his book see.