Section 16 Duration of earthly ministering of Jesus Christ

Section 16 Duration of earthly ministering of Jesus Christ

Now we should define the BEGINNING of TERM of MINISTERING of our Lord. Year of ministering of John the Baptist to us is known from the Gospel of St. Luke, 3:1 where it is readable: In the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar the word of God came unto John the son of Zacharias in the wilderness. And he came into all the country about Jordan, preaching the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins . The fifteenth year of reign of Tiberius Caesar is 29th year AD, as Tiberius ruled since 14th year till 16th of March, 37th year AD. So, 29th year of the first century of our era. Just then John baptized the people coming to him. While John baptized the people, has accepted baptism and Jesus, Luke.3:21. Now we can tell, that baptism of Jesus was on January, 19th 29th year then there were 40 days of his fast in the wilderness, Mark.1:12, 13. The Evangelist Mark informs, that Jesus has immediately gone to wilderness so, day of baptism was also the first day of tempting. Taking into account of the told, the tempting of Jesus last day in wilderness has ended in the morning on February, 28th 29 year AD and simultaneously is also in the first afternoon of His ministering. Jesus has come to Cana of Galilee the third day after the returning from wilderness, John.2:1. It was the third day of ministering of our Lord! But Evangelist John informs and on the second day of ministering, John.1:43 when Jesus would go to Galilee. And John informs on the first day of ministering of our Lord, John.1:39. Not only that Apostle John speaks about this first day, he also informs hour when events of this day have begun! It was about the 10th hour informs John, 1:39.

For the third day of the ministering Jesus was on marriage in Cana of Galilee and has made there the first miracle, John.2:11. This place of the Gospels about marriage in Cana of Galilee is known to each believer. It often reads out on matrimonies, together with is simple for the preaching in our meetings. With grief I recollect exclamation of one of ecclesiasts during one of preaching on this theme. He has told: What means this third day? It is interesting, what means this third day? . Certainly, the ecclesiast has not given the answer to this question as did not know that means this day. I think, that it was necessary to begin this research that the God's people had the answer these and many other things questions and that ecclesiasts could not only read henceforth, but also understand written in the Gospels.

After marriage in Cana of Galilee the way to Nazareth, about 8 miles, and therefrom to Capernaum, about 22 miles laid ahead the Lord. The place from Mat.4:13 say about Nazareth, that it has been left as a residence as Jesus has lodged in Capernaum. According to the Gregorian calendar (that is on the chronology standard nowadays) marriage in Cana was on March, 2nd 29 year AD. The way to Capernaum is covered by Jesus next day, that is on March, 3rd, and day of arrival in Capernaum was on March, 4th. In the Gospel of St. John, 2:12 it is told, that the Lord has stayed in Capernaum of a few days. Here the Lord preached in the nearest settlements from Capernaum, Mark.1:38. Then it is told, that And again he entered into Capernaum after some days , Mark.2:1. In the Gospel of St. Mark, 2:23 it is informed on one Saturday. About this Saturday it is told and in Mat.12:1. At that time Jesus went through the corn fields, and disciples began to pluck the ears of corn and to eat. But, according to the book Leviticus, 23:14, no grains from a new crop could be eaten prior to the beginning of a harvest. The harvest beginning in Israel coincides with the second day of Passover, Lev.23:11. After that day bread and grains of a new crop it was already possible to eat. Hence, this Saturday should be after the second day of Easter, not earlier than. In the Gospel of St. Luke, 6:1 there is a wonderful acknowledgement to it - there this Saturday is mentioned, and this Saturday really was the first after the second day of Passover (translation from the Russian Bible). Actually it was the first day in which it was already possible to eat bread of a new crop. In the Gospel of St. John, 2:13 also it is spoken about proximity of Passover of Judaic, 14th of Abib coming on the Jewish calendar, approximately in April. A conclusion from the told is that in John.2:23 Passover of the FIRST YEAR of MINISTERING of the LORD is described.

Having come to Jerusalem, the Lord some time was in that district. So, the conversation with Nicodemus was in Bethany, that in two miles from Jerusalem, John.11:18, apparently, in the house of the Lazarus. Nicodemus saw or heard about miracles, that did Jesus, John.3:2, and the Lord has started to make miracles - the first in Cana of Galilee, then in Jerusalem, John.2:23. That is the conversation of Jesus with Nicodemus was in the first year of ministering of the Lord, after Passover feast. After conversation with Nicodemus Jesus has come to the land Judaic with disciples, John.3:22. But soon the Lord has left Judea and has again gone to Galilee, John.4:3. Time in which he has left of Judea, it is possible to define from the words of Jesus which has been written down in John.4:35: There are yet 4 months, and then comes harvest . The harvest comes in Israel right after Passover, in the end of April by our calendar so, this conversation of Jesus with disciples has taken place in the beginning of year. That is, there has already passed the first year of ministering of the Lord and the second began. It is useful to remind also, that in the beginning of the first year of his ministering (before the baptism and tempting) Jesus yet had no disciples. We will notice also, that soon after the first year, John the Baptist has been already executed, as about him it is spoken already in past time, John.5:35. So, ministering of John the Baptist proceeded within only 29th year of our era and some time in the beginning of 30th year.

The feast Judaic, mentioned in John.5:1 is called Purim, was celebrated in March. It is a question, thus, of March of the following, the second year of ministering of our Lord. The Passover mentioned in John.6:4, is Passover of the second year of ministering of our Lord.

The feast of Tabernacles mentioned in John.7:2, was celebrated in October. It was October of the second year of ministering.

The feast of the dedication, John.10:22, was celebrated in December. It was the end of the second year of ministering of Jesus.

The Passover mentioned in John.11:55, was last Passover in ministering of Jesus. Jesus became the passover Lamb this time.

The Lord carried out ministering throughout 27 months to the resurrection from the dead.

Conclusions: 1. The Lord carried out ministering within 29th year (completely) and 30th year (completely), and also within first three months of 31st year, till Thursday on March, 29th 31st year AD when has been crucified. And word "Friday" (see John.19:14 in Russian Bible) in the original of the Scripture are not present. Jesus resurrection from the dead was on April, 1st 31 year * AD then he showed to disciples within of 40 days.

2. Beginning the ministering, Jesus was about 30 years of age and carried out ministering 2 years and 3 months. Thus, he has accepted death for us at the age of 32 years and 3 months. But according to our calendar there have passed only 30 years and 3 months: we will recollect, that 29th year was first year of earthly ministering of the Lord. TWO YEARS is a difference for which our today's chronology is late.

As we see, serious research of the Gospels and all Bible yields to us all initial data, and we have seen that data, taken from the Old Testament, have coincided with data, taken from the New Testament. We will track once again as the oldtestament prophecy of Daniel about the Christ was fulfilled:

Since 3600th year from Adam, there has passed 401 years till Jesus Christ Birth, then as early as 30 years when he left on ministering, Luke.3:23 and, at last, 2 years and 3 months of his ministering to the crucifixion and the resurrection. The death of the Christ has occurred in 434 years after command of the Persian king the Cyrus about restoration of Jerusalem, i.e. after 62 weeks lapse, specified by the Angel. Since Adam's times to death and resurrection of the Christ 4033 years have had time to pass.

The note: * the specified dates of death and resurrection of Jesus are taken from the new book of the author under the name The End of the days, by written by the author in 2008. Data of computer calendars and astronomical tables of NASA are thus taken into consideration.