Exercise 4

Exercise 4

Paraphrase the following sentences using Complex Objects with ing-forms

Example: Look! Theres Tony. Hes waiting for someone.

We saw Tony waiting for someone.

1 Somethings burning in the kitchen.

2 Look! Theres Ann. Shes waving at us.

3 Look! Its Bill. Why is he kicking that dog?

4 Listen! Thats Rose. Shes practising. Shes having a contest tomorrow.

5 Look! Thats Ben. Hes jogging.

6 Listen! Our neighbours are shouting at each other again.

7 Look! Someones breaking out of the jail!

8 Listen! Someones tramping in the hall.

9 Listen! Thats your sister. Shes asking you to come home.

10 Look! Its Leslie. He is still revising for his exam. He is always sitting up late.

11 She is reading a fairy-tale to her children.

12 Look! Those schoolchildren are having a break.

13 Listen! Someones knocking at the door.

14 Look! They are trying to catch our neighbours cat. It has run away again.