Exercise 14
Повернутись до змісту

Exercise 14

Give answers to the question, using ing-forms as the objects of prepositions

Example: Your friend was late. Did she apologize?

Yes, she apologized/no, she didn’t apologize for being late

1 You were late for class yesterday. Did you have a good excuse?

2 You are going to Kyiv to visit your friends this weekend. Are you looking forward to that?

3 Lena picked up your pen when you dropped it. Did you thank her?

4 You’re living in a cold/warm climate. Are you accustomed to that?

5 You’re going to the Crimea for a vacation. Are you excited?

6 You interrupted the teacher while she was speaking. Did you apologize?

7 The students in the class did pantomimes. Did all of them participate?

8 Someone broke the window. Do you know who is responsible?

9 Americans usually have their biggest meal in the evening. Are you used to doing that?

10 The weather is hot/cold. What does that prevent you from doing?

11 Your sister has to do a lot of homework. Does he complain?

12 He didn’t study grammar last night. What did he do instead?

13 You studied last night. What did you do in addition?