Exercise 17

Exercise 17

Complete each sentence with any appropriate ing-form of the following verbs

to open to rain to run to take to do homework to organize to laugh to run into to go to do to fly to take to be to work

1 When Beth got tired, she stopped __________.

2 Would you mind __________ the door? Thanks.

3 The weather will get better soon. We can leave as soon as it stops __________ .

4 The police officer told him to stop, but the thief kept __________ .

5 I enjoy __________ a long walk every morning.

6 I have a lot of homework tonight, but Id still like to go with you later on. Ill call you when I get through __________ .

7 I would like to have some friend over. Im thinking about __________ a dinner party.

8 He told a really funny joke. We couldnt stop __________ !

9 Jack almost had an automobile accident. He barely avoided __________ another car at the intersection of 4th and Elm.

10 Where are you considering __________ for vacation?

11 Sometimes I put off __________ my homework.

12 I wanted to go to Mexico. Sally suggested __________ to Hawaii.

13 Tony mentioned __________ the bus to school instead of walking.

14 I appreciate __________ able to study in peace and quiet.