Exercise 20

Exercise 20

Complete the sentences with the correct form(s) of the verbs in parentheses

1 I like (go) to go/going to the zoo.

2 The play wasnt very good. The audience started (leave) _______________ before it was over.

3 After a brief interruption, the professor continued (lecture) _______________ .

4 The children love (swim) _______________ in the ocean.

5 I hate (see) _____________ any living being suffer. I cant bear it.

6 Im afraid of flying. When a plane begins (move) _______________ down the runway, my heart starts (race) _______________ .Oh-oh! The plane is beginning (move) _______________, and my heart is starting (race) ______________ .

7 When I travel, I prefer (drive) _______________ to (take) _______________ a plane.

8 I prefer (drive) _______________ rather than (take) _______________ a plane.

9 I always remember (turn) _______________ off all the lights before I leave my house.

10 I can remember (be) _______________ very proud and happy when I graduated.

11 Did you remember (give) _______________ Jake my message?

12 I remember (play) _______________ with dolls when I was a child.

13 What do you remember (do) _______________ when you were a child?

14 What do you remember (do) _______________ before you leave for class every day?

15 What did you forget (do) _______________ before you left for class this morning?

16 Ill never forget (carry) _______________ my wife over the threshold when we moved into our first home.

17 I cant ever forget (watch) _______________ our team score the winning goal in the last seconds of the championship game.

18 Dont forget (do) _______________ your homework tonight!

19 I regret (inform) _______________ you that your loan application has not been approved.

20 I regret (listen, not) _______________ to my fathers advice. He was right.

21 When a student asks a question, the teacher always tries (explain) _______________ the problem as clearly as possible.

22 I tried everything, but the baby still wouldnt stop crying. I tried (hold) _______________ him, but that didnt help. I tried (feed) _______________ him, but he refused the food and continued to cry. I tried (burp) _______________ him. I tried (change) _______________ his diapers. Nothing worked. The baby wouldnt stop crying.