Exercise 22
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Exercise 22

Supply an appropriate form, ing-form or infinitive, of the verbs in parentheses

1 Keep (talk) _______________ . I’m listening to you.

2 The children promised (play) _______________ more quietly. They promised (make, not) _______________ so much noise.

3 Linda offered (look after) _______________ my cat while I was out of town.

4 You shouldn’t put off (pay) _______________ your bills.

5 Alex’s dog loves (chase) _______________ sticks.

6 Mark mentioned (go) _______________ to the market later today. I wonder if he’s still planning (go) _______________ .

7 Igor suggested (go) _______________ (ski) _______________ in the mountains this weekend. How does that sound to you?

8 The doctor ordered Mr. Gray (smoke, not) _______________ .

9 Don’t tell me his secret. I prefer (know, not) _______________ .

10 Could you please stop (whistle) _______________? I’m trying (concentrate) _______________ on my work.

11 Recently, Jo has been spending most of her time (do) _______________ research for a book on pioneer women.

12 Nadia finally decided (quit) _______________ her present job and (look for) _______________ another one.

13 Did you remember (turn off) _______________ the stove?

14 Toshi was allowed (renew) _______________ his student visa.

15 Pat told us (wait, not) _______________ for her.

16 Mr. Buck warned his daughter (play, not) _______________ with matches.

17 Would you please remind me (call) _______________ Gina tomorrow?

18 The little boy had a lot of trouble (convince) _______________ anyone he had seen a mermaid.

19 Liz encourage me (throw away) _______________ my old running shoes with holes in the toes and (buy) _______________ a new pair.

20 I’m considering (drop out of) _______________ school, (hitchhike) _______________ to New York, and (try) _______________ (find) _______________ a job.

21 Don’t forget (tell) _______________ Jane (call) _______________ me about (go) _______________ (swim) _______________ tomorrow.

22 Sally reminded me (ask) _______________ you (tell) _______________ Bob (remember) _______________ (bring) _______________ his soccer ball to the picnic.