Exercise 23

Exercise 23

Complete the paragraphs with can, can't, could, or couldn't

1 For a long time, Jim and Marie couldnt agree on a

family sport. Jim loves tennis, and Marie takes lessons, but she still ___________ play- Marie ________ swim, but Jim hates

the water. They recently took up dancing. Now, they ________

do the swing and spend time together.

2 Stefan has made a lot of progress in English. Last semester he ________ order a meal in a restaurant or talk on the telephone. His

friends helped him do everything. Now he ________ speak English in a lot of situations.

3 Bill almost _______ make his class presentation last

semester because he was so nervous. He ___________

communicate well in small groups, but not in big ones. He plans to take a course in public speaking. I'm sure he ________

improve quickly.

4 Last year I _______ dance at all, but when I met Stan, I

signed up for a class right away. He ___________ really dance,

and I wanted to dance with him. Now I ____________ do the

basic steps. I __________ do the waltz yet, but we're

planning to waltz at our wedding next month.