Exercise 29

Exercise 29

Complete each sentence with one of the expressions from the list in a suitable form. Use the verb given. There may be more than one possible answer

(not) be allowed to can can't had better had to didn't have to have to don't have to should should have shouldn't have

a She spent all yesterday listening to music because she (go) __________ to school.

b Sorry, I'd like to help you, but I (give) __________ students advice while they are actually taking the examination.

c I know it's a long time in the future, but the airline is very busy in the summer, so I think you (buy) __________ your ticket now.

d Now it's raining, and we're going to get wet. We (bring) __________ an umbrella with us.

e Sorry, but I can't stop and talk any longer. I (be) __________ at the station by half past two.

f Excuse me, but have you read the notice? You (not bring) __________ dogs into the supermarket.

g We're going the wrong way, I think. You (not turn) __________ left at those traffic lights back there.

h Sorry Fm late. I (buy) __________ some food for lunch, and so I missed the train.