Exercise 33

Exercise 33

Put in can or cant if possible; if not, use will be able to.

(We can use can if we are deciding now what to do in the future. In other cases, we have to use will be able to)

1 I __________ pick it up tonight, if thats convenient.

2 I think I __________ speak English quite well in a few months.

3 We need some more oil. OK, I __________ let you have some this week.

4 Dr Parker __________ see you at twelve on Tuesday.

5 She __________ walk again in a few weeks.

6 Do you think one day people __________ travel to the stars?

7 This weeks no good, but I __________ bring the car in next week.

8 In a few years, computers __________ think better than we do.

9 She __________ give you a lesson this evening.

10 Im free at the weekend, so the kids __________ come around.

11 Ill post your letter, but I dont think the postman __________ read the address.

12 I __________ do your job with no trouble at all.

13 Were busy this week, but we __________ repair it by next Thursday.