Exercise 38
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Exercise 38

Put the verb in brackets in each sentence into the most suitable tense. Explain your choice. Translate the sentences

a If we (have) __________ a different government, I'm sure they (find) __________ solutions to our economic problems.

b If there (be) __________ more policeman at football matches, there (not be) __________ so much hooliganism.

c If drivers actually (obey) __________ the law, the number of accidents (probably decrease) __________.

d If more people (give up) __________ smoking, our health services (save) __________ a lot of money.

e Burglars (find) __________ it almost impossible to break into houses if more house owners (fit) __________ locks to their windows.

f Parents (understand) __________ teenagers better if they (try) __________ to remember how they felt at that age.

g If everyone (become) __________ a vegetarian, then the whole population of the world (have) __________ enough to eat.

h If everyone (stop) __________ using cars and (walk) __________ instead, there (be) __________ less pollution and everyone (be) __________ healthier.