Love God's and love human
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Love God's and love human

The given day was continuation, so to say, honeyweek* 44. It was week of the highest happiness and love as it was pictured to them at that time. The given book - serious research of history of Adam and Eve, fulfilled within the limits of biblical moral and ethic. If already we are talking about love, we will speak about it not only from the human point of view, but also with biblical, God's. According to the Bible, the love is not only feeling of the man to the woman and (or) to the contrary, but has very many components of which it consists, namely:

1) long-suffering; 2) love is kind; 3) love does not envy; 4) love vauntes not itself; 5) it is not arrogant; 6) it is not rude; 7) it does not seek her own; 8) it is not easily provoked; 9) it does not think up no evil; 10) it does not rejoice at iniquity; 11) together rejoices in the truth; 12) love bears all things; 13) believes all things; 14) hopes all things; 15) endures all things; 16) love never ends, 1Corinthians, 13:4-8.

Concerning the first point it is possible to tell that the long-suffering could not be shown in Adam's and Eve’s life yet, as three weeks of a joint life - too small term that it is possible to speak about long-suffering. Concerning point 2 we will notice, that for mercy too yet there was no place in their life. 3. About envy it is possible to tell, that it too yet was not in their life. 4. There was no and boasting before each other. However, self-importance it will be shown by Adam in a week, that is after fall, - when Adam will tell a phrase: « The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree … », Gen.3:12. From Adam's given words it is visible, that he, Adam, did not consider Eve as an independent and being equal in rights, but only the subordinate to him, Adam: some degree of self-importance in these words is available. As during this period Adam has not been allocated yet as the head of the family. It has occurred only subsequently when the God (already after fall) will tell to Eve, that « he (Adam) shall rule over you », Gen.3:16, but from the beginning it was not so.

Concerning point 5 (about pride) a question too a little disputable: why Adam and Eve never seeked advice or help from the God? Whether there are no here pride signs?

6. Any rude it was not noticed yet after the first human couple.

7. About «to seek her (or his) own» it is possible to tell, that Adam and Eve nevertheless often seeked own: everything to what they aspired and searched, so it is every possible pleasures for itself.

8. Irritations also it is not appreciable yet in their life: for the described short period it has not had time to be shown yet.

9. They did not think up of evil for the reason that simply did not know that evil exists on the whole. So was till the moment of taste of a forbidden fruit.

10. For the same reason they never rejoiced at a lie, it was not in their life wherefore they had no idea about good and evil.

11. However, they a little joiced also in the truth about which had only vague idea.

12. At first they bear with each other, but when Eve has sinned, Adam has refused to cover her sin, Gen.3:12.

Though the love believes all things (point 13 see), nevertheless it is not necessary to trust the serpent to whom they too have believed, Gen.3:4. And to believe it is necessary in God and everything that proceeds from hIm.

In full sense of this word, they had no love God's, and that at them was - was love human, passing. At the same time, it nevertheless was the big love, and within Paradise, and in this sense - unique. In described by us day Adam and Eve were still happy; the future was thought by them cloudless and prospects - boundless.

On August, 16th, Tuesday; day of 24th