Dialogues of the God with the Man

Dialogues of the God with the Man

This day, also as well as a little previous, is included into number of days of wedded week of Adam and Eve. As there is no necessity to speak about occurring in these days in detail, we will dwell here on one rather important circumstance in Adam's and Eves life, namely on the visits of God Adam and Eve and His conversations with them.

In a narration on Adams and Eves life in the book Genesis conversation of the God with them is mentioned, at least, 10 times, and in different cases:

1. The words of the God told by him at blessing of people created by him, Gen.1:28.

2. Words of the God about food which he gives them, Gen.1:29, 30.

3. About that Adam was engaged in cultivation and Garden storage, Gen.2:15.

4. A commandment to Adam about a tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Gen.2:16,17.

5. Words about creation of the assistant for Adam, Gen.2:18.

6. Words of the God during Adam's and Eves wedding ceremony, Gen.2:24; Mat.19:5.

7. A commandment about a tree of the knowledge of good and evil (repeatedly, * 46 for Adam and Eve together, Gen.3:3).

8. Conversation with Adam and Eve after their fall, Gen.3: 8-13.

9. Final word* 47 to Adam, Gen.3:17-19.

10. Concluding remarks to Eve, Gen.3:16.

11. Dialogue of the God with the man during representation to him of fauna, Gen.2:19.

Thus points 3, 4, 5 and 11 concern by then when Eve did not exist yet, that is only Adam. Thus, within 40 days of abiding of Adam and Eve in Paradise of a word of the Lord God to them sounded not less than 7 times, that is conversation of God occurred to people practically every week, and is possible and more often, and the initiative in conversation always was shown by the God. Any cases when Adam and (or) Eve seeked God under their own initiative we do not find in the Scripture, and it is sad.

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