Adam names the wife

Adam names the wife

And Adam called his wifes name Eve, Gen. 3:20.

As immediate exile from Paradise has not followed, Adam has a little calmed down. Alarms of last seven days have gone off Adam and his wife the rails of habitual employment. It seemed to them, that without special work all could be restored anew, only it is necessary to want that. But it was the greatest error. After all even now, after the lapse of the whole 6 thousand years since then, the God's order existing before fall still is not restored, and lost sovereignty over the earth the Man, yet has not found it in full sense of this word wherefore it still is in hands of the prince of this world, i.e. devil. Adam's descendants still far not all repented, and the heavenly City which has left from the earth has not come back yet...

Often it was possible to observe of house birds with the cut wings which tried to fly as though with them has occurred nothing, not understanding, that flight, still possible yesterday, today already is not possible. In similar position there was Adam and his wife: attempts again to find the heart peace and happiness without the aid of God have ended with a failure. Here if they repented before the God also have asked him to return to them the peace lost by them! But they never it have made. That day they managed to stifle only temporarily alarm of last days and with feigned pleasure to walk around Paradise. Thus Adam has recollected already two-year-old occupation (in which he was engaged on the earth when gave names to animals) and it has pushed him, at last, to name the wife. In search of a suitable name for the wife he was helped by a case, already known to the reader: As a result of those attacks of nausea (or of sorrow in pregnancy as it is told in the Bible) Adam according to the God has learnt, that his wife is pregnant, that is became mother actually of all living. Adam has found, that a word "life" (in a Jewish way Eve) most full reflects an essence of an event with her. Thus, wife of Adam has received the name only already after fall when their term of abiding in Paradise approached already to the end. On an extent about five weeks of abiding in Paradise wife of Adam yet had no name and was called simply woman (in the Scripture original in Hebrew - ishshah). It is a pity only, that a great and substantial name "Life" (is more exact living), Eve has received only when they became mortal. However, that memorable Eves name day nevertheless was joyful event, but it was already one of last joyful events of their abiding in Paradise.

The God does clothes to Adam and Eve

On August, 28th, Sunday; day of 36th

And the Lord God made for Adam and for his wife garments of scins, Gen.3:21.

In days described by us 6th Day of creation, that is one of those great and eternal days that are mentioned at the prophet of the Micah, 5:2 (BBE) still proceeded. The Lord God did the affairs in all days of the given great Day, * irrespective of, whether there was that day Monday or Sunday* 55. So was continued to the end of 6th Day of creation when the God, at last, has rested from all his work in Day of the seventh. Day of the seventh was the same duration, as well as each of six Days of creation. Only after that 7th Day has been sanctified, Gen.2:2,3. After sanctification of 7th day it was necessary to revere already as the God's establishment ** (that is as the day off every week). But in days of Adam and Eve in Paradise of such establishment yet was not.

In 36th day in Paradise Adam and Eve have decided to celebrate Eves name day and have again prepared the celebratory table. And at the Lord this day the next business was necessary: He has decided to make clothes for Adam and Eve, and of rather valuable material that is the skin which is highly valued and on present time. Process of treatment of a skin as a material, includes set of stages, such as liming, tanning and other. But all these processes, of course, the secondary. And first of all, it was necessary to skin any animal, that is to take his life. In the Bible it is not specified, - which skin of an animal was put to use, but it is possible to think, that it was the skin of one of those animals which according to the book Leviticus, have been sacrificed for a sin, though of the law of Moses for this purpose (and for commemorating of weekly Saturday) at that time, of course, yet was not.

Certainly, that the clothes made the God, were magnificent from any point of view: the material was fine, its colouring was fine, breed (or a style as we would tell now) was fine also. Durability also was rather high. Besides it is a product of the God so it is faultless in every respect, above any praises and besides unique, out-and-outer! Manufacturing of clothes needed also some time: they have not been made instantly. For an example we will specify in a rod of Aaron the blossomed: this rod has been put in tabernacle one day, Num.17:7, and on other day the dry rod has blossomed, and brought forth buds, has given flowers and yielded almonds, Num.17:8. Process of blooming did not carry instant, explosive character, but one usual day was necessary for fulfilment of this business of God. One day we set aside and for manufacturing of clothes for the first people.

The note: ** 3999 year BC, in which Adam and Eve were in Paradise, began and came to an end on Saturday. To avoid a word-play, it is necessary to tell usual (weekly) Saturday from great 7th Day of rest God's, in which the God has rested from all his work, proceeding also until now and equal 6000 years.

The God dresses Adam and Eve

On August, 29th, Monday; day of 37th

... And clothed them, Gen. 3:21.

In the same first day of week, only in the evening, * the Lord God, has as usual visited the person. This time the Lord has brought leather clothes for Adam and Eve made by hIm the day before. Adam and Eve left towards to the God in crumpled aprons... Scripture words clothed them specify in fatherlike care of the God for the man: He has dressed them the same as parents of children dress. Adam and, in particular, Eve felt absolutely differently in new clothes: they were very cosy, were not close anywhere, have been beautiful and made according to size. By the way, any trying on it was not required: they were hIs creations, and He knew all the sizes long their bodies by heart. One of the main qualities of new clothes was that it was not rumpled: even having spent the night in it, people looked decently. Thus, and this new their day in Paradise was for them joyful: all this somewhat reminded to jar with honey, already almost empty but on which bottom the honey rests have still remained. . This day mutual rebukes was less, - whether from recent Eves name day, whether for pleasure because of new clothes, but more of all because everything, in general, "has subsided" also the God did not remind them of their transgression. For a pardon to the God they were not inquired, thoughts on repentance were not. And to repent they were not going. Their hopes on new life stage in Paradise were superficial. As a matter of fact, it was already last visitation them by God in Paradise, and ahead only exile from Paradise laid ahead. Presence of the God lasted that time longer usual, but Adam and Eve have not taken advantage of the God's presence and so remained in notrepented an estate.

Note:* evening of that day already concerned Monday of next day, see for example the note* 53.

The God decides to send away of Adam

On August, 30th, Tuesday: day of 38th

And the Lord God said:

-Behold, the man is became as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever , Gen. 3:22.

Adam and Eve were notrepented sinners. Such their estate could be fixed for ever if they have partaken from a life tree. In the given text of the Scripture the anxiety of the Lord God concerning the turned out situation and his decision to send away Adam (and Eve) from Paradise is expressed. Meanwhile, Adam and Eve that day still were in Paradise. Such their site reminds position of students already deducted for any wrongdoings: while the top management of an educational institution makes the decision on their deduction, all of them still may habitually be engaged in the usual affairs while it about will be declared them. In the given day Adam and Eve yet do not know about the decision God's. Already having accustomed with the new clothes, they are engaged in habitual affairs: gets up, makes toilet, collects fruits, eats, drinks and plans on the future. Among these plans and new travel on Paradise to try and those fruits which yet did not taste. The state of health of Eve by this day has a little improved, and nausea attacks almost were not. Waited only for day when they will stop absolutely.

-Today still we will wait, and tomorrow we will go to a campaign on Paradise, - Eve has told.

-I already was going to offer for a long time you it, - Adam has agreed.

During Adam's abiding and Eve in Paradise it is possible to allocate some stages:

1. as serene-paradise, their innocent estate - within first four weeks;

2. after the fall, in expectation of the God's judgment - during the following of 10 days;

3. After passing of definition God's about eviction - within two last days.

Given 38th their day in Paradise was last of rather paradise days.

Exile from the Garden of Eden

On August, 31st, Wednesday; day of 39th

Therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground

from whence he was taken , Gen. 3:23.

Having woken up after wonderful rest in Paradise, Adam has begun to tell to Eve about the wonderful dream in which music sounds were heard. Adam tried to remember sounds of a wonderful hymn, but and could not.

-For today our travel beginning round the Paradise is planned, - Eve has told.

-Travel you will have, only not round the Paradise, but from Paradise, - they have suddenly heard an unfamiliar voice. Having turned back on a voice sound, they have seen the cherub standing near them, one of angelic beings.

-What does it mean? - Turning pale, Adam has asked.

-That the Lord God has decided to send you from Garden of Eden and has charged it to make to me, - the cherub has told. So, follow in this direction, - the cherub has added and has shown aside, the leader from the Garden. Adam and Eve have reluctantly obeyed, the cherubim went nearby. On the way they silently have exchanged glances, yet not having realised till the end of the happened. Adam went, having bent a bearded head. All the day long they went in the same direction: it was the shortest way conducting from the Garden. There was only a short stop for meal. They went also a part of evening. At last they left the Garden and have stopped only at the wide bilateral ladder conducting downwards.

-Here you may have a rest before descent downwards, - the cherub has told.

Meanwhile, it is still possible to consider all given 39th day as paradise for following reasons:

1. Anybody of people in the past and now (with an exception unless Enoch, Elias and Apostle Paul) cannot visit Paradise at least for some minutes, but Adam and Eve went through Paradise all that day!

2. Anybody of people never could and cannot use now at least one of Paradise fruits, and Adam and Eve that day still ate Paradise fruits. Speaking about it we, certainly, mean nowadays living and once living Adam's descendants, terrestrial people, instead of the died righteous men which spirits, of course, can be in Paradise and now.

Penultimate day of abiding of Adam and Eve in Paradise was such.