Section 6 1. Some results of 40 days in Paradise

Section 6 1. Some results of 40 days in Paradise

1. The initial stage of a life of Adam and Eve proceeded during rather interesting and significant time. So, at that time still proceeded (though comes to the end) great six-millenary of 6th Day of creation. During their life also has begun and following great six-millenary of 7th Day of rest, or, in another way, mankind history.

2. Adam's creation, his acquaintance with animals, abiding at first one Adam in Paradise, creation of Eve then abiding both Adam and Eve in Paradise - all these events have harmonous time interrelation and all together, anyhow, define starting day (or a initiai calculation point) our 6000 anniversary. Without knowledge of these initial events the error at definition of last day the end of the world can be unimaginably big wherefore without knowledge of time of the beginning of the world it is impossible to define and its end * 76.

3. Besides, by preeternal definition of the Lord God and according to His purpose, the given work we open those mysterious pages of Sacred history which were never still open to people as it was not known and about terms of those events which are described in the given book and are listed in the Table placed more low which also is one of book results 40 days in Paradise.

The chronological Table of the first years of life of Adam and 40 days in Paradise


The event name

Event date


Day of creation of Adam

Sunday, on May, 12th 4001st year BC


Adam gets acquainted with the world, created by God

Within 40 days from the date of creation


Adam gets acquainted with all animals and birds and gives them names

From May, 13th till June, 21st 4001 BC


Adam's abiding in Paradise (yet without the wife)

Since June, 22nd 4001 BC till July, 23rd 3999 BC


Day of creation of Eve

Sunday, on July, 24th 3999 BC


Adam and Eve in Paradise

From July, 24th till September, 1st 3999 BC


The beginning of the first pregnancy of Eve * 41,48

About August, 18th 3999 BC