Part the second Section 1 After exile from Paradise

Part the second Section 1 After exile from Paradise

Essay of history of the first 10 days of a life of Adam and Eve on the earth, after exile them from Paradise. The given narration is devoted great epoch-making event, namely ten final days of last Day of creation.

Friday, on September, 2nd 3999 year before Christ

Day the first: In search of dwelling

Adam and Eve have looked back on gate, but there there was that cherub, seeing off them by fiery sight *. Adam took Eve for a hand and both of them have gone along coast of the River following from the City. It was the river for Paradise irrigation. Having made there, in the City, above, in Paradise the matter of irrigation, the river then followed from the City, and some distance flew by the ground, being divided then and serving as a source for four terrestrial rivers, including Euphrates and the Tiger.

- Look! - Adam has cried. Eve has looked aside where Adam has shown: there, on a water surface one leaf which has fallen from any tree floated. Leaf outlines have seemed to Adam acquaintances:

- And after all it is leaf of a life tree! - Adam has cried, - I have learnt it at once, it has fallen yonder, above, - Adam on the City bulk has nodded, - and has come up here, already on the earth, - he has more silently added. Adam has broken off a branch from near growing tree and has drawn leaf floating by them to himself. Taking in a hand, he has shown it to Eve:

- And after all we could eat fruits from this tree, but have never tasted them, and they bring eternal life

- Do not remind me of it, - Eve has gloomy told.

Becoming mother of all living, she simultaneously became mother and all future criminals, murderers, fornicators and other in such sort. This negative emotional charge of evil was not splashed out yet outside, but concentrated in her heart, and in Adam's heart too.

These lines were written by me in the morning on September, 5th, 1999 according to Old Style that corresponds on September, 18th, 1999 according to New Style, in so-called 5760 year, the eighth day of month Ethanim according to the Jewish calendar. At that time some of inhabitants everywhere prepared to celebrate 2000 anniversary anno Domini and said, that before as early as a year and three with a half month. But I knew, that this anniversary has already passed more than 8 months and a half back.

When Adam and Eve departed from heavenly City, the Lord yet did not leave them, but abided with them in the Spirit, observing for the creation and expecting from them requests and prays. But exasperation of Eve and Adam amplified, and they were not appeal to the God, Which one only could help them.

- I will take this leaf, maybe, it is useful, - Adam has told, - it well heals.

They have devoted the rest of day to refuge search.

- And you know, - Adam has told, - I, apparently, have recognized this place, here I got acquainted with animals. If so, it is necessary to curtail there, over there there is one cave. The cave was found, Adam was happy.

Saturday, on September, 3rd; day of the second

In search of meal

After extraordinary dark as it seemed to them night, morning was especially light. For the first time after Paradise - it wanted properly to eat (till this day all of them still lived at the expense of the food eaten still in Paradise). The ordered plantings and beds what were in Paradise, on the earth were not, and there was simply a wood among which there were also fruit trees. Making the way to them, Eve has screamed. Adam has immediately run up to her and has seen, that she has come across any prickly bush and has painfully wounded to herself a foot.

- I did not meet such prickles earlier anywhere on the earth, these are any new plants and have grown, apparently, recently. Ah, yes: Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to you - I remember, I remember , Adam has thoughtfully spoken.

- Make that be, because that is sick! - A whining voice Eve has complained.

- Hang on here, I now! - Adam has told and has run to a cave. Soon it has brought the leaf found by him earlier and has put to the scratched foot of Eve. In an hour the wound any more did not disturb, and Eve has soon forgotten about this adventure. Those first days of fruit was enough, but some trees were nibbled by animals, besides it was necessary to spend the most part of day (that in Paradise never was) for meal searches.

Sunday, on September, 4th, day the third

Animals became the wild

That day they have set off for fruit already familiar track. On road argued about loud howl and spiteful shouts of animals that were audible it that night. On account of these shouts to sleep they could not almost.

- Something happens with animals, - Adam has told. Suddenly aside they have seen by half nibbled skeleton of an animal. People in amazement have stopped. On the earth traces of recent struggle were still visible, and the broken tree standing nearby was in blood.

- It is why we could not fall asleep, - Adam has lingeringly told, - what things! Well well! Anything like that I never saw before.

- Earlier you too was not such as now is, - Eve has reasonably noticed.

- And you are fine too, - with a smile Adam has added, - but animals have simply gone mad.

- Probably, after we have gone mad, - Eve has gloomy enough told.

In a banana grove where they have come, monkeys managed. Adam with annoyance observed, how they plunder bananas. On end trees, * true, bananas remains and for people. Having broken some bunch, people have directed to a cave where have found a shelter.

The note:* A banana - the grassy plant, but the author for the sake of simplicity uses the habitual name a tree.

Monday, on September, 5th. Day the fourth

Blood-sicking insects

- Here is somewhat uncomfortable, - Eve has told, examining a cave, - take out at least these stones. Adam began to roll out outside sharp big stones which in a cave were much. It was necessary to work well before the cave has been cleared of them. For food today did not go: those bunches of bananas that have brought yesterday have sufficed still. Along toward evening on a shoulder to Eve sit down any insect also has painfully bitten her.

- Oh, what is it? - She has screamed when the set of similar small insects has surrounded her. Adam began to drive away importunate insects by the broken branch.

- For some reason I do not remember these, - he has told, - before on the earth such as these were not * 58.

Mosquitoes (and these there were they) attacked people and in other days. In the cave though and cleaned, to sleep it was inconvenient: it was required to bring many a dry moss and a grass before it became possible. This their day has been devoted the cave accomplishment.

Tuesday, on September, 6th. Day the fifth

Problems with water supply

Eve with curiosity observed of animals that came across on a way. But since this day she began to avoid them cautiously. And that is why: once Adam has tried was about to call up to himself one of them, expecting, that it will approach to him as peacefully and easy as it was earlier in his life. But it, having grinned and having begun to roar, has disappeared in a wood thicket.

That day people have found many berries on bushes growing nearby and, having collected them in set, have brought in a cave, having made a stock. Behind a cave high enough hill, became overgrown with trees towered, and below a cave the source made the way from the earth. The source was unusual: over water steam rose, and water in one place boiled. Eve has stretched a hand to hot water, but Adam has quickly drawn aside her hand: he already knew, that hot water burns. At that time people yet did not cook food, but used crude fruits from trees. Nevertheless, people have noticed, that rolling down from a mount in a hot source some firm fruits became soft.

On the first day of abiding on the earth Adam and Eve have gone from the City along the river, for a while do not approached to a place where it was divided into four rivers, Gen.2:10. Having stood some time on this place, they have continued the way along one of these rivers, namely along Euphrates * 59. From this river now they drank water, as the cave found them was near to its coast.

Wednesday, on September, 7th. Day of the sixth

Heavy work

- How to you it was slept? - Adam has asked the wife when that has opened eyes.

- Fairly well, here only these mosquitoes ate, it is necessary to close with something an entrance in the cave, - the wife has answered. Let us break willow rods and plait them, the curtain will turn out

- And maybe, it is better to take a skin of that bull what beasts have eaten? Ants there already eat up the meat rests and the skin though places and is broken off, but suits, - Adam has offered.

Well, come on, drag it. And beasts will not come to us to eat the skin?

- Be not afraid, we will scrape it absolutely.

The skin was tenacious, and from it there was an unpleasant smell. Adam had to spend many forces for its clearing. At last he has decided it to throw in a hot source, for definitive washing out, and scraped it splinters of sharp stones.

Adam's leather clothes and Eve were still fine. Having looked at Adam's clothes, Eve has asked:

- And how the God has processed a skin for our clothes?

Instead of the answer Adam has interrogatively looked at the wife. The unfinished skin should be left in a source for soaking off as ahead of them the care of food expected: it was necessary to get it every day. The surrounding district already was familiar to them. Nevertheless, every day brought for all of them new unexpectedness: leaves of trees to which they have come for fruits were nibbled any worms creeping on them. Further people name them caterpillars. Small worms were and in the fruits picked by them from a trees * 60. Day began and came to an end in works * 61. They went to bed not having pray. This day was remarkable still that to Eve was fulfilled three weeks of pregnancy.

Thursday, on September, 8th. Day of the seventh

Decay and worms in fruits

Adam and Eve, it looks, were involved in labour everyday life, well and they did not observe days off. The first days on the earth at first remembered, then not to forget, in a distant free corner of the cave began to postpone every day a stone: meanwhile there was a small group of seven small stones * 62. Moonlight nights was audible howl of wild beasts * 63. Eve was afraid at night, and Adam began to complete strenuously the skin then has hung up it over an entrance in a cave. Besides it, to an entrance aperture of a cave Adam drove at night the big stone

Laied in on the eve of a berry have decayed, and Eve perplexed looked at their spread heap over which insects flied: it well remembered, that in Paradise there was no spoilt fruit. That day, having gone on searches of fruits, they have come across the surprising plants trudging on trees. Plants had fruits of different length, from very long, to small, with a thickening on the end or without it. Their pulp was unattractive, however rather strong, "ligneous", thick peel could serve instead of a vessel, if to gut seeds and fruit contents. Vessels did not decay and could serve within year and more. Have found and a growing fig with fruits. Picking fruits, they vividly have recollected the fig aprons in Paradise: memoirs on Paradise still for a long time remained not healing wound in their life. However, those first days of their life on the earth of livelihood sufficed more than enough, weather was fine in all days, and rains were not.

Friday, on September, 9th. Day of the eighth

We study to cook food.

- You smells of bad, - Eve said to Adam instead of salution.

- Not surprisingly, he has answered, - all these days we so never bathe. And the river is over there it shines, or it is possible in lake, and it is possible and in a source, only to go more low along its current, there water already cooled down, not the hot.

- In the lake float any big fishes with big sharp teeth, I am afraid of them, - Eve said, - but here in a source

The source raged, making the way from under stones, having formed a small hot lake. The stream followed from a lake any more very hot water. More low on a current there was a depression in the ground filled with moderate, warm water: there just it has been decided to bathe. In water they floundered, not feeling weariness. Reddened from warm water, they dried under the generous sun, sitting on coastal stones. Silent, calm* 64 weather had welcoming to rest and that day they have not gone, as usually, in wood, being content with the fruits growing nearby. Sitting on the coast, Adam diged up by a stick one of the fruits, which has rolled down from a hill directly in a hot source: the fruit, as it has appeared, was very soft!. Taking it in hands, Adam has tested the softened pulp by a finger, and licked.

- Do you know, after hot water fruits change taste and become soft? just you try! Eve has mistrustfully looked at a fruit in Adam's hand.

- Perhaps, it is necessary to take those root crops in hot water, what we have found recently? Because they too rigid, - has again told Adam.* 65

- Lets try, - Eve, vaguely having shifted shoulders has told.

Having put on, they still for a long time talked, these two on all globe.

Saturday, on September, 10th. Day the ninth

The first meeting with fire

This day in God's earth history is remarkable that it was practically one of last days with which the great period of 6th Day of creation came to the end.* 66 Last work of the Lord God concerned Adam and Eve which He still did not leave in Holy Spirit.

But Adam and Eve did not pray to the God, as a matter of fact scorning His Spirit. From the Bible we know that to call upon the Name of the Lord people began much later when Adams the grandson by name of Enos already was born, Gen.4:26.

Among Adam's multivarious adventures and Eves it is necessary to mention still their first meeting with fire. Adam then yet did not have any adaptations for getting fire goin. Whether there was that fire from a lightning stroke in a tree when it has flared? It is at all unessentially. It was faster fire underground: also now the current of Euphrates washes ashore the asphalt and pitch slices, once boiling away in that district from under the earth. All it could look approximately so:

- Adam, in our cave so it is dark, and rats at night run, and I am afraid of them.

- And where I will take for you light?

- Do you remember that big pitch hole over which all time rises a smoke? - Eve has asked.

- Certainly, - Adam has answered. Yes, there, at the bottom, tongues of flame are visible, and it is difficult to breathe for a smoke.

- And if a long stick to get fire? - Eve has asked, - it could shine to us at night

- Yes, but we I never it did, - Adam has a little perplexed told.

- Perheps, I should go instead of you? - Eve has derisively asked.

- All right, I will go, but in what it to take, this fire

The long stick, diped into boiling pitch, eventually, has lighted up with one of tongues of flame, but being taken out on a surface, has gone out. It was required to repeat it some times before the stick into pitch began to burn steadily. Adam has noticed, that burns not only pitch, but also the stick, that is a wood. It was the life school in which anything easily was not given. A wind was not, and Adam has easy carried the stick home. On the way he rejoiced to the discovery: the wood appears, can burn!

Perhaps, that day the fire at their dwelling already burnt * 67

Sunday, on September, 11th. Day the tenth

Exept a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.

That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.

Marvel not that I said unto you, You must be born again,

The Gospel of St. John, 3: 5-7.

We do not know, what this day Adam did (and Eve too), however it is known, what was their spiritual estate. We will shortly notice, that in their life following occurrence began to have the increasing place:

1. A dissatisfaction, voiced sometime in one, sometime in other occasion.

2. Keep getting less pleasure.

3. There was no patience to bear a hardship.

4. Fear before fulfilment of any bad act (or to tell an offensive word) any more was not.

5. To think about sacred it would not be desirable. To speak about the God and to recollect Him it would not be desirable too, except for conversations that the God as if in vain has expelled them, and now they will suit to themselves their life Above-stated estate comes always when the Holy Spirit leaves the person.

We all these speak because there was also one more rather sad event in Adam's life and Eves that day: available data say that the Lord God has left them by Holy Spirit * 70 as they scorned Him, did not pray to Him and have not repented of the sin. It is more never in the life they have seen floating in the river by them the leaf which has fallen from a paradise tree.

Section 2: Eight months later;

On May, 25th 3998 year BC

Birth of Cain and Abel

and (Eve) bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord. And she again bare his brother Abel , Gen. 4: 1, 2.

These words of the Bible may be understood also in the sense that Cain and Abel were born simultaneously, that is were twins * 71. Or between them there was the small age difference, less than one year. Anyway, in that cave that has been mentioned above, children's crying was hearded. In words of Eve there was a certain pleasure though in relation to Cain this pleasure was hasty and even vain. Eve also has mentioned name of the Lord. In her these words, especially in the Bible English translation * there is even a certain shade of gratitude to the Lord, but further of it their belief did not move: they still did not pray and have not repented of the sin. They knew well, that the God exists, but, nevertheless, were in need of salvation, their faith was dead, James, 2:14, 26. The given event, that is a birth of Cain and Abel has occurred already in our Age, after the lapse of only three years of our 6000-year period when the previous 6000-year period, or, that is same, 6th Day of creation has already ended. Therefore to describe Adam's life and Eves further - is beyond framework of the given book. Adam and Eve were children of the Age of the past, but lived as well in beginning of our Age, and in our Age there has passed the most part of their life. The heavenly City has been left by people in an Age the past, in the end of the last Age, and again will be with people only at approach of the Age of the future.

The note: * in this case the author used Revised Standard Version (RSV).