Section 3 The common points in Adam's life and of our Lord Jesus Christ (the Second Adam)

Section 3 The common points in Adam's life and of our Lord Jesus Christ (the Second Adam)

And so it is written: The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit. The first man is of the earth, earthy: the second man is the Lord from heaven, 1Corinthians, 15:45,47.

The omparative Table


The focal points in Adam's life

The focal points in earthy life of our Lord Jesus Christ


The God has breathed the breath of life in Adam and he became a living soul, Gen.2:7, 1Cor.15: 45. The first day of life of Adam.

On Jesus Christ the Holy Ghost in the form of a pigeon has descended. The beginning of earthy ministering of Jesus (Luke, 3: 22, 23) which is a quickening spirit, 1Cor.15: 45.


Adam (within 40 days) gets acquainted with beasts and gives them names, Gen.2:19, 20; the section Adam gets acquainted with animals see about it also.

Jesus within 40 days is with beasts in wilderness during 40 - day fast, Mark, 1:13. (Jesus has begun from that point at which Adam has not resisted - from tempting of Satan).


Within 2 years and 32 days Adam was in Paradise still before Eve has been created.

Within 2 years and 32 days Jesus Christ carried out ministering on the earth before the Church has been created.


From Adam's edge Eve has been created, Gen.2:22.

Church creation costed to Jesus of the pierced edges, John, 19:34.


Adam dwells of 40 days in Paradise together with Eve.

Jesus within 40 days showed himself alive to the disciples after the resurrection, Act, 1: 3.


Adam could not make the begun way up to the end and has not resisted in tempting, Gen. 3: 17-19.

The Lord has made earthy ministering up to the end and has defeated, Rev.3: 21.


Adam is expelled (departed) from Paradise which is in heavenly Jerusalem, see Gen.3: 24.

Jesus speaks to disciples: do not depart from Jerusalem, but wait for the promise of the Father, Acts.1: 4.


On Thursday Adam (and Eve) has left Paradise for the earth (see in the given book the description of 40th day of Adam in Paradise).

Jesus on Thursday was lifted from the earth on the Heaven (the Ascension feast is celebrated always on Thursday).


For 10th day after exile on the earth the Holy Spirit leaves Adam (the description of 10th day after exile from Paradise see in the given book).

For 10th day after Ascension of the Lord, the Holy Spirit is sent on the earth, Acts, 2: 1.


In the end of six Days of creation the heavenly City leaves from the earth and is absent in all days of our Age.

Jesus Christ remains with people in the Holy Spirit in all days till the end of this world, Mat.28:20 (including and before the termination of Day of rest) then in some years will descend on the Earth and the heavenly City.