1 chapter of the book of Revelation

1 chapter of the book of Revelation

1. Revelation

1) Name of one of books of the Bible. 2) When the God opens itself and his will revelation takes place; from here names: the Ark of Revelation, Ex.25:22, a tabernacle of testimony, Num 1:50, tables of revelation, Ex 32:15. 3) Coming of the God on the ground when He can be seen openly. 4) The Bible is a revelation of mouth of God. 5) Prophesy from the book of Revelation and other places of the Scriptures where Coming of the Jesus Christ and events accompanying it is described. 6) Knowledge of the future, derived from the Bible. 7) The personal phenomenon of the God to the person, Gal 1:12, John 14:21, etc.

Which was given Him (Jesus) by the God , that is the God abiding in Jesus, John14:10. Jesus is the true God, 1John 5:20, and also the true Person (even Pilate was convinced of it, John 19:5). By it is emphasized, that Revelation proceeds from the heavenly nature of the Christ.

2. The Way to which revelation from the God to people is transferred:

1) The God gives revelation to Son of man, to the Jesus Christ. 2) Jesus has sent through the Angel, Rev 22:6, 16 (to the Angel). 3) The Angel has shown Revelation to Apostle John. 4) John has written down revelation in the book, Rev 1:11. 5) The Book reads "reading", in a singular (the one who is able to read and to explain prophesies). 6) The words of prophesy read through thus listen "listening", which much. They are the people, wishing to know and to understand the book of Revelation to observe written in it, Rev 1:3.

3. For the time is near

Here "time" in sense of 2000; it is so many years true admirers, that are Christians, worship to the God, John.4:23. Worshippers have started to worship to Jesus since His birth, Mt 2:11 (Jesus and the Father are one, John.10:30; 14:9). But time will come and has come already - a double phrase: since the Birth of the Christ, this time has come (the 2000-year period has begun), but it not only has begun, but also "will come", that is will proceed in the future. Time equal 2000 refer to as "long time" Mat.25:19 where Coming of Jesus Christ is mentioned also. The Lord has not come yet, but for today this time makes 2000, since His Birth. That today this term is already exceeded, that is goes 2007, has no value as mister of those slaves , the Lord, will come after long time , that is AFTER long Time. That is when the long time, length in 2000, will end (and it has already ended). How much "after" (the Groom how much will slow down, Mat.25: 5) it will be told further. So the time is at hand means, that given time has come, and has reckoned it, still during lifetime of Apostle John, since J.Christ's birth.

4. Seven churches in Asia, Rev 1:4

1) 7 historical churches really were in really existing cities of Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, etc. really existed churches with the presbyters. Now almost all these cities are destroyed. In the city of Smyrna (the modern name Izmir) is small church and today. 2) a prototype of seven basic types of the churches existing all over the world now. So, an attentive sight at modern churches, allows to see among them such, where there is "prophetess", that is woman, naming herself a prophetess, Rev.2:20 as in due time was in the church in Thyatira. Such current in Christianity exists and today. Further, it is possible to see churches with loud names , Rev.3:1, for example "Ecumenical", "Universal" (in languages of those people where they are located), and other similar names, but a spiritual life of these churches it is dead: On empty temples guides drive tourists, showing wall painting, telling about histories of construction of these temples and so forth. Such type of church is designated by the name Sardis. There are also such churches by which it is not told repent, for example, the church in Smyrna, Rev 2:8 and the church in Philadelphia, Rev 3:7. Any of churches existing now can find out itself in one of these seven types of churches. The theory of " seven periods contradicts the Scriptures: so, the son of man, that is the Christ in this case goes not among 7 churches, Rev 1:13, 2:1, and only about one church corresponding given "period", for example Ephesian. A conclusion: all 7 types of churches exist simultaneously during all history of Christianity. See also d.e. 34 and 35.

5. That 7 churches are in Asia , Rev 1:4.

Here Present continuous grammatic tense is used, and it specifies, that the authority during all time of existence of these churches DOES NOT CHANGING and there is the same, in this case Roman wherefore Asia is one of provinces of the Roman Empire. The declaration, that Roman Empire has ceased to exist, in this case has no value as stroight away after "disintegration" of this Empire there were its direct heirs and continuers on behalf of the Russian tsar of Ivan III. Mention Asia specifies the fourth under the account terrestrial world authority from which the first is the Babylonian Empire. 2:38; the second - an empire of Medes and Persians, Dan. 2:39; 5:28; the third - Alexander the Great Greek state, Dan. 2:39; 7:6; 8:5-7, 20, 21. The fourth authority - last, that is the authority of the Rome which has divided then, as legs of the idol, into the West and the East, Dan. 2:41.

6. The Seven spirits which are being before a holy throne God's, Rev.1:4.

Are mentioned in Rev 4:5 in an image of lamps (torches); In Rev 5:6 as 7 spirits in a grade of princes or of kings - a word "horn" are meant by "king", see Dan. 7:24, Rev.17:12 - sent forth into all the earth. They mean seven Angels of God, 7 Archangels or 7 most senior Angels, among which and the Archangel Michael. In the book of Daniel they are named by the chief princes Dan. 10:13. Their place is ahead before a holy throne God's, ahead of all. For example, Gabriel, one of them (the second after Michael) has told, that he is standing in the presence of God, Luke 1:19. They are mentioned also in Rev.8:2; 15:6; 16:1; 17:1; 21:9, etc.

7. And hath made us kings and priests unto God, Rev.1:6.

Literally, see Luke 19:17, 19; Rev 2:26; Dan. 7:18, 22, and 27. Additional details in entries 163 and 191 see below.

8. Behold, he is coming with the clouds , Rev. 1: 7.

That is with set of Angels; so it is a lot of them, that they make a cloud. The cloud means great variety, Heb 12:1. Besides clouds are understood not terrestrial, but heavenly, Mat.24:30, that is consisting of heavenly inhabitants, - Angels.

9. Apostle John as the accomplice in trouble, Rev.1:9.

1. The Accomplice, as banished on island Patmos in the I-st century A.D.

2. The Accomplice in approaching the great tribulation,

As one of two Prophets which Jesus will send on the ground before the Coming, Rev.10:11, 11:13; John 21:23, etc. See also entry 10-15, 20, 48, 85, 101, 102, 106-110, 130 and 177 in this Interpretation.

10. Apostle John as the accomplice in patience, Rev. 1:9.

1) The Patience is such quality of the Christian which stands alongside with affairs, love, ministering and faith, Rev 2:19. The patience is shown during trouble, Rom. 12:12, including during great tribulation, during test of our faith, Jas.1:3. Especially the patience is necessary before Coming, Heb. 10:36, 37.

2) the Patience is also the name of precisely measured time interval, duration three with half year before Coming; this time interval is called also a hour of temptation Rev. 3:10. In the beginning of this interval on the ground will appear Apostle John as one of prophets which the God will send on the ground, Rev. 11:1, 3; 10:11; 13:1. For this reason apostle John is named by the accomplice in patience . Then time for test and patiences will already come. Rev.13:10.

Answering a question: What will be the sign of your Coming and of the close of the age? , Mat. 24:3 the Lord has told, that one of attributes will be persecutions of Christians, Mat.24:9. The Evangelist Mark informs On this answer Lord's in 13 chapter and Luke in 21 chapter where it is readable also: they shall lay their hands on you, and persecute you and you shall be betrayed both by parents and brothren and relatives and friends, and some of you shall they cause to be put to death in your Patience possess ye your souls , Luke 21:12-19. Salvation is made by endure travails, 2Cor. 1:6. And to endure it is necessary famine, thirst, nakedness, beating, wanderings, persecutions, reviling, 1Cor. 4:11-13 from crafty and chaotic people, 2 Fes. 3:2-6; the patience is expressed in a hope on the Lord, despite of trouble. It is necessary not only suffer, but also long-suffer before Coming of the Lord, Jas.5:7, 8. In patience it is necessary to show godliness, 2 Pet.1:6, that is to not threaten, to not quarrel, behave decently at revilings. Without patience there is no experience, there is no and harmony with one another, Rom. 15:5, there is no also a fruit before the God, Luke 8:15. Who will endure up to the end (that is up to the end of the Age, Mat. 24:3; in Russian Bible in conversation of the Christ with apostles is means of the end of the Age) will be saved (Mat. 24:13). He, who keeps patience constantly, according to the word of God, will be saved and God will keep his from "the hour of trial, which is coming on the whole world, Rev.3:10.

11. Apostle John as the accomplice in the kingdom, Rev. 1:9.

Certainly, Apostle John will carry out assigned on him by God a problem and will proclaim those courts which will overtake this world and its inhabitants if they will not be frightened of the God. He shall prophesy though will be then killed by the antihrist, Rev.11:7, however will rise, Rev.11:11 will be cought up on heaven, Rev.11:12 also will reign with the Christ. We shall reign with the Christ also if we suffer, 2Tim.2:12.

12. I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day , Rev.1:10.

To be in spirit means not to be any more in a terrestrial body, but in spiritual, 1Cor. 15:44. Such bodies will receive survivors, after resurrection from the dead, 1Cor. 15:52. In the original of Scripture in the Greek language it is told: I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day , that Day, when He will come to take His own from the Earth; and for fulfilment of Court. On that Day believers (including Apostle John who by then will finish the field as one of two prophets) will be already caught up, and will be any more in terrestrial, old bodies, but in spirit .

Amon some Russian widespread conviction that Lords day isSunday. And that the apostle John was in the spirit on Sunday that is was in a good mood. It turns out: on other days of week he was in a bad mood. However, author does not share such conviction.

13. and I heard behind me a loud voice like a trumpet , Rev. 1:10.

1) When apostle John (and other caught up christians) will be already in spirit the voice of a trumpet at which their resurrection will be made, certainly, will be already behind, 1Cor. 15:52.

2) The Voice of Jesus Christ who has appeared to Apostle John on island Patmos, that in Aegean sea.

14. Then I turned to see , Rev.1:12.

1) The First value: I have returned on the ground (as one of two

Prophets), this is prophetical value.

2) The Second value: I have turned back to see, whose voice speaks with me on island Patmos . The second value has no prophetical contents.

15. ... and on turning I saw seven golden lampstands , Rev. 1:12

1) Having returned to the Earth (as one of 2 prophets) apostle John will see 7 churches (not one, so-called "Ecumenical", but all 7 types of churches which during the time of prophesy 2 prophets still will be on the ground; John still will find them). Thus 7 lamps mean 7 churches Rev.1:20.

2) Having turned back on a voice, Apostle John has seen 7 gold lamps, that is the vision, shown to him on island Patmos.

16. And in the midst of the lampstands one like a son of man

1) The Lord, as well as promised, is among church (churches): I am with you in all days till the end of the Age (Mat.28:20, Russian translation). He is there that to test hearts and minds, Rev. 2:23.

2) Vision of the Son of man in the middle of 7 lamps, which apostle John saw on island Patmos. The sense of vision is specified in previous item 1.

17. A son of man, clothed with a long robe, clothes

High priests and kings, Rev.1:13.

Value: the Son of man, Jesus Christ, is the High priest, Heb. 5:5, 6. Being among 7 churches on the ground, He saves coming through Him to the God and intercedes for them, Heb 7:25. For all Christians He is also King, Lk 19:38.

2) The real view of Jesus Christ which He has in glory. Described in Rev. 1:13-15 it is necessary to take also literally.

18. In his right hand he held seven stars , Rev. 1:16.

Seven stars are Angels of seven churches, see Rev 1:20. The some people speak, that Angels of 7 Churches are presbyters, people. However, why these presbyters only 7? Only in one Russia more than 1000 presbyters, and, how many them worldwide? And then, presbyters in fact die. Unless can Angels die? And, how many evangelical local churches are in the world? It is much more them than 7. Unless only seven from them have Angels (i.e.presbyters), and other presbyters are not Angels? Keeping in mind all these questions, it is better to understand as the Angel responsible a head of this or that of seven types of churches.

19. The Two-edged sword, Rev.1:16.

This is the word of God, Ephesians 6:17 which vividly also is effective, and is sharper than any sword two-edged: it gets before division of soul and spirit, structures and brains and judges thoughts and intentions of the heart, Heb.4:12. The word of God starts with mouth of God that is from a mouth of Jesus Christ.

20. I fell at his feet as dead Rev 1:17

1) When dead will rise, they will fall to His, Jesus, foots, thanks for it (that have risen from dead).

2) Apostle John will fall dead when the beast - antichrist will kill him (after the termination of his field as witness of Christ, Rev.11:3, 7). But thus John will fall to legs(or foots) of the Christ because legs of the Christ at that time will already stand on the ground, that is His Coming will be made. Words of the Christ will be executed: I want, that he (that is Apostle John) remain while I shall come John 21:23, that is, that John would prophesy while the Lord will come, before Coming. The beast will kill John but as at that time the Lord will already come, there will come time of resurrection dead and the Lord will resurrect him (level with others died in the Lord).

3) John has fallen without feelings, as dead to His foots when has seen Him on island Patmos: personal experience of apostle John, a case from a life of apostle John which prophetical contents is stated in items 1 and 2, see above.

21. I am the first and the last, Rev.1:17.

Jesus names itself "First". If there was still someone above Him, Jesus could not name itself "first". The name "First" specifies the heavenly nature of Jesus and that above Him anybody is not, Rev. 2:8.

22. Jesus has keys of a hell and death, Rev. 1:18.

Keys not only shut, but also open. Last circumstance is important, but many do not believe that it possibly. However Word of God, the Bible speaks: The Lord kills and brings to life; he brings down to Sheol and raises up, 1Sam.2:6. Raising from Sheol is possible, but, certainly, not for all. Such action is required, for example, that to wipe any tear from eyes true, saved people if at someone from saved the relative has found itself in a hell and saved will cry because of it, Rev.21:4. There is such promise: believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household, Acts 16: 31. If at someone from true Christians the son or the daughter (or another someone) will find itself in a hell, then they (true Christians) can tell: I believed in the Lord Jesus, but I was saved only one, and my house - is not. For execution of Word of the God to wipe and such tear from their eyes, the Lord can take advantage of the keys.

23. Now write what you see, what is and what is to take place hereafter, Rev. 1:19

Here two big parts of the book of Revelation:

1) That you saw . Speaking about the first chapter, having reached only up to 19-th verse of this chapter, it is necessary to tell, that apostle John saw only the Son of man in the middle of 7 lamps, that is saw 7 different types of churches and presence of God among them. Position in days of John was such, however the Lord adds: also that is - that is the same picture remains and now (data of 7 types of churches remain both until now and, moreover, will be till Coming of the Lord).

So, the periods:

1. That you saw and that is means full time of existence of churches on the ground, from the beginning and up to the end, till Coming.

2. That will be after this that is that will be, when seven churches on the ground any more will not be (that will be after Catching up).