2 chapter of the book of Revelation

2 chapter of the book of Revelation

24. Notice, that the Lord praises those who cannot bear dissolute men**,

Rev. 2:2. Whether we bear dissolute in the life? Further it is spoken: but have tested those who call themselves apostles . That is we have the right to test church ministers, whether they are those, what should be.

The note: * like this in Russian Bible.

25. You have abandoned the love you had at first, Rev. 2:4.

If on human-like, first love be valid can the brightest, light and big. There is a theory that is that love when the person has just accepted to Christ and that in the further in of man life this love decreases and decreases. However given example though suitable, but insufficient. Fuller picture it is found in the word of God: let us achieve love*, 1Cor.14:1. And it is valid, just the accepted Christian does not know still well word of God; his behaviour is not yet perfect, he should achieve the love. Love in this case not in wordly understanding (to embrace more strong, to kiss more strong), but in understanding Christian, spiritual: the love long suffers, and kind, does not envy, is not extolled, and does not commit excesses, etc. 1Cor.13:4-8. That is, if the person loves you, he will concern to you with patience and even longsuffering; will care of you (to do affairs of mercy). Thus he will not envy you, not will be extolled above you (to consider you below him). The pride before you will not show, excesses too. This one will not insist on its own way that is the benefit and the correctness. It will not be irritated at conversation with you; never will wish (and will not think at all) to make to you angrily. It will not be pleased, if will hear about you iniquity. Together with you it will be pleased to true, that is word of God, the common Christian belief, a celebration of the God's validity. Your flaws and wrongdoings will not disclose, will not demand for them punishment, Mat.1:19, beareth all things. The person who loves you, will believe all your words (well and we, Christians - to all word of God, the Bible); will hope for your promises (and Christians hope for all God's promises). Loving you will bear offences which you inadvertently have insult to him (and Christians bear all troubles and persecutions for the sake of the Christ). If love is true it never will stop: cannot be so, that yesterday loved, and today already is not, see 1Cor.13:4-8.

Certainly, recently accepted Christian yet has no all these listed qualities, therefore is told: let's achieve the love, 1Cor.14:1 (in Russian Bible), that is to achieve in practice of all set qualities, to be perfected in the life.

26. Nicolaitans, Rev. 2:6

Nowadays it is died out sect. Taught, that the sin should be destroyed, doing it until there will come exhaustion and while any more there will be no forces it to make. Considered, that together with a cancellation of the Law of Moses the law of morals, standards of morality have been cancelled also and that they "were released" via it.

27. Concourse (or mob) satanic, (Russian translation).

"... A sinagogue of Satan", Rev. 2:9.

Some of the Jews spoken about, that at them the Temple, that at them - synagogues, that at them ancient Moses belief , that at them the law and humiliated the Christians who are not had the Temple, and gathered in that time on houses: Who you such? , you do not have Temple , you whence have appeared? Also the modern vituperators praised the orthodoxy.

28. The devil shall cast some of you into prison , Rev.2:10.

During history of Christianity of Christians plunged into a dungeon at various emperors, tsars, governors and chiefs. Notice behind all these people there is devil, exciting these people to put Christians in a dungeon (that is prison). Makes it a devil on the plausible pretext "so that test" (temptation), Job 1:11, including presently.

29. And for ten days you will have tribulation, Rev. 2:10.

Here "day" same, that is mentioned in Mat. 20:2, consisting of 12 hours (the truth, unusual); these hours are appreciable in Mat.20:3, 5, 6, and last 12-th hour is mentioned in Mat. 20:12. Jesus also has told, that in the day there are 12 hours, Jn 11:9. In 20 chapter of the gospel of St. Matthew are mentioned: the master of a house is the Lord, Lk 13:25 (BBE). The house is Church, 1. 3:15; workers (including on field of God). A payment to workers - award of God for their work on field of God; the some people worked only one hour Mat. 20:12. It is unusual hour and on duration same, as well as in Rev 17:12 where the beast antichrist (which one hour will reign) is mentioned. But in Rev.13:5 it is told, that it will operate 42 months, that is one hour on the clock of God is equal to 42 our usual months. From this we can find out duration of the DAY (wherefore day is equal of 12 hours: 42 monthes 12 hours = 42 years). If one day is 42 years, then ten days it is 420 years. These 420 years are time of tribulation, allocated for all history of Christianity, for all of 2000 years of its existence on the earth. In these 420 years enter all persecutions and prosecutions of christians at all emperors, at all governors, at all times, including during great tribulation which will be before Coming of the Christ.

30. You dwell, where Satan's throne is , Rev.2:13.

Having deceived Eve (and Adam) the Satan began to reign in this world, Luke 4:6; the Satan has a throne which in days of John (in the I-st century A.D.) was in the city of Pergamum. The Satan has selected this city a place for the throne because in Pergamum has been constructed by pagans huge (the size 7070 meters) pagan shrine for idolatry which is called altar Zeus . Set of sacrificers of Zeus ate from this pagan shrine which was the center of idolatry in Pergamum kingdom and behind its limits. It was especially difficult to Christians to live among multitude of idolaters which hated Christians and even killed them, Rev.2:13. Now the city of Pergamum lays in ruins, and someone can think, that the throne of Satan already ceased to exist. But data available for today speak about other. It is known that in the beginning of the last century two German archeologists? have dug out altar of Zeus , have numbered its stones and have forwarded to Berlin where it has been restored and opened for visitors before the beginning of the Second World War. After war this altar of Zeus has been again disassembled on separate stones, shipped by the Soviet warriors in railway cars and as a trophy exhibit has been forwarded to the USSR where was up to 1958. Subsequently the government of the USSR has returned to then GDR this "altar" As is visible, the Satan moves his throne all over the place: that to one, then to another country. After falling GDR altar of Zeus became the property of all Germany, and with the introduction of Germany into EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY is connected with the European Union, to become which member many countries wish now.

31. I will give him a white stone , Rev.2:17

It is a fine image from the book of Joshua, 4:21, 22. Entering into the land of Promise the Old-testament's people has passed through river Jordan in the wonderful way. In memory of this have served 12 stones taken from a bottom of Jordan that they were a sign, Josh 4:6 and a monument for ever, Josh.4:7. The great entrance (or an ascention) modern people of God in great heavenly God's City and in His Kingdom comes nearer. So that saved from all people have not forgotten miracles of the Lord and all the way which the Lord has led them in His Kingdom, the Lord to each of them will give a white stone on which the name of the one who receives is written.

32. Burnished bronze (in russin Bible "Lebanon bronze"), Rev.2:18.

Here two words: BRONZE is a copper; and "Lebanon" that is the state of Lebanon. Meaning of these two words: the Lebanese copper that has a distinguished special shine, as at gold.

33. I plunge her into great trouble (Russian translation) , Rev.2:22.

Here is saying about church (about the whole confession) having special "prophetess". Those who commit adultery with her it is abiding in close communication with her, loving this prophetess, mastered her doctrine and honoring her. Her children it is people, the members of this church which have received the spiritual birth from the doctrine of the prophetess. God will strike all mentioned dead, Rev 2:23, that is they will not be relieved of a time of trial which will come on all Universe*, Rev 3:10. See also d.e. 4.

34. Only hold fast what you have, until I come , Rev.2:25.

Here Jesus mentions His Coming (while I shall come). But these words are addressed to the church in Thyatira, which only the fourth under the account. And, nevertheless, this church will stay on the Earth till Coming. This one more certificate of that so-called the theory of 7 periods is incorrect, as in days of Coming, according to that theory there will be to remain only Laodicea's church, the seventh under the account. A conclusion: all 7 churches exist simultaneously, from the beginning and till the Coming.