4 chapter of the book of Revelation

4 chapter of the book of Revelation

46. like the sound of a trumpet speaking with me, said, "Come up here, Rev.4:1.

It is the same voice, as in Rev.11:12. Come up here it is to ascend on the Heaven; means catching up which will be with the sound of the trumpet of God, 1Thes 4:16, 17.

47. What must take place after these things, Rev.4:1.

That is after catching up (what events will be after catching up of the Church).

48. Immediately I was in the spirit, Rev. 4:2.

1) John, as one of two Prophets, Rev.10:11, after termination of days of their prophecy, Rev.11:3 will be killed by a beast - the antichrist, Rev.11:7. However in 3 days with half just there will come the End of the days and John becomes the participant of resurrection from the dead together with other Christians. After resurrection from the dead, Rev 11:11, John becomes the participant and general Catching up, that is will be caught up together with Church, Rev.11:12. Therefore John "will be in spirit", that is any more in a terrestrial body, but in new, spiritual, imperishable, transfigured.

2) Being on island Patmos, John saw an event in the Heaven (and the Heaven) in spirit , that is was not present in the Heaven physically. The angel showed to Apostle John those or other visions, but thus Apostle John remained on island Patmos.

49. Round the throne were twenty-four thrones, and seated on the thrones were twenty-four elders, Rev. 4:4.

12 from these thrones belong to Apostles; they will sit down on them to judge. It will occur when the Son of man shall sit on his glourios throne, and it in turn will be In the new world Mat.19:28, or "in the NEW GENESIS (Russian translation). Now (when were written these lines) still the period , named GENESIS, however it is headlong goes to end, and since soon the middle of "seven" that is mentioned in the book of the prophet of Daniel, 9:27, there will come other great period named by the Lord "the NEW GENESIS". The NEW GENESIS begins with the greatest event, from Accession of Jesus, when He will sit on his glorious throne. The prophet Daniel too writes about this great event when "will sit Ancient of days" and that at that time "thrones were placed" and on them judges will sit down, Dan. 7:9, 10. Judges will be not only 12 Apostles, but also 12 Prophets, Rev.18:20. All this means, that after Catching up there will be a Court. Judgment God's on the Earth will begin also.

50. Lightnings, thunders, voices, Rev. 4:5.

Here are mentioned three events most major in the book of Revelations.

1) Lightnings. Under this name means overthrowing of a Satan and his angels from the heaven, Luke 10:18.

2) Thunders. Those are seven, Rev.10:3. This name is understood as 7 trumpets, each of which has a voice of a thunder and consequently in Russian Bible is named as voice of thunder trumpet, Mat.24:31. These 7 trumpets will be given to 7 Angels, Rev 8:2. At trumpets of 7 Angels will be made all the major events of the book of Revelations; 80 % described in the book of Revelations it will be made at voices of seven trumpets.

3) Voices. Accession of Jesus is meant under this name. These voices will proclaim Accession of Jesus, Rev.11:15.

51. The Sea of glass, like crystal , Rev.4:6.

1) Holy, cleared by the God and redeemed by Him people;

Men saved from all peoples (people, pure as a crystal). Under a crystal is meant the Lord Jesus Christ, see Rev.21:11 and 21:23; 22:5.

Similar to a crystal means that the holy people caughted up on

the heaven it will be similar to the Lord, 1John 3:2 by the purity.

2) the Area before throne of God, looking like clean glass and transparent as a crystal; it is shone from within by fire, Rev 15:2 on which there is in the heaven before the God the God's people, saved from all times and people.