5 chapter of the book of Revelation

5 chapter of the book of Revelation

52. Lo, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has conquered, Rev. 5:5.

The Lord Jesus occurs according to the flesh from the tribe of Jadah, Heb.7:14.

Jesus names itself also a root of David Rev.22:16. Victory

Jesus has made on a cross when was crucified (but also has risen).

53. And he came and took the book out of the right hand of him that sat upon the throne, Rev.5:7 (KJV).

Having made deed of redemption on a cross, He (that is Jesus) has come from the ground on the Heaven after the resurrection from the dead and Ascension then has taken the Book. About this book see an entry 37.

54. Described in Rev 4:3-11 it is necessary to understand not only allegorically but also literally: that is the throne of God actually stands in the Heaven (in the Third Heaven); on 24 thrones in the Heaven really sit 24 elders from whom 12 are Apostles and 12 Prophets. Really on heads they have gold crowns; in the visible image from the throne of God lightnings sparkle, are heard thunders, mysterious and amazing voices. Before throne of God really there are 7 senior Angels that are 7 spirits who by the appearance sparkle as torches. Actually exist and 4 living creatures with 6 wing everyone. These are Seraphims, see Is. 6:2. Actually they give glory to the Lord God. All this occurs in the Heaven really. Also it is real that described in 5 chapter of the book of Revelation (and it already a part of History, has already come true, - except for Rev.5:5 wherefore seals are still opened not all, and except for Rev.5:10 wherefore the God's people only through some, known time will reign on the ground when on the ground 42 months of authority of a beast-antichrist will end, Rev.13:5 which for today did not begin yet.

55. The New song, Rev.5:9, 10.

After Jesus His Blood, spilled on a cross, has redeemed

People from any people, in the Heaven there was a new ode, in which

About all this it is spoken (sing). It began to sing living on the Heaven.

56. Many Angels around of the throne of God, Rev.5:11.

As it has already been told, Jesus has made great exploit, when died on a cross, but then has risen and has come on the Heaven, was lifted there. In the Heaven to the Lord have rendered grand welcome: 4 animals and 24 elders have worship to Him (Rev.5:8) have anthemed to Him a new song. And many Angels, have glorified His, Rev 5:11, 12. Many, but not all: a part of heavenly hast, that is angels, from what the Satan has lead away on his side, obviously, do not have come to glorify Jesus. About this is more detailed see in d.e. 76.