6 chapter of the book of Revelation

6 chapter of the book of Revelation

57. The Lamb opened the first of the seven seals,

Rev. 6:1 (NIV).

After removal of this seal the part of the Book has been opened. Thus written in this part of the Book of life Jesus has allowed to come true. One of 4 animals (one of seraphims) in which competence enters to prosecute the given subjects (which concerns of written down in that part of the Book, that was behind the given seal) has allowed to the executor of the specified events to go to the world and to begin the occupation. The sanction "come" it has been declared by a thunderous voice, Rev.6:1.

1. A white horse and its rider had a bow, Rev.6:2. Notice, that rider is not Jesus wherefore Jesus has already conquered and sat down with the Father on his throne, Rev.3:21 and the rider with a bow only is going to conquer. Besides after sacrifice on a cross, Jesus has for ever sat down on the right hand of God; from henceforth expecting till his enemies be made his footstool, Heb.10:12. So, Jesus does not drive about by the ground on a horse and with a bow in hands, but sits in the Heaven, on the throne of God and besides for ever. Who then is that, with a bow? In Revelation (NIV) is told about him as victorious that is similar on victorious. About the given rider the reader will find the final answer in an entry 60.

58. The Lamb opened the second seal, Rev.6:3.

One more part of the Book of life became accessible to perusal. Having opened this seal, Jesus thus has allowed to go to the world and to come true the turn the contents and this part of the Book. Removal of the seal by the Lamb was a sign for seraphim (the second animal) exactly that, in what competence enters to prosecute the subjects, concerning contents just the open part of the Book. Having received this sign, Seraphim has allowed to corresponding executor of the events, mentioned in the Book, to go to the world and to begin his occupation. Thus has left (in the world, to the Earth) other horse, red, and sitting on it was permitted to take peace from the earth, so that men should slay one another, Rev.6:4. As we see, the work at this rider is devilish: that there was no peace on the ground and that killed each other. Additional details about the given rider can be found in an entry 60.

59. The Lamb opened the third seal, Rev.6:5.

One more part of the God's Book became accessible to perusal, and thus Jesus has allowed to go to the world and to come true the turn of a new part of the predermined (the outlined in advance) events. Removal of the seal was a sign for corresponding seraphim under which authority enters to prosecute the subjects, concerning again open part of the Book. Previous Seraphim, as visible from previous d.e. 58 is in charging of questions of War and Peace. At data of the third seraphim duties others: it resolves to come out in the world to the rider on a black horse, with weights in a hand. Wheat, barley, balm and wine, are mentioned, Rev 6:6. In preaching speech to the rider last two products that is oil and wine to damage it is forbidden, and concerning wheat and barley of such ban was not: the rider could damage them, the quantity was limited only. But damage of bread is a wrecking, and the one who bread damages, refers to as the wrecker. Thus it would be desirable to notice, that bread needs to be understood not only in literal sense, but also in spiritual, as spiritual food, that is word of God. Apostle Paul writes, that word of God is damaged (corrupt) by many, 2Cor. 2:17. At the previous rider, see d.e. 58, work was diabolical: that there was no peace on the ground and that killed each other. But at the third rider too work is devilish: to damage (or hurt) bread and word of God; with what purpose they do it, will be told further, see d.e. 82.

60. The Lamb opened the fourth seal, Rev.6:7.

After removal of this seal the next part of the Book of life became accessible to perusal. Thus Jesus has allowed to go to the world and to come true the turn foreordained (or outlined in advance) in this part of a roll (the Book of a life). Having received the given sign, the fourth Seraphim in charge of which there are the questions, concerning to again opened part of the Book, resolves to actual executors of the given determination (or is better to tell, to participants) to go to the world and to begin the work. A name of this rider: Death. To the work he goes not one; - all hell followed him ("servants" of a hell or troops of a Hades). To a demonic army led by the rider named Death is given the authority (it is admitted of by the Lord God) is given to a demonic army to destroy people by a sword (during military actions, executions of inquisition, etc.); to destroy by famine and pestilence (to spread various epidemics and illnesses of type of a plague, etc.), and also to destroy by means of wild animals (for example, in amphitheaters where against christians incited wild beasts).

Its said, that one of four riders is the Christ, - that with a bow. But, as the reader could be convinced already, Jesus does not drive about by the ground with a bow in hands, but sits in the Heaven, and sits on throne of God (instead of on a horse), see d.e. 57.

Whether Jesus in the company with such images (riders) sowing death, famine, a plague, inciting against people of wild beasts will drive about? What is common at Jesus with damaging wheat, barley, on the whole - bread; including Word of God? What the common at Jesus, whose birth has given the ground the peace, see Luke 2:14, with those who remove the peace from the earth and try, that killed each other? Rev 6:4. At last, what the common at Jesus with a hell and infernal troops? The some people speak, that the rider with a bow has a crown (that is it is the regal person) and king can be only the Christ. But the infernal troops, according to word of God, have the king: he is the angel of the abyss*, that is an angel of a hell, Rev.9:11. The name of this angel is known also: the Abaddon, or in Greek, Apollyon. Certainly, this name corresponds to that work that he carries out: the Destroyer. So, the first rider with a bow is an angel, as however, both the three others, and his work same, as well as three others: TO RUIN and damage, on the whole to harm; all four horsemen (angels) are wreckers. But unless exists angels - wreckers? Yes, they exist, and it proves to be true the Scripture: and he called with a loud voice to the four angels who had been given power to harm earth and sea , Rev.7:2. But by means of what rider with a bow is doing harm? That pass itself off as the Christ: For many will come in my name, saying, I am the Christ, and they will lead many astray, Mat.24:5. Word of God comes true, and for today many were seduced already, seeing in the rider with a bow as the Christ. But for what the rider (Apollyon) has a bow? From it he lets off the flaming arrows, Eph.6:16 (NIV). He lets off them against believers, against Christians. Really a Satan and his army from a hell wish to prevail against church? Thats correct, though cannot prevail against, wherefore the Lord has told: I will build my church, and gates of Hades (NIV) shall not prevail against it, Mat.16:18. But to try will prevail against, and for a long time already try since times of the first Christians against which incited wild beasts and destroyed with a sword, and it in turn specifies, that these first four seals from the Book of life for a long time are already removed, taken already off, still in I-st a century A.D.

Thus, in the description of four horsemen the plan of a Satan is presented. The plan developed by him to prevail against Church of the Christ. This plan of Satan carries out by means of the four main demons of a hell, one of which Apollyon. This plan of a Satan against church refers to also as mystery of lawlessness and this plan in days of apostle Paul was already in operation, has already started to be carried out, 2Thess. 2:7. In this plan coming of the antichrist (which will demand that all people including Christians have worship to him) is culmination. For refusal worship to antichrist will sentence to death, Rev.13:15. The mystery of lawlessness is carried out by Satan during practically all history of Christianity. However the God has a plan of Salvation for all people who only wish to believe in Him: this plan refers to Mystery of godliness , 1Tim. 3:16 (NIV).

61. The Lamb opened the fifth seal, Rev.6:9.

Last three seals differ from first four, that no horses and horsemen leave any more (they for a long time already have left and do the work till now when these lines were written; however, up to completion of the mystery of lawlessness remain only a few years which can be counted with fingers of one hand). After removal of the fifth seal are visible souls of killed for word of God which ask a question to Jesus (it He at that time will receive a Kingdom, and will called Sovereign Lord"). They ask: when the God, at last, will start to judge? (When the Judgment will come?). The Lord has answered, that will pass still small time, during which employees (on field of God) and brothers their (i.e. Christians) too will be killed and by that their number will be added; and then about what they ask will come, that is there will come Court.

1. Removing the fifth seal, Jesus authorizes (admits) to the enemy to pass to last persecutions, to murder of the Christians, living before Coming. This is fiery test of last time. Be true to faithful unto death , Rev.2:10.

2. After removal of the fifth seal one more part of the Book of a life becomes accessible to perusal. The main thing of that will open for perusal it is possible to express one phrase: the Kingdom of the World in all Universe, in the Heaven and on the ground is henceforth given to Jesus Christ and He shall reign for ever and ever, Rev.11:15. That will be made just about what Christians during already 2000 of Christianity ask the God: Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven , Mat. 6:10; There will be an Accession of the Lord and the Savior of Jesus Christ. In the Heaven there will be a great pleasure, Rev.11:17; 12:10; 19:6, etc. but on the ground, in connection with activity of the antichrist, at this time there will come time of trouble, named still a hour of trial or great tribulation after which there will be the Coming the Christ, Mat.24:29-31. Anti-Christ cannot kill all Christians but only a part because the Court will soon begin and at him will take away authority to ruin and exterminate up to the end, Daniel 7:25, 26.

62. The Lamb has opened the sixth seal, Rev. 6:12.

Three last seals (unlike first four) are brief on time. About it speak such words at their removal: calm down for a little season (small time*), Rev.6:11; the great day of His wrath is come Rev 6:17, (is mentioned one day); there was silence in heaven about the spase of half an hour Rev 8:1. Half an hour it is small time, by the way, precisely known: as one hour on the clock of God, is our 42 usual months, see d.e. 29. Therefore "half an hour" will be twice less that is 21 month. It just is the interval between removals of these three last seals; they are removed at the end of this Age. This Age is mentioned in Mat 28:20. The Focal point at removal of the sixth seal is beginning of Day of wrath of God, Rev 6:17 and in general, beginning of time of Gods Court, both in the heaven, and on the ground. The God will be angry that have seized his servants (i.e. Christians), entreated them spitefully and have killed, Mat.22:6, 7. Jesus, will be angry Ps.2:12, Rev.6:16. The Lord will spill his wrath upon the heathen that have not known the God, and upon the kingdoms that have not called upon his name, Ps.79:6. Action of the specified seals by the listed events is not limited.

63. There Was a Great earthquake, Rev.6:12.

This earthquake will occur only after removal of the sixth seal that is it in the future as three last seals are not removed yet. We shall note, that the fifth seal will be removed soon in the middle of "seven", that is mentioned in Dan. 9:27, and the sixth seal - approximately on one and a half year later, see d.e. 62. The given earthquake is mentioned in the book of Revelation many times: Rev 6:12, 8:5, 11:13, 11:19, 16:18, etc. Apostle Paul too wrote about it, Heb 12:26 also has explained, that it means the removal of what is shaken (that is change of the Earth) as created* (change of originally created shape of the Earth). Prophet Isaiah describes, how it will occur: the ends of the earth tremble, they have approached and have converged . 41:5*, that is will approach, will tremble and will converge continents of the Earth!

The God will restore originally existed ground which in days of Adam was united, yet not divided on continents existing now, Gen.1:9, 10.

At Great earthquake many will be perish (of those who tossed to and fro, Eph.4:14, Heb.10:39 that may remain unshakable). On the graund there will survive a population which has not hesitated in faith, Heb.12:27.

The Lord will shake also the Heaven (not the heavenly City of Jerusalem, but its population, that is Angels) with the same purpose: that may remain unshakable; that is, so that in the Heaven there were only those Angels who have not hesitated and not carried on satan trail (although Satan have carried the third part of angels, Rev 12:4). Hesitated angels will be dumped from the Heaven together with Satan. In all this is sense of Great earthquake. See about it also Is 24:18-22, and also d.e. 67, 69,114,121,128,163.

The note: * Russian translation.

64. Sun became black as sackcloth, Rev. 6:12.

This is one of great signs. The sun, the moon and stars will fade and become dim before the Coming of Jesus Christ. This is sign of the Coming, Mat. 24:29, 30.

Appearance of a sign means beginning of Evening that is the end of the working day for workers on field of God, Mat. 20:8; simultaneously it is the end of great seventh Day of rest of God, great Saturday of God (and the beginning of new great Day of creation, about which it will be told: And the evening, and the morning were the eighth day!).

As "sun" it is one of names of the Lord, Mal. 4:2, (of the Holy Spirit) that its dimness specifies that at that time the Holy Spirit will be taken and former spiritual light from him any more will not be, Mic.3:6, Amos 8:12.

65. The Moon has become as blood, Rev 6:12

In an image of the Moon the Church, is meant Song 6:9, 10.

1) Blood of members of Church (the moon has become as blood) will spill in

Time of addition of number killed, Rev. 6:11, see also d.e. 61.

2) The Moon (which we always see at night, the heavenly body) will become dim and instead of bright light will give only dim, blood-red: it is the sign foregoing of Coming of Jesus, see also d.e. 64.

3) As the majority of preachers of gospel will be killed, Mat.22:6, preaching of gospel will stop (at that time the end of the working day for workers, will come Mat. 20:8) and former, spiritual light from the moon (from Church) any more will not be. It is means the end of preachin of gospel, Mat. 24:14. All the listed events that mentioned at removal of the sixth seal, a long time ago have been foretold and written down by the God in the book of the Life even from creation of the World. After removal of the sixth seal, the given events will start to come true.

66. And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, Rev. 6:13.

Stars are understood as angels, Rev.1:20.

1) The First value: falling of Satan and his angels on the ground; it is described

In Rev.12:7-12. This falling refers to as thrown down (in contrast to Catching up). There will be thrown down a third part of angels, Rev.12:4. They will be overthrown from the Heaven on the ground by the Lord.

2) The Part of the sign foregoing of Coming of Jesus, see in d.e. 64, point 1.

67. Any mount and island have moved from the places, Rev. 6:14.

1) Mounts and islands will move from the places at Great earthquake. It is described in d.e. 63.

2) Cities (and islands) people will change the belonging and begin to belong (will be appropriated) by the antichrist in his empire, Habacuc 2:5.

68. Caves and gorges of mounts, Rev. 6:15.

Caves are apartments in modern houses, including in high-altitude buildings, the skyscrapers, combined of a stone (bricks), gloomy and cramped. Gorges are streets between these buildings, including between skyscrapers; they narrow as gorges, because of the big height in windows of apartments the sunlight does not get, there below it is damp and gloomy, as at the bottom of gorge, as in stone caves. People sometimes use the name stone sack , even the grass there does not grow and often there is an unpleasant smell.

69. Also speak mounts and stones: fall on us. Rev 6:16

Here "mounts" it is cities, Is. 2:2, Ps. 68:16, etc. Fall on us that is cities of pagans will fall to them, will be destroyed during Great earthquake, Rev 16:19, Ps 9:6-8, etc. because they speak to mounts*: fall on us; that is words of these people (and their affairs) are those, that walls of their houses and cities will fall to them, they of that are fitting. In the end of the Day of wrath will fall also stones of hailstones, Rev.16:21. It will be at fight the Armageddon, the hail will be stone, Ezek. 38:22.

70. Great Day of wrath of God, Rev. 6:17.

Will begin after the termination of preaching of gospel after will be killed and suffer many Christians; after formation of "capital of the world that is of new Babylon; after will start to reign antichrist. Proceeds: at last three trumpets of Angels; at venting of seven bowls of anger; in all 42 monthes of reign of the antichrist; will come to the end with fight the Armageddon, Rev.19:19-21.